Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

Thats right everyone BOAB and I are on twitter! If you’ve noticed we’ve recently been adding our twitter info on the bottom of our articles because it’s becoming a major part of our blog.

The Why You Should Join Twitter and follow BWLB and KrisE

Epic List of Reasons

  1. We link stories and info about your favorite Idols and Actors you wont find on the blog!
  2. For the hardcore K-Drama fans out there you will always know what BOAB and I are currently watching and what episode we’re on. I’m always commenting and freaking out over scenes and so is BOAB. Lets have fun join in, watch along with us and lets talk about it!
  3. Twitter brings us closer to our Idols and actors because we follow their personal twitter accounts and you can too!
  4. BOAB and I love when you all leave us suggestions and comments and twitter is a great way to “shout out” to us!
  5. BOAB and I are deep into Asian culture so share in our adventures with it. Food postings, purchases from Asian brands etc. We’re all over it!
  6. Finally the best reason to join and follow us on Twitter is simply that we’re AWESOME and we’re real! So come on and get to know us because we wanna know you ^_^

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio:Infinitie ‘Paradise’ )

Want to be totally connected to us and in the know? Follow BWLB on Twitter at!/blackwomenloveb and you can catch me at:!/K_Kisses_KrisE

PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING In order to keep the comments section fair to all readers, comments are moderated and the following will be deleted:

-Personal attacks and insults -More than 1 hyperlink or video pasted into comment -“First” -Hate Speech -Off Topic -ALL-CAPS -Abusive Net-Speak (“i thk dis iz crazi”) -Trolling or derailing the conversation -Spam -Using the reply feature without actually replying to a comment

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