TVXQ: Gentlemen Calling

How good did these pictures of Changmin and Yunho come out?! The photos were taken for a booklet that’s accompanying their holiday single ‘Winter Rose’ in Japan and I think they came out amazing. Both Changmin and Yunho look uber chic and sexy; It’s a real good look right!? Plus peep the extra spot between them in the backseat…I just wanna to slide right in there and rest my head on Yunho’s shoulder ^_^

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio:Infinite ‘Be Mine’)

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16 thoughts on “TVXQ: Gentlemen Calling

  1. Maybe I’m wrong,but I wouldn’t doubt that these guys were/are chosen as being some of the best dressing guys in Kpop. Whether it’s casual wear or in this case, classy wear, they look good in it.

    I was looking at some clips of them while they were in Vegas. Man..I’ve never thought that Changmin was ugly,but wow! He was looking really good during the press conference. It almost shocked me that he smiled a little more while they were in the states. Maybe I haven’t seen a lot of Changmin’s pictures and clips,but he really looked good and the light smile just brought out the best in him. Yunho was no different.He was really looking good(both ways) and I like the way he talks though I cannot understand a lick of Korean.

    • Changmin is cute but not my style..Yunho is more my style and its funny you mention how he talks because he actually have a different dialect that he has to try and cover up all the time. Its funny when you hear him speak using it because you realllly wont understand him hahaha

    • @bitofabelly81 Oh o.k. so I’m not the only one who loves long slender fingers on a man. I guess too it’s because I love tall guys and they usually have these kind of fingers. …so sexy!

  2. They are both so good-looking but my preference has changed from Yunho to Changmin. I think Yunho is sexy but Changmin is just too gorgeous for his own good :).

  3. KrisE

    I don’t know.. Changmin just grew on me…in a quick second. I remembered seeing a picture of him and Yunho going to a modeling show in New York. I didn’t know it at the time.. I actually thought that they were Korean models modeling for a fashion show. I admit, I always wondered why he looked like he had that lost in the wilderness kind of stare on many of his pictures? but the one he did in Vegas surprised me a little. Changmin seemed more relaxed during his press conference..I’ve always wanted to see him smile more.

    Yunho..OMG! not only do I like the way he look and dress,but I love how he talk. People described him as being soft spoken. He is, then he isn’t.. He has a sexy dialect. Kind of remind me a of George Takei’s voice. I liked listening to his when I watched those old episodes of Star Trek. Yunho shouldn’t cover it up. He should let it loose.

    • ATLSis,

      I agree with you. Changmin was like forever the maknae to me—cute in a “i wanna pinch your cheeks (face cheeks) sort of way”! But man he grew up well. In person he is so BEAUTIFUL (as I am sure Bitofabelly will agree). Yunho is sexy, just IMO not as cute in person.

  4. Oh lawd, these pictures are amazing. They both look ridiculously gorgeous!

    And that mouth on Max… have mercy… *falling out*

  5. Quite dapper. I love a sharp dressed man………as the saying goes. These pictures “scream” class and elegance. Love it! (SMILES)

    I can’t say I notice one thing in particular on a man upon first meeting him, except how tall he is (I like’em tall). But, I agree with the “tall guys and slender fingers” thing……………..(*SMILES*)

  6. for some reason, changmin in still shots doesn’t do much for me at all…but watching him in videos smiling, talking and singing, wooo boy!

    the suits are definitely a good look…

    hmmm, the first thing i notice when i meet a guy are his eyes… and then his hands…i like ’em big and not too delicate looking, lol…

    • I agree about the still pictures of Changmin, I think he looks better in action. I still crack up thinking about when I was first coming up on the KPop scene and how I thought Changmin was Indian from watching the Keep Your Head Down video. I was like “that is so cool that they have a middle eastern guy in their group”. This is also before I realized that their “group” was only 2 guys and didn’t include the back-up dancers. I am silly. Yunho is my pick though, I absolutley love his smile.

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