[M/V] Infinite – Paradise

Apologies for being a few months late on this one, but I couldn’t help but want to share it (with those of you who haven’t already heard it). I.LOVE.THIS.SONG. I love the 80’s feel and overall groove. It’s actually a very refreshing and unique sound for a K-pop boyband. In this case, the boyband is 7-member Infinite, from Woollim Entertainment. I’ve heard alot about these guys (people at the K-pop festival were really hoping that Infinite would be added to the roster), but never really looked into them until now. I hope you enjoy!

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17 thoughts on “[M/V] Infinite – Paradise

  1. Im not feeling the video, but the song is cute.. I’m gonna look them up on youtube to see what other songs they got!! One of them looks like they could be Jang Geun Seok twin brother or at least a younger brother..

  2. Unfortunately ,the speakers on my comp don’t want to work. Hope that I can get that problem fixed and listen to this song. It would have been nice if INFINITE could have came to the Kpop festival.

    It would be just nice if a Kpop festival can come back..this time in our perspective cities.
    I was just reading that the Billboard Kpop masters festival is suppose to be taking place in Las Vegas on Saturday and there is a rumor that a Kpop festival will be held in Houston, Texas. It would be nice if it was held in there. My cousin is always making a yearly pilgrimage to his buddy’s home. Maybe she’ll let me hang out with them ,lol. Besides, I need a vacation.

  3. I actually think this song has a really strong Bee-Gees kind of vibe to it, maybe due to the baby’s high tenor. I really do like Infinite in general and appreciate the hard work they do on their dancing. They look so much sharper and in synch than just about anyone else out there. Dongwoo and his derpy face are quickly becoming my favorites and his hip thrusting in the live stages for Paradise are really enthusiastic. He’s got some of that big action that DBSK liked to talk about Yunho having.

    I agree that the viseo didn’t really fit with the song, and although I appreciate them trying to have a storyline, it didn’t make much sense. And what’s up with them all seeming to be in love with the same girl, from their ghostly state?

  4. Wow, in rewatching the video I see that there is NONE of the dancing in it and the choreography really makes this song, live. If you have time or are bored, do look up up their live performaces of Paradise on Music Core, Inkigayo or Music Bank. Most of them still seem to be floating around on YouTube.

  5. This is the only vid they have where there is no dancing. Infinite is known for their dancing actually.

    I think it’s best to include a performance of this song so people can get a better sense of them as a group.

    • Um, it’s not that I really dislike the video, but it has a totally different vibe from the live performance and I think that the live matches the song a little better. I really appreciate the work that goes into their videos though. They’re very well thought out and more in the western style than most kpop videos. There seems to be a lot of SJ style dancing in a black and white box going around and while it does highlight the choreography, it gets old when every other video you watch is basically the same four backdrops and lighting. SM is especially bad about reusing the same sets for all of their groups. Good for Woollim for investing more money on their artists and making the effort to have a unique and interesting video to hey them out there and get them noticed.

      • I like the video alot actually; I feel like it peaks the viewers interest and showcases the guys as sexy and smooth. I actually YouTubed them last night after watching the video and I think their video and live perf is very streamlined. The M/V is sexy and the live perf is sexier especially all that hip action ^_^

      • @plinkin: I was actually hoping that (for some weird reason), Infinite was the type of boyband that just stood there and looked pretty…while singing well, of course. I’m happy to see the dance video (and the hip action, hehe), but it wouldn’t bother me one bit it didn’t exist. I think their sound is unique enough where they could get away with it.

  6. @bitofabelly
    Singing voices are usually a let-down, when you take into account whole groups. I guess they can’t all be DBSK, where a few are outstanding and the rest are more than ok and could be better with more time and training. I don’t really want to see them just stand there and sing, unless they are worth listening to. And I’m not trying to devalue what other groups do. I have tons of fun and waste an incredible amount of time watching boys and men who are realistically much too young for me, dance around and mug cutely for the camera. I’ve really started to buy into that whole idol healing thing they push.

    I think Infinite has more than its fair share of decent voices when compared to some groups. Sunggyu and L are pretty strong and Woohyun is a pleasant surprise with his very strong voice. It’s easy to expect him to just be an ab flashing pretty boy. Dongwoo and Hoya are not anything close to tone deaf but get stuck in that rapper role. Sungyeol doesn’t have as much confidence on stage but I think he’ll gain some with experience. Sometimes just owning what you do and having confidence gives your voice more strength. And little Sungjong, I’m not even sure his voice has completely changed yet so I’ll have to wait out my opinion on him.

    B2st is always making me happy with their live performaces. Sometimes you can tell that groups are singing but you can hear them and the tracking. B2st almost always sounds like they have no main vocal tracking behind them and you can hear the bumps and breathing from the dancing, but not in a bad it’s really screwing things up way. The Boss also sounds really good and actually uses a lot of harmony and they are still SO young.

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