“The Golden Dragons” Has Been Released!

As some of you may now, one of BWLB’s readers Jiani Yu, has released her first interracial (AMBW) novel “The Golden Dragons”, and it is available for purchase at lulu.com! How cool is that!? I have already purchased my copy! Congratulations Jiani! We all wish you the best of success with “The Golden Dragons”!

“The Golden Dragons” synopsis:
Edward is the son of the most feared and powerful Triad leader in Hong Kong. And Edward wants very little to do with it. All he ever wanted was to have a quiet life without being involved, but that’s not what his father has planned. Edward is sent to Connecticut with Winston, one of his father’s trusted associates to run a high-end Chinese restaurant. At least until his father could either find something more family involved or until Edward came to his senses. That’s until Elana, a restaurant regular comes into the picture. From the moment Edward first saw Elana, he was captivated by her and had to have her. Even if it meant going against his family and being disowned forever. Can Edward and Elana’s love be enough to withstand the pressure from Edwards father powerful grip.

11 thoughts on ““The Golden Dragons” Has Been Released!

  1. I love books like this, I just finished reading the Faefever Series and the Kate Daniels Magic series, so now you gave me a suggestion for a new book.. Thanks soo Much for the suggestion cant wait to read it!!

  2. Congratulations Jiani!!! It’s an enjoyable fast pace read.
    I bought mine earlier this week…… sweet shout out 🙂
    I wish you all the best….

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