[Rerun] Bi’s Highly Flammable 2008 “11 Days” Performance

*Lest we forget*

Take heed…you have been warned! 🙂

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Who I am Bitofabelly81 aka boab81, founder of Black Women Love Bi (BWLB): An Asian Men Appreciation Blog Why Because I love Bi/Rain/비/Jung Jihoon. I have never been inspired to start a blog/site for any celebrity/public figure, until I learned about Bi. He is the whole reason this blog exists. If it weren't for him, I would know nothing about the world of K-pop (which I adore), nor would I care. I am also a big fan of Japan and all things Japanese. I strive to feature men of all Asian ethnicities on the blog, but since K-pop and Hallyu are very popular, this blog has a tendency to lean more towards features on Korean men. Follow me on Twitter blackwomenloveb Find BWLB on Facebook here Wanna drop me a tip? Wanna say hi? Wanna say anything? Email me at bitofabelly81@gmail.com

33 thoughts on “[Rerun] Bi’s Highly Flammable 2008 “11 Days” Performance

  1. i love the ‘rainism’ routine…and i was pleasantly surprised that the dancer chosen for rain had some meat on her bones…i’m no expert, but seems that the latest trends are toward extra thin…

    • Bi’s a chubby chaser. He’s said a few times under no uncertain terms that he likes a “bit of a belly” and that “girls are better when they are little chubby”. He even implored, “ladies, please don’t try to lose weight”. Lol! Even though I am not even close to being chubby, I thought it was cute that he makes women beautiful who may feel that they are unattractive because of a few extra pounds.

  2. Hiya, ladies! I also saw that interview, and he actually did NOT state the words ‘ a little.’ He STRAIGHT UP said, ‘chubby!!!’ Yes, he then stated that he LOVES a woman who can, basically, ‘Throw down in the kitchen!’ Yet on the other hand, it was reported that he crushed on Megan Fox (who is neither chubby or ‘appears’ as if she eats/cooks). So, imo, it seems that as he matures and has more ‘experience’ w/all types of women, the features that he ‘enjoyed’ are the ones he now, albeit candidly, speaks about. But, let’s keep it real, sista’s. This is the very same man who drooled all over Lil’ Kim’s poster BEFORE actually meeting her, and was in utter AWE of her. I have NEVER been a fan of hers, but BI was snug as two ‘nervous’ bugs in a rug, whilst sitting next to her. So ALL of his lil’ 12/14 yr. old ‘fan-nutcases’ who refuse to believe that these K-celebs could/would love some Black women

  3. And let’s NOT forget his 2007 concert in Japan! This cat chased the most beautiful, CHOCOLATE sista ’round stage, before he kissed her (or ‘pretended’ to). She IS/WAS not chubby, but by Asian (in Asia ONLY), she would be a ‘larger’ woman. On another site (w/very young K-pop fantatics), they actually tried to explain away the mans preference(s). Many stated that ‘he meant ‘a little’ bit chubby, but not a lot!’ As a woman who is a size 8/10 (US), w/belly and curves, I know what the heck he meant. He meant EXACTLY what he said!!! What everyone seemed to miss is the fact that the INTERVIEWER but that ‘little chubby/belly and short’ in HIS statement to BI. BI dapped him down for the ‘chubby’ part, but NOT necessarily for the ‘short,,,’ He strongly denied that ‘short/slim’ is his ‘current’ type on the show HAPPY TOGETHER. Also, I don’t get why these crazed-deaf fans of his can’t understand that his relationship w/Hyori is a ‘brother/sister’ type ONLY! This man (same show) stated that he’s (in essence) NEVER been drunk enouh to touch her/have an alterior affection for her. He even addresses her as ‘Unnie.’ Now, how bloody BLIND/DEAF can one actually be, when the man made absolutely no mistake about it!!! He was even a quite pissed-off that this stupid ‘ideal type’ question even surfaced,,, again! Will K-town (korea) ever allow these men to GROW UP? The lil’ girl fans are one thing, but the K-media is as notorious! Word? They really believe that these singers/actors

  4. owe them their entire bloody lives!!! GOD forbid if they marry an Afro. Am./British person. ALL of K-town will disolve itself! I really loathe their media, as you can tell. They’re small minded (esp. the ones who are way too nationalistic). That would be like, you and I being constantly pushed and controled by the likes of FOX NEWS channel. Could you imagine owing anything to that silly woman, Sarah Palin? Imagine the majority of reporters where like her, and you were forced to answer to ONLY them, because they-in essence- hold a very large chunck of your future in their hands! And let’s not forget the mass celeb suicides that’ve taken place. A few were in fact GAY, but that tid-bit was swept neatly under the rug! And yes, I do know that a few were gay, because for a spell, one of them lived in Europe w/his boyfriend BEFORE being publicly scolded by his own mother; demanding that he kill himself and she will kill herself too in a SICK effort to restore their families honor! So, I hope BI has his stuff together (deals w/his gambling issues), because he has to RUN away from K-town before they destroy his chances of ever getting out of said BOX! That man, and a few others, are trapped there, and their lives are/have been threatened when they’ve attempted to ‘branch out.’ Does TALISHA SHAW sound familiar? ,,, shame, really.

  5. Soory about my rant, sis! I guess I had a few things on my mind today, and said ‘things’ spilled out all over your poor, helpless blog! Please forgive me, eh? I guess I (along w/MANY K-American men) are sick-to-death of this K-media, male emasculation/effeminate business. It’s like, NOT okay for BI to like/be attracted to a heavier set women, esp. if she’s NOT Korean, right? That’s the mess K-Am. men and many Black women are tired of! Do you know how many Asian/Korean men like full-figured sista’s? From what I’ve been seeing and reading, it’s loads more than the EVIL EMPIRE (K-media) will allow you to believe. Makes me sick, it does! Oh, by the way, have you heard of PARK HYO SHIN? If not, hurry and look him up! DO NOT DELAY!!! He should be out of the K-Army soon. I, for one, can’t wait. YAAAY!!!

    • I had a feeling that when Rain finished his military service he would probably be headed to the west to enhance his career. I ran across a blirb somewhere that said the same thing I was thinking. I get the feeling or sense that he is a smart kid who he looking to expand his career beyound just being a Kpop star. Doing the military service and then getting more involved in acting, and breaking into the western media scene, I thought was a smart move. I could be wrong, but my insticts tell me he is looking to move forward. The only thing I see as problematic, is that Hollywood is pretty superficial, but then again, he has been in show business a long time. So he will probably be alright. Rain seems more like a man to me, and more mature in many ways, so I am not surprised he would prefer a real women as opposed to the prevailing norm.

  6. Again, sorry ’bout the sheer mass of my post. Thank you for kindly reading and providing a forum/topics/outlet for some of us to vent on. It’s cool to see that Black women are looking past their front stoop, huh? Since we certainly can’t rely on ‘our’ EVIL EMPIRE (American media), I guess we’ll have to meet online, in secret, grow in numbers, gain power/visability, and SHOW the world that we won’t be pigeon-hold anymore! 🙂 Kamsahmida, sister! J-Bird

  7. *Lest we Forget*……..Who’s forgetting?…..me forgetting?…..NOT!! This is Bi baby girl….numero UNO in my K-Anything world!

    BOAB81, Thank you for that……Good MERCCCCY!! That “drink of water” hit the Spot something nice!! (SMILES)

    Regarding his liking meat on the bones, yes I saw the interview too and he did say it. However, I’m inclined to say as well that “chubby” by Asian standards is “average/normal size” by American/Western standards…so one should take this into account when Bi says “chubby.”

    With regard to Bi and Lee Hyori, although there’s no real public proof (other than Bi supposedly blurting it out on a radio show years ago….that immediately got yanked) it’s become accepted that the two had more than a brother/sister relationship. Personally, I’m inclined to agree with that assessment. Keep in mind, entertainers say things in interviews all the time that are not necessarily true, but said for the sake of keeping their audience and image intact, so they must keep things PC.

    Now (*hitting Replay button*)………………………………….SMILES

  8. Good Lawd!! 11 days, 11 days, 11 days! Now THIS is the Bi I “fell in love” with. This is Korean R&B at it’s finest (IMO). This 11 days performance you’d swear you were watching the BET or Essence awards. Umm, Umm, Umm………………………….(SMILES)

  9. Serious denial of some of those fangirls, aren’t they?

    I remembered looking at Bi on a Korean show. With all due respect, since the interview was done on on Korean TV, I must say that I found it to be annoying,not because of Bi,but of the questions and their fans. It was like they were forcing him to say certain things that wasn’t him and if he said the wrong thing( eg I like Black or other non Korean women), they were going to scold him for it. The host kept putting words in his mouth, like she kept sayiing ” he like….long hair…light skin….” translation: No Naomie Harrises or anybody that look remotely close to her, please! Poor Rain seemed somewhat choked and hesitant to say otherwise. I found that to be very racially offensive( the host’s questions, that is)

    I don’t know what Bi’s preference is,but let’s put it this way, when it comes to women , he doesn’t seem ” homogenous” of the women he admire and to play his love interests with. He loves lil Kim, He stars in a movie with a Black woman( from what I learned was originally meant for a White woman to star in,but it was changed). he wanted to meet Oprah, Usher and Michelle Obama and Justin Bieber. He dances in his video with a couple of Asian and Black women, yet he gets provocative with the black dancer. Again, I’m not going to say who his preferences are,but I just find it too coincidental that most of the women he like playing his love interests/admire are with— outside of Korean women–are so far, Black women.We’ve also witnessed the same thing with JYJ , with Xiah Junsu. Like Bi I’m not going to sat what his interest is.. ..it could be an act,but he put Telisa show. They could have gotten any colored woman,but they chose are chocolate skinned AA woman.

    I laugh when at some of those fangirls denials. DO they really think Korean men–or possibly some if their idols cannot admire , date or marry Black women? Do they actually believe that the world is only made up of just lighter skinned people? O…M…G!! That is what it seems like to me. wouldn’t let nobody know such stupidity!My 10 year nephew knows more about reality about the world than they do.

    I was looking at that Taemin ” It’s A New World” clip at some of the few comments in response to that video. Two of them that made me laugh was the one about him “losing his innocence” and the one that talks about the Afro-Brazilian woman being ” really tanned”….. Hee-Hee just plain unbelivable!( thinking about that group that sung it). Tae is not a baby who needs to in a cradled. HE’S A MAN!! and he wasn’t “scared”( I’m quite sure that every Black woman have to be scary to in some of those fangirls minds) as they wanted him to be because of that dancer’s behind! He was being modest! GIve him enough time and he’ll probably be at some of those strip joints or at some Hooter’s Bar.because he’s a man Geez!

    In general, some of those fangirls may as well accept that some of their favorite “oppas” may like women who aren’t Korean and/or aren’t light skinned. It has been done for centuries. No matter how much their show may hint for them not to date Black or other non-Korean women, or how the fangirls may harass them or the dancers into not doing. They cannot take away from what is in their hearts and the truth will come out about it sooner or later.

    • I agree. Hey, I know of Bi because of the internet. These guys (I’m sure) have gone “in search of” on the internet, as well and discovered a plethora of women. Fangirls are just in D-E-N-I-A-L. It’s human nature to want to explore, especially when you come of age. There’s a great big ole world out there, with LOTS of different people in it. These K-Pop singers will be more than happy to seek out new experiences, I’d be willing to bet.

    • I agree … I watched a talk show “strong heart” in which the presenter has placed many Korean women that he [Bi] choose your ideal woman …
      ie, what the speaker meant is that the ideal woman for Bi has to be a Korean as the K-dramas … remember that he chose the girl not by physical beauty but by her personality and kind heart.
      There is much racism in Korea, especially on TV.
      The programs and the Korean K-Dramas are totally superficial … they try to show Korean women pale and thin, perfect … almost an immaculate virgin …. but in reality they are not so perfect … [sorry] my English is google translate .. :)fossem uma virgem imaculada… mas na realidade, elas não são assim.

  10. I watched this the other night and finally realized how sexy Rain is haha This is also the same award show DBSK performed Mirotic and Jaejoong came out in a freakin fur vest with no shirt under and red leather gloves…..2008 Golden Disk Awards was def on its sexy game that night!

  11. (dang, I keep thinking of stuff to say LOL)

    Rain also appreciates a firm but juicy thigh on his woman and on his fried chicken. Baby, you need to just come on to the US. We got allllllll that. LOL!

  12. Bialamode,

    I’m looking forward to the day they will be free of fangirl tyranny and for them to say it. I just cannot see them just loving that kind of nonsense. I would especially love if one of them said that the love of my life is Black/non Korean, just do a Yoseob number and tell them to shut up.


    He never disappoints. That was an awesome performance by Rain. I’m hoping that he is serious about coming to Hollywood.


    You’re very correct. We’re just as tired as you with some of those fangirls. If Rain or any Kpop star catch flack with Korean media about dating/marrying black women, they will only hurt themselves..and unfortunately some Kpop stars who are trying to go global. That is why I’m hoping Rain will come to the states so they outcry will not be as bad as it possibly would be in their native land.

    • @ALTSis: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–he’s terribly underrated. Just oozing with raw, real talent and I hope after the military he’ll be able to really “flex” his skills…I don’t know if the U.S. is ready for him?? He’s two handfulls!

      • BOAB81 says:
        I don’t know if the U.S. is ready for him?? ………………………………

        I certainly hope so. It’s time for someone who’s SO unexpected to be a MAINSTREAM success in this country, regardless of ethnicity. I hope the powers that be quit playing it safe and “allow” this talented man to flourish. It would be a damned shame for them to just waste his talent. If they do, it certainly won’t be because Bi is not ready to shine or because we’re not ready to SEE him shine.

  13. Woo! Can’t watch this right now. I’m only a minute and a half in and I had to press pause. Hot in here anyone??

    I do hope that when he comes to the US he’s marketed correctly. He’s been successful so far over here and I hope it continues for him. That also means more opportunities to meet him :). Rain is one celebrity I would probably faint over if I ever saw him in person. The smile would just kill me lol!

    Hope he still like chubby girls…

  14. Wasn’t that Yunho snapping his fingers to the “Rainism” beat? Haha! Co cool! You know that means he was seriously digging it. 🙂

  15. That performance was so sexy. I agree with most of the comments here. I have to admit on some websites that I come across that a blasian couple article, the comments are so harsh, irritating, and really makes me wanna go H.A.M. It’s gotten to the point that I dont read comments under the articles that I stumble across. These were just reg ppl. Only imagine if one or both were celebs..
    I cant wait until Bi comes to the US and like someone said I really hope he’s marketed correctly and gets on some TV shows. I know 2 things are gonna happen. 1. He’s gonna be charming and his charisma is gonna shine through. 2 . That stage is gonna be destroyed and audience/veiwers gasping for air.

  16. Good GAWD!!!! Rain is just too fine… I can’t breathe! The dancer he chose for 11 minutes was thick, huh? You don’t often see Korean women who are built like that…. ~scratches chin~ now, where have I seen women with serious body like that??? hmmm…maybe in the mirror 😉 lol

    Rain has done all that he can reasonably do without facing massive insane Korean fangirl attack to show us (black women) his love. I hear him loud and clear. The black dancers, the choice of a black female lean in Ninja Assassin, his fanboying over Lil Kim… he has made it clear as he can that he likes black women. Not only is he fine as all get out, with immense talent, he also has great taste B-)

    It makes perfect sense to me that he would like black women. We do have the best shape of any race of women, after all. I mean, he came up on Janet Jackson. If that isn’t enough to turn a man into a fan of chocolate then nothing will.

    Off to press replay a couple trillion times lol

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