SM Entertainment’s Global Auditions: Are You The Next Idol?

I would like to thank allkpop for bringing this to my attention. SM Entertainment, home of SHINee, TVXQ, and Super Junior, are holding auditions worldwide, looking for their next idol. The auditions start January 7th, 2012 in Korea and make stops in China, Japan, Canada and the United States. I am extremely interested in the States auditions. They start February 18th in New York and then moves to Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  The process itself seems pretty simple. If you are auditioning to be a singer, you will be required to sing acapella for up to two minutes. If you want to become a dancer, then be prepared to do a freestyle dance to music SM will provide. If acting is your thing, prepare a monologue that showcases your skills. If you are interested in auditioning but can’t make it to the in-person auditions, you can also apply through email and youtube.

SM stresses that all are welcome to audition regardless of ethnicity or race. While I am pleased they are giving this opportunity to people who live outside of Korea, I wonder if everyone really have a chance at becoming a star in Korea. I’m sure you’ll have to learn the Korean language if chosen by SM for training. The incident with Jay Park when he was debuting with 2pm under JYP is an example of how isolated and alone a person might feel when first living in Korea.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from auditioning though. Henry from Super Junior-M and Eli Woo from U-kiss are North American born and are very successful kpop idols.  I plan on keeping a close eye on the audition process. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to see the first woman of color become a famous kpop star or costarring  with Lee Min Ho in a future drama.

For more information on the auditions, click here.

Also for those who are interested here is a list of current kpop members that are not originally from Korea (aka “Homegrown Hotties”).

Jay Park – United States
Taecyeon from 2pm – United States
Eli from U-kiss – United States
Kevin from U-kiss – United States
Zhou Mi from Super Junior M – China
Kevin from ZE:A – Australia

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43 thoughts on “SM Entertainment’s Global Auditions: Are You The Next Idol?

      • talent….let me see, hmmm….well, i’m having visions of something like this happening:


      • @ladibug, I have been laughin at this video for an hour!!! LOOOOOLLLLLLLL!! 🙂 I think that’s exactly how I would be if i went to try out!!! Thanks for the ummm entertainment!!!

      • @angel–i remember when that first lil guy auditioned on the show…we laughed so much the next day at work…i felt so bad for him…’you wanna hear the chorus?’, LOL…
        @boab–that was the next vid i watched…talk about weird…the judges seem so hopeful only to have their hopes crash and burn…what’s sad/funny is that he was serious…

  1. Great article!

    They may have said that anyone is welcome to audition regardless of race but I can’t help but think that Korean’s people’s idea of “global” means any country outside of Korea…as long as it’s still in Asia.

    I do think that whoever is accepted should have a decent command of the Korean language.

    • I am also interested in what they mean by “global”. I really want to show up to the audition process just to see who shows up. 🙂

      • Then you should go and tell us about your experience. I’m not a songwriter but I do write poetry … I’d like to write songs for them but I’m still trying to improve my Korean skills first.

    • Not always true, I think. I think if you really have the talent or the look, your Korean knowledge isn’t mandatory. Like some of the members that couturekitty mentioned – most of them aren’t 2nd or 3rd generation Koreans, and a lot of them have mentioned in interviews that they knew next to 0 Korean because they were signed with the different agencies.

      A foreign language is something that can be taught. However, natural talent really can’t be… so I’d like to believe that anyone is fair game.

      Although, I have yet to see someone who is in K-pop that has no connection at all to an Asian country, like you said, but there’s always hope for that in the future.

  2. I’ve known about SM Town’s LA based business for about a year or so now, in fact if I’m not mistaken, part of BoA’s english endeavors over here were part of the promotion of that . They’re always taking auditions 8D! I think Avex trax also did a little global competition while looking for new talent as well. This should be interesting to see how they expand their brand into the US and global market. If you’re talented show them your stuff!

  3. Oo, don’t forget Nichkhun. And technically, Taecyeon probably wouldn’t be considered a homegrown hottie, since he was actually born in Korea (although his family migrated to the US when he was about 2). or maybe he is considered one… aish! it’s 1am and i’m sick, so please excuse me if i’m not making any sense >.< lol

    • @justmangotacos: yes, you are exactly right about Taec….I actually added that “homegrown hotties” since it sums the majority of them up…but yes I believe Taec and his family moved to the States when he was 8 or 9??

  4. The Big 3 (SM, JYP and YG) are the top record companies in Korea. If I was younger, I would audition all of them. I don’t care which one I would go for. Either would be great. The only issue is speaking Korean. Not good with the language.

    • @Nicole: if you have a youthful appearance you could go for a younger age…it’s actually done alot in the entertainment industry. The really young folks still have ties to family and school that they have to fulfill, but if entertainment companies can find mad talented, yet free and mature people that look younger, it’s like jackpot for them. Then they can work them to death and not feel any guilt 🙂

  5. I for one will love to see other Nationalities in Korean dramas and music genres, cos will live in a global village. And global means, all races are included hope it’s not just a hype~~~~~.

      • Biofabelly,

        Oh yes. Japan has a lot of good talent and always have. In some ways, I wished it would have been the Japanese to initiate Jpop to the world in the manner that Koreans did with Kpop.

    • ( I don’t know why I keep overlooking the ” reply’ box).


      Agreed. Korea has a lot of potential to be more,but the global village seems to be a problem for them.

  6. This might sound silly, but trying out for SM, JYP or YG is like trying out for Motown back in the 1960s. Look at the legends that were part of Motown: The Temptations, The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, etc.

    • Please go! I bet there will be so many interesting people there. Not to mention the fact that it would make an interesting article 🙂

    • I’m in GA to and I wish there were more opportunities like this here. Might have to figure out a way to get up to NYC 🙂

  7. This might be long so if you have the time to read it and reply that would be nice.
    No this year but maybe in year or two since Im 17 now I would really like to audition for SM, JYP, or YG entertainment but Ive read a lot of things saying that they wont accept any one outside the asian race even though my skin tone is light/ somewhat asian like. I know SM has branches in the US but I would love to debut and work in Korea. I have the potential to be a kpop artist. Im a pretty good dancer, and I could learn how to sing, I could become a very versatile artist. Im learning korean now so by the time I might audition I should be pretty good at it. The only thing holding me back is the ethnicity thing… what do you guys think should I try it? And which compay should audition for? I really like SM and YG I feel like I might have a better chance there. There are also some other companies out there but Im not sure which one to go to. A lot of advice would be nice. Thanks

    • @FayJ: hello and welcome! 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment and question. I am certainly not an expert but I will tell you what I think. You should DEFINITELY audition. I think you should let SM/YG/JYPE know about your talent, because you never know…sometimes stellar talent has a tendency of breaking the rules, or being the exception to the rule, so DEFINITELY audition! However, the Kpop entertainment community is very closeknit and seems to be exclusive to those of Asian descent. I believe there is an unwritten rule that only Asian artists be included and chosen. Why? This is South Korea’s biggest asset and their claim to fame on the world stage…they want to promote themselves and their culture and Kpop has done that/is doing that. They’ve let other Asian nationalities in because they are, well, still Asian! K-pop = EXCLUSIVE ASIAN TALENT. I really don’t believe there’s a place for non-Asian talent in Kpop, except BEHIND the scenes. Alot of the song tracks, dance choreography, etc come from songwriters, choreographers in the States. The minute another nationality is allowed into Kpop, the floodgates will open and they will crowd out the Asians, and Kpop, won’t be Kpop anymore…it’ll just be pop/rnb produced in Asia. SM/YG/JYPE are NOT about to let that happen. However, I do believe in exceptions to the rule…those are just my thoughts and hunches…

      • Ok you do make some very good points in here and it all makes sense
        i dont know maybe I will auditing and see how it goes from there

  8. Well I actally decided on auditioning here in New York along with 2 of my friends. I am still deciding if I want to do a video on my experience while I am there. I have no Asian in me at all but I speak Korean fluently though and I can dance and sing pretty well. Im just nervous about how they would react to someone who isnt Asian auditioning. Even though there has actually been a Black female (TeliSu look her up on youtube) who made a song in Korea before and she sucked to be honest. So if she can do it having no talent at all I should at least make it through the first round of auditions. But at the end of the day the fact that I tried to audition would be whats important. My logic is the more non asians showcase there talent eventually we can have our shot. If we all just go for it then maybe just maybe this can lead the way for something bigger. Just my opinion though.

    • The_Nerd,

      In my opinion, I think it’s o.k. for non-Asians to audition just as long as they speak Korean & are familiar with Korean culture. You’re already a step ahead since you’re fluent in the language.

  9. I realize I’m late as all hell replying to this thread, but I HAVE put my two cents in lol Anyway I auditioned for SM last Saturday in NYC so I guess for a pessimist I’m pretty optimistic! <<<shamelessly obvious band reference hehe….btw I am black…oh ya one more thing, you all mentioned age I wondered about that too, I'm 19 is that too old (assuming they accepted everything else lol)

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