Kim Jonghyun: The Shining Voice

Ladies what can I possibly say about Jonghyun that you don’t already know? He has the most amazing and distinctive voice in probably all of KPOP. Maybe your opinions on that statement might vary but there are many who think that way and I happen to be one of them. He has an amazing vocal range and he makes hitting those notes so effortless. Lets face it, if he’s not with SHINee during a performance its beyond noticeable. It’s literally like a huuugeee black hole floating around the stage and unfortunately his group members can’t even fill in for him because he’s just that good!

Besides his voice, isn’t he hot!? I mean seriously he has the most amazing facial structure and lets not forget about the most EPIC back line shot in ‘Lucifer’. I love his arms and I’m 100% pro sleeveless shirts ^_^ Maybe some of you are like “yeah cool, he’s hot and has a great voice but he’s not that nice”. My response to that? WHATEVS! Look I happen to like his socially awkward personality. He’s not that funny but he tries to be which I find cute. He finds what others don’t find funny hilarious and his comments are usually off-beat and followed by crickets. He seems like he’s sensitive to what others think of him and he usually gives the impression that he thinks too hard before he speaks. My favorite thing about Jonghyun is he’s in love with music and I mean in looooveee. He never hesitates to show off his skills or his popular Michael Jackson impersonation. By the way! I just love how he says “Michael Jackson” his accent is so cute! Jonghyun I dig ya and your cover of Neyo’s ‘So Sick’ with Onew! 

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio:Super Junior ‘No Other’)

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42 thoughts on “Kim Jonghyun: The Shining Voice

  1. Tell me about it! He and Changmin can hold a note like there’s no tomorrow. I really like the vid where they are on some radio station and they sing Lucifer and omg he held that one note forever. I was thinking boy breathe please! In regards to the video above, I think he and Onew have the most soulful voices. He could serenade me anytime 🙂 He definitely has a commanding presence whether he’s your bias or not.

    I read he is kinda mean too, but in videos I have seen he seems like the kind you have to get to know first.

    Ok being repetitive..I co-sign with everything you said KrisE!

    • If you have not seen the footage of Onew imitating Jonghyun’s voice, check it out. It’s obviously done with love and is one of the funniest Shinee videos I’ve come across. I think it’s easily found by searching Onew Imitates Jonghyun. The clip from Star Golden Bell is the funniest, but there are several. After Onew is done he just looks at he camera and nods like, “I nailed that.”

      • Haha I’ve seen Onew imitate Jonghyun a few times and I think I might have seen Kim Heechul do it also.

      • Aww the way Onew laughs after the fact. Jonghyun is like “what the heck?.” What a great leader Onew lol

  2. I do think he has a fantastic voice. It almost seems too big for his body at times and he has trouble controling it. Like Celine Dion has a big voice but obviously due to experience, she knows how to control it. Anyway, his voice can give you chills.

    As far as him not being nice….anyone can have a bad day. It happens to us all.

    It’d be nice if he was taller though … 🙂

  3. i agree, love jonghyun….esp love his rendition of ‘baby baby’ more than the original 4men song….his feelings come across very clearly…when he sings, i believe….he could sell me a bridge, lol..

    watching him on ‘hello baby’ was funny and interesting…exactly what’s on his mind is what comes out his mouth…later, he wonders if he should have said it…a filter would help him socially, but hey, it’s who he is…it was cute watching him go from trying to win yoogeun over from key and minho by being the ‘skinship king’ to really caring (or looking like he cared) about yoogeun…

    he did what i thought was am honest interview for GQ korea in 2010…he said that he has walked the road he’s wanted to since he was young and did things the way he wanted, and even though he thinks he’s done it decently, he doesn’t like it. and he said that musically what he wants to do and what shinee has to do is at odds…i thought it was interesting…

    • I read that interview and I was very surprised that he was “allowed” to be that honest. In fact all the guys were surprising in their honesty. That’s one of the reasons I have trouble with the image they portray, they pretty much don’t care for it, but they want to perform and sing. Rock and hard place.

      • yeah, it really surprised me too…i wish i could get clarification on a couple of things key said…

        i guess most people have to do things they don’t necessarily want to do to get by in life, kpop stars being no different…quite a few artists over here have fought for independence from their labels because of contract restrictions they didn’t like or that were just plain unfair…it’s even tougher to do over there…it’s not easy for me to watch it happening…

  4. Wow… I haven’t visited this site in a long time. Maybe I should visit more often.
    Personally, I think Jaejoong and Junsu of JYJ/DBSK have more distinctive voices, but that’s just my opinion. Jonghyun does have a nice voice though. It just doesn’t do it for me like Jaejoong and Junsu’s voices. 😀

  5. Jonghyun definitely has one of the best voices in Kpop…props to him. He’s true, raw talent, and SHINee wouldn’t be who they are without him. And we can’t keep out that (already mentioned in the post)…he’s got a sexy backline, killer guns, and is just plain gorgeous. Kim Jonghyun: I salute you. lol.

  6. dang he can S A N G…very good…outstanding…in tune, on beat with the rhythm…love him…Taemin is so cute in the video and Onew was good also singing…

  7. Well, having met Kim Jonghyun twice now (1st time awful), the 2nd time much better since he apologized for the 1st time, I will agree that he has an AMAZING voice. His personality is definitely not socially awkward or moody at all (the socially awkward title belongs to Onew and moody Key), he’s just, I can’t really describe it. But hey, he manned up and apologized for his comment, so while he’s def not my fave in Shinee, I will agree that is crazy talented.

      • I hear you, but I guess that’s the way he comes across in the media. One-on-one, he is very, very easy to talk to (unlike Onew where he has to warm up to you). I think I spoke longer to him this time around, than to any other member of Shinee. Anywho, I have nothing but compliments for him now. Like I said that while he’s still not my fave from Shinee (that honor goes to Onew), since he went above and beyond the call of duty to “make amends” to Mika in NYC, he’s cool.

      • I dont doubt it. I’ve said it before that I really like the way he is. I’ve seen enough of SHINee everything to appreciate his little qwerks and what not lol

      • Seli,

        It went very well! My brother-in-law is a music a exec for Sony Japan, so he sets up all of the meetings, concert tickets etc. We met them again at SM NYC, along with Changmin from DBSK and some others, and he wanted to clarify things. I think sometimes things get lost in translation. When my brother-in-law mentioned what Mika overheard Jonghyun say in LA, he apologized so many times that Mika was like “ok, enough already”.LOL! He really is a nice guy.

        I also wanted to clarify some things. For some reason, people are assuming by comments that I made that Jonghyun is “moody, mean, etc”. I never said or meant that. He isn’t moody at all and it wasn’t his behavior that was disappointing but a comment made. But like, I said all is well :).

    • lolol i didn’t listen to it at first because i didn’t want to be disappointed…WOW! why am i surprised?? i love his voice and can’t understand why i keep either underestimating him or doubting him…his vocals are on point…

      • How could you even think of being disappointed!? I’m disappointed in that comment -_- I mean it is Jonghyun and Onew after all, I only expect greatness from them lolol SHINee ❤ ❤ (fan girl moment)

      • i know, right? but i’ve seen enough vids where the title had me going ‘ah!!’ and afterwards i was like ‘oooooohhh…’…but i should have known that onew and jonghyun would not disappoint me…i love jonghyun’s ‘nothing better’ and ‘baby baby’ vids…got them on my ipod for safekeeping…now i can add this one too, yay!

    • Cho Min Jung,

      I agree and that’s what I tried to explain to my kids. I could care less about someone having a bad day, yada, yada; we’re all human and make mistakes. Just own up to them and he did, which is all that matters :).

  8. I’m amazed at all of these hot guys. and Jonghyun is no exception.It’s rare for me to say that there are no unattractive members in a group, this is the case with Shinee and most Kpop groups. seems that way. There is not one unattractive member in that group.

    • ATLSis,

      Rare indeed to find a group with all cute members. All of the members in Shinee are cute and they are the best looking group out there, as well as DBSK :).

    • it’s sort of easy to dismiss jonghyun when looking at the guys…and not because he’s short, which is what he probably thinks…he’s got a complex about that…but really, he is stunning just like the rest of them…

      • i meant shorter than the other guys, not just plain short…he’s taller than me, but lots of folks would be considered on the shorter side when standing next to choi minho, lol…

      • Ladibug,

        Have you seen the star king episode where Taemin and Minho are battling with words? Its so funny I’ll link you to it but I cant find the one with eng subs so i’ll translate
        Taemin: Why are you so tall!?
        Minho: While I was busy growing what were you doing?!
        Taemin:But at least I can still grow!!

      • lolol yup i’ve seen this one…love it!… taemin acting like he’s so much younger than minho, ha!…he has grown some more though…

  9. Okay, did anyone else notice Taemin’s cute expression when Jonghyun’s voice cracked during So Sick? He was like “Uh, oh Hyung, what happened”? Too, too cute :).

    • haha he was totally grooving to it and looked all proud then suddenly he went tight lipped and looked away like “uh that was kinda not riiiiiiight” lmao

      • KrisE,

        I laughed so much at that part! His cute, chubby cheeked, baby face looked so confused!! I was wondering if anyone caught that part since I always seem to notice the weird stuff.Too, funny!

  10. btw, jonghyun’s mannerism of fixing his hair trips me out…he does it almost as much as key does…anything that happens, hair check, lol…

  11. I will concede he has one of the strongest, biggest,
    most soulful, and most recognizable voices in K-pop;
    and he most definitely contributes to the depth and versatility of SHINee.
    Also, he definitely makes priceless contributions
    to all the SM side projects he is involved in.
    I am probably alone on this one,
    but even though I think he has an amazing voice,
    and striking features, he just does not appeal to me personally.
    Now were I to be in his presence and lucky enough to
    engage in conversation with him, it might be another story…

  12. Thanks for this post, KrisE! Love Jonghyun and Onew’s rendition of So Sick!
    I’m not too keen on SHINee’s style as of late, but I could get used to hearing Jonghyun’s voice!!!
    The way Taemin was jamming to the song was soooo cute!!!

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