Taemin: “It’s a New World”

Our “precious”, “innocent”, “inexperienced” Taemin gets flustered on seeing a chocolate derriere first hand. Must see!

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36 thoughts on “Taemin: “It’s a New World”

  1. Saw this in my inbox and couldn’t wait to respond. That’s right you show ’em girl *snaps*. Anyway, I think his reaction was just too cute. I couldn’t help but think that he thought, “man I wanna try that” lol. And the way Onew grabbed him at the end like “Papa Bear” saying to his son, “I know what you mean son.” She was really pretty too with pretty skin.

    I like seeing videos like this or when Onew chooses an African girl as the most attractive. Slowly but surely… Thanks KrisE – great way to start the morning!

  2. Hee-Hee .I’m tripping out on this clip. It’s like asking himself can I handle her?. Tae is a man now. It’s all good. Welcome to the real world, Tae.


  3. LOL!!!!! I love this video, I rewound it like 20 times!! LOL/ Although Taemins reaction was priceless, practically the whole male audience seemed like they never seen a booty like that before…/I love it!!!

  4. Ooooo, this is funny and enjoyable! Their reaction is priceless. I need to play some classic booty songs: “Baby Got Back”, “Rump Shaker”, “The Thong Song”. 😀

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Oh that was priceless! (*Kekekekeke*) Yeah baby, that’s what y’all been missing out on. Girlfriend made’em all damn near pass out! HA!

    @ Nicole, Lil Taemin will soon be SINGING Rump Shaker……”All I wanna do is zooma, zoom, zoom, zoom and a boom, boom BABY!

  6. This is just to cute! He was seriously taken back with see a black woman’s behind. I think that Taemin is going to want to dabble in that “New World”. LOL
    Did I see GO and Mir from MBLAQ sitting on top row behind Taemin?????

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