Kim Bum: Not the Best Look

First of all shout out to Couture Kitty a Twitter follower and BWLB reader who brought this craziness to my attention.

Now I’m a little annoyed with this because did I not post “Kim Bum: The Dandy Boy” and rave about his clean-cut sexy image?! What is this new weird look all about?!! I get he wanted to totally immerse himself in his role in the upcoming drama ‘Padam Padam’ which is airing December 5th for all you K-Drama fiends out there; but losing 25lbs and rocking a throwback 80s suit and semi jeri curl is a bit much don’t you think?

Now he’s still a hottie and the weight loss did give him a more defined jaw and what not but I’m just not feeling this new look. This is soooo poll worthy so lets take one!

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: BOF OST ‘Lucky’)

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21 thoughts on “Kim Bum: Not the Best Look

  1. From what I understand he was in the running for that Seaguk (sp?) that just ended. The one with Seungho (sp?). So he had lost weight and grew his hair out to better fit the character. When that fell thre his regimen fit well with an ex-con. He’s not really my cup of tea, but this new look kinda makes him stand out. Which is a good thing.

    • He’s actually working on a drama right now in which he is a guardian angel and I think that the hair may be for that. As long as they don’t style it all “Geun Seok used hot rollers and forgot to brush it out” I’ll be fine with it.

  2. hmm I understand that he’s an artist (let’s think Jared Leto when dramatically transforming himself physically to portray Mark David Chapman — YIKES…couldn’t even get Lindsay Lohan to stay with him during that look), but I am hoping he gains back that sexy F4 weight asap. I want the old Bummie back!

  3. F4, F4, F4………where’s Yi Jung??

    @couturekitty13 says:
    Just let your soul glow!…………………………………………………………..

    Oh the memories! Now that’s funny!!! (*Kekekekeke*)

  4. I like this look. It has some Keanu Reeves vibe going on, but if it was straightened and layered it would probably be more refined. His look in BOF, which I just got done watching, was perfect for him though – so sleek, so charming. Either way, he’s still hot!

  5. Although I don’t know him Kim doesn’t look too shabby in both pictures, I prefer the one of men with meat on their bones. I’m not sure if I’m getting the right photo,but I prefer the Kim on the left than on the right, only because he’s look a little thin. Hair wise, I prefer the one on the right.

    • The one on the right is him normally and 25 pounds heavier! The one on the left is his current look with the weight loss and bad styling. I’m still trying to figure out where there was 25 pounds for him to even lose o_0

      • I can’t figure out where any of them lose weight from. Most don’t seem to have any extra to spare, unless it’s muscle mass like Jae’s or Joon’s and while I don’t like overly buff guys, I do think the extra toned muscle looks good on a slim build and fills them out.

  6. @KrisE

    🙂 I saw, just thought the bit about the guardian angel would make some sense of the hair. I have to see the hair in action before I decide if I like it. It looks far too styled in that picture. I think if it was left natural and rumpled, it would be extremely sexy, but I’m a fan of long hair anyway. Not saying long hair suits everyone, but I do like it.

      • The k-drama industry seems to buy in to traditional and I’m just waiting to see if they go all glowing white clothes and Gabriel-like hair for him. I approved of the idea of creatues of the afterlife maintaining their personal style from life, ala The Scheduler

  7. Although I prefer his F4 style, the long hair is not entirely a bad look. I mean if you want to see bad “man hair” look at most Nicholas Cage films. Nick has had Many bad hair days (IMO). SMILES

    Personally, I’m always amazed at how they get that pin straight Asian hair to curl. Gu Jun Pyo’s “pimp curl” was a feat in itself. (*Kekekekeke*) Anyway, Kim Bum is still a little cutie though.

    • i read somewhere that it took about 6 perms to get gu jun pyo’s curl the way they liked it…not sure how he still had any hair left after that…

      you are so right about nick cage’s hair, ha!

      i like kim bum’s hair…..on me, lol..

    • hahaha Nicolas Cage! I just want to hurl everytime he shows up with longer hair and a longer forehead as well.

      It isn’t as bad as some of the boyband hair that I see. At least his is for a role.

  8. I saw this pic of him yesterday and he actually looks a bit better than the last pic I saw of him, which is on dramafever’s blog. The hair don’t look bad. This is the first I’ve seen him wear it down cause he also had a ponytail. He do needs his 25lbs back though. I thought he might have been working to hard. I was like we may need to kidnap and force fed him. Lord knows, we don’t need him fainting and getting sick like Hyun Joong.

    • haha right!? But supposedly that was Hyun Joongs fault because all he ate was ramen he can be so weird at times. I’m soooo happy hes not rail thin anymore cuz he was starting to look scary.

  9. I just finished watching the first episode of Padam Padam and had to come back and let everyone know that I fully approve of his hair in the drama. It’s in a cute knot the whole first episode. It took me a while to get used to him looking so thin, but he does look beautiful even if he does look like he could stand to eat a few sandwiches. Also, this drama looks amazing and they have come up with a storyline that I’ve never seen in an Asian drama before. I was on te edge of my seat by the end. Second episode is up at Drama Fever already.

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