“Be Sweet” with SHINee!

We all know the wholesome flower boy image SHINee portrays like 99% of the time minus the ‘Lucifer’ promo’s but this has just taken them to the next level! Our guys are the new spokesmodels for Etude House which is a very cutesy cosmetics and skin care brand. Think of kittens and pink wall paper, cupcakes and adorable trinkets all of which pretty much sum up what the brand is about.

I came across the Etude Promo video with SHINee and let me just tell you I wanna buy everything! First of all they were all dressed in like ski lodge styled sweaters and furry hats that had me wishing me and the guys were sitting around a fire drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows! Everything was pastel and just so darn cute! I loved the pink lipstick the guys had on and it really didn’t even phase me that Key was standing there carefully applying the lipstick on Taemin o_0 Now you all know I love Taeminnie but Onew was seriously the cutest in this promo. He had a furry white hat on and I have one similar but mine has ears on it like a Teddy bear so technically we have couples hats ^_^ Of course “Onew Condition” had to make an appearance and his english “pink lipstick” was sooooooo adorable!

I love everything about this promo video, in fact I feel this is how the ‘Hello’ MV should have looked. But wth? Shouldnt it be a tad weird that guys are promoting these kinds of things? I personally am fine with it but what do you all think?

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio:SHINee ‘Juliet’)

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52 thoughts on ““Be Sweet” with SHINee!

  1. I’m perfectly o.k. with these guys promoting stuff like this. They looked as if they were having fun and they were adorable while doing it. Maybe it was a nice break for them from the endless touring schedule they’ve been enduring lately.

  2. I hate this spokeperson-ship with a grand passion. I think it does a major dis-service to grown men. It fits none of their personalities or looks, except maybe Taemin’s and even that is pushing it these days. I will never understand nor embrace this somewhat pedo marketing.

    • Everyone except maybe Taemin looked out of place to me. Of course they’re professionals and they have to sell it, but…. that is too much.

      And for those that don’t know… I’m a MAJOR Minho stan!!. I will protect/encourage him til the end, but I’ll also state when I don’t think its for him or wrong. And this is not for him. Neither was that auction commercial a couple weeks back 😦 Poor baby.

  3. I love SHINee!!!! But they are growing up and I feel their image should portray that as well. They can’t be cute little boys forever. Maybe they like promoting this image…??

    Oh well, they all looked so good though.

  4. I really liked the promo as I stated. Its super cute and I dont feel its far off from SHINee’s image. They are a clean cut group so I think it fits them really well. Besides the extra fluff is the Etude’s brand. Lee Minho was a spokesmodel for them as well look at his promo picture lol

    • Lee Minho looked uncomfortable to me too. I don’t know. There’s something off about the whole campaign that’s just not sitting right with me.

      • Wellll I’de say whats off is Etude House is such an overly girlie brand and they are using men to promote their products lol But I think SHINee fits in with the brand really well.

  5. I have mixed feelings about this. Now I love men who take care of their skin. Now if the skin products they are selling pertains to the promotion of have blemish free skin, I see no problem with it as I would liken it to them doing commercials for Clearisil or Proactive,but cosmetics? Hmmm….I don’t know,. that would be weird to me.Cupcake and candy figurines?…that isn’t for guys.

    I don’t know what the promoters were thinking,but they should have had somebody like the Wonder Girls to do that. If they were going to have SHinee do skin care prodcuts, it should have been something about acne or shaving.

    • ATLSis,

      I’m sure the promoters were only thinking of who would make the most money for them. Shinee are so popular and you will have so many little fangirls rushing out to buy this stuff just to be apart of anything connected to Shinee. My 14 year old daughter Mika screamed and played this YouTube video at least 50 x’s and now “has to buy this stuff”, so maybe the promoters knew what they were doing with bringing Shinee on board :).

  6. I actually get the connection here. I cant possibly be the only here that notices that the male Idols wear waaayyy more makeup than the female idols. They even get praised more for their looks than the females. Honestly when I shop for clothes or consider a hair cut I look to my male Idols as a reference not the girls; in fact my mother just went for a new hair style 2 weeks ago and she took a photo of Lee Hongki with her because she liked his bangs.I think it has to do with the idea of them being androgynous for the most part.
    We have to remember their culture is different from ours. Guys here wouldnt do that but over there its different and I mean you have guys like Jaejoong running around with an obsession for Hello Kitty lol I think using SHINee was a great choice and the pink lipstick shades really did look good on them ^_^

    • KrisE,

      I definitely get the concept and I think if we look at from a marketing perspective, it makes sense. Shinee is marketed as the “pure, clean, pretty group” of guys. If you look at from a Western point of view, it doesn’t make sense. But the Korean culture pushes this androgynous look for their male idols, so I’m sure it’s not a big deal to them. It’s not as if on their off days, you will see most of the male idols wearing a face full of make-up, this is done strictly for their public image. Would this fly in America, “no” but it works over there. But Minho and Jonghyun did look a little uncomfortable and that pink lipstick on Minho, not a good look. LOL!

      • haha Minho was totally being a model though and omg Onew was soo freakin adorable in that hat! I want to just cuddle him seriously hahaha

  7. Angelface,

    You got a good point. I guess in South Korea, it’s not odd to see guy promoting cosmetics. If Shinee were to do that here in the states, I could imagine how many questions people would have for it. It’s funny, not too long ago, my cousin came over my house. He’s really big on his skin and he believes in using all the skin care products he could find. When my cousin was showing us some of the stuff her used on his face, my eldest nephew was a little stomped about it. He thought that my cousin was weird because in his words” He didn’t know that boys were that intense about their skin”. We explained to him that there are guys who cafe very much about their skin. My nephew cares about his skin,but with him about about soap and water. So far, he doesn’t have bad skin.

    • ATLSis,

      It’s definitely is not odd to see males promoting cosmetics in Korea or Japan. You even see American entertainers promoting things like this is Japan and it’s not a big deal. In the Asian entertainment business, the lines are just a little blurred when it comes to what is masculine and feminine. That’s not the case here. I can’t even imagine Shinee ever doing a commercial like this in the U.S., it just wouldn’t work here but I really don’t see the big deal. It’s not a career crusher for them :).

  8. i agree that this promo is within the range of shinee’s marketed group image. however, it is wearing thin on me….as someone stated before, these are men. they aren’t boys anymore. but they are continuously (in my opinion) forced to be pink bubble-gum cute. They are in the same age range as 2pm, mblaq, and big bang…their songs also deal with some mature, age appropriate matter, but i think it gets watered down or glossed over by the cuteness… as soon as shinee got a chance to portray a more mature, manlier image (lucifer/ring ding dong), their management snatched them back and put them in pastels…

    as someone said before, this marketing is working and seems to be in line with their promotions in japan where this is also a very popular idol look …oh, it will make lots of money as young girls, probably quite a few noonas and guys who want to be like shinee run out and buy these products, which is the point…but i don’t see the boys sitting idly and allowing this to continue for very long…i’m willing to bet this is one of the main reasons for jonghyun’s often sullen mood…i actually think he’ll be the first one to leave…

      • Ladibug,

        I don’t know if the products are any good but I’m sooooo craving some Sprinkles cupcakes right now. Must run out and get some, I’m starved : ).

    • Ladibug,

      Yeah, I agree that they are grown men but as a group, they are really different from the other groups such as 2PM, Mblaq, Big Bang, etc. Would these groups ever promote this product? Probably not, but they were never marketed as the “cutesy pin-up boys” type of group. At this point, Shinee is at the mercy of SM Entertainment and will do whatever their management feels they should do. No one is leaving this group until that 13 year contract is up, so they are just doing what they have to do. Like I said before, it wouldn’t fly here in America but it’s definitely not marketed for us.

      • AngelFace,

        I’m totally with you there. As the insane SHINee lover that I am I can def say they are no 2pm, mblaq or Big bang. In fact they are “Shining SHINee!” lolol they were created to be ultra preppy, clean cut and literally polished in every aspect from their vocals to their looks. Thats what sets them apart from other groups and why even their senior groups appreciate and look up to them.

        Besides Ladibug, Jonghyun has a natural moody personality. He’s in love with music and talking about it and singing is when hes super happy ^_^ Soo along with that slave contract of theirs lol he probably wouldnt leave.

    • @angelface and krisE,

      exactly my point…shinee was put together by their management to be a clean cut group, while the other groups around their age were intended to be more ‘beastly’…i can appreciate clean cut and preppy–i love that about shinee…however, i don’t like the continuous uber sugary cutesyness to the point where i feel like i need cavity protection…it feels wrong on some levels to me because it doesn’t feel natural, except for key…and to me it only feels slightly natural for key because it’s makeup and it’s pink…is it being projected towards the noonas who want cute little boys who don’t grow up or the teen girls who don’t want them to grow up either? people grow…the other guy groups have more wiggle room to look manlier and mature as they age because their management didn’t intend for them to look so cute…but shinee seems locked in a very narrow box to keep them as young looking/acting and cutesy as possible…i realize they are also a relatively new group, only a few years old, but still…

      i don’t blame the shinee guys at all because i know they are under one of those ridiculous contracts…i put this totally on the management…

      and a cupcake right now would not be a bad idea, lol….

      • this issue isn’t foreign in the states either…think shirley temple…i guess i have an issue with people having expiration dates on their heads…keep them as young looking as possible and when they can’t anymore, discard them…i also have an issue with the idea of presenting guys as the cute nonthreatening sort that blush at the thought of kissing a girl…esp when they are over the age of 21…sigh…maybe it’s just me…

        shinee, i still love you but i think i’m gonna stick (mostly) to the music, which is why i fell in love with you in the first place…

      • Ladibug,

        I think you hit the nail on the head, their management wants to project an image with Shinee as “eternally young and uber sweet”. The problem with this strategy is that people grow up and age. Fans grow up and age. You have a short-window to pull off that image. Lets face it, no one wants to see a 30 year old Taemin doing Aegyo. It won’t be cute but SM is going to milk this image until the cow is dry. Shinee is a money making pit for them and they know it. I don’t think they will ever have the wiggle room that other idol groups have to be “manlier” until their contract ends. Will their image evolve as they grow older? In order for them to continue being successul, they will have to evolve, but I still think they will always be looked at as the “cutesy” boy band.

        BTW, yes I did go out and get a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes. So, the commercial worked for me. : ). Soooo good!!

      • Ladibug I coudln’t agree more. It is all cute when you are younger, but after a certain age it is a little “different”. I do love their music and can’t get mad at them for the stuff they may have to do. It is unfortunate about their contracts. I just hope 10 years from now, they still aren’t doing this.

  9. “KrisE said:

    haha Minho was totally being a model though and omg Onew was soo freakin adorable in that hat! I want to just cuddle him seriously hahaha”.

    Yes, he did look soooo adorable in that hat! I just love Onew. Jinki, Jinki, Jinki!!!

    • Isnt it funny how his look and personality totally fits his real name? Jinki is a name I can see a really cute playful, loving and curious cat having and thats what he reminds me of haha

  10. BTW! Why do I feel so alone here?! How am I the only one wanting to buy everything and feel all warm and gushy after watching the promo?! It seriously has me excited for christmas and ice skating and hot cocoa and warm cookies while rocking my own furry hats and pastel colored clothing…..I suppose I’m just the most wholesome one here ( *flashes adorable grin that makes you wanna hurl* )

    • KrisE,

      Trust me, I don’t think you are alone. My Mika is begging for some of this make-up for Christmas and sent her Dad and I the link to a website with some items listed on her wishlist. It does put me in the mood for cuddling up on a cold Christmas day and maybe waking up to see Onew with a big bow under my Christmas tree, while my husband still sleeps. LOL!

      And, um yeah, the “wholesome” comment did want to make me hurl! : ).

  11. This is why I feel sooooo bad for these guys. They cannot be who they should be. 18-20 something guys doing kiddie stuff? C’mon. There is a difference between clean singing and just out right kiddie stuff. Yoseob, one had a complaint in his song being banned for saying something in reference to feeling/being drunk. From what I grasp from it, I’m still trying to see the big deal in what he sung,but that’s the Korean version of the FCC for you.

    For Christ sake, these are grown men , not cute little boys. They need to do music on their level and let them be creative. Kpop has lot of potential to be world worthy but with stuff like this, overzealous fans, exclusion of people that continues to exists in , if they aren’t careful it will die

    • “hey cannot be who they should be. 18-20 something guys doing kiddie stuff? C’mon. There is a difference between clean singing and just out right kiddie stuff. ”

      yes! this is what i mean…preppy is great, clean cut is great…why can’t they be preppy, clean cut men instead of boys?? i have some difficulty reconciling their music with their image…

  12. I think that the idea of having male idols promote makeup is actually a good idea. They have male idols state the type of makeup they like on a girl and, this then encourages girls to go out and buy the mentioned brand so that they can appeal to their idols. I’m not going to lie, when Onew said he liked the moisturizer the best I made a mental note to remember to get a moisturizer soon lol.
    But I would say that basically Shinee is completely different in that they are more controlled than other male groups their age. Even when it comes down to interviews and variety shows, they always seem to be very mindful and careful about what they say since they are a clean cut group, as compared to beastly idols. I actually never really thought that it was weird for Shinee to be constantly cute, but if they continue the clean image or if they transition to a different look, I’ll sitll like them. ^-^

  13. As much as I love SHINee, this is why they are not quite at the top of my list as my favourite kpop boyband. The sweet image is a bit too much, and it is hard for me to view them totally as grown men. 2PM is my favourite boyband now because they are very beastly/manly, and I doubt their image would allow for them to model makeup. I’m not 100% sure, since I haven’t seen all of their work, but it’s a wild guess. I really look forward to the day when SHINee is portrayed as the grown men that they are….that would make me a full-fledged Shawol for sure 🙂

    • Choi,

      When I first got into KPOP it was SS501 because of Kim Hyun Joong. SHINee was the first CURRENT group I got into after seeing the ‘Lucifer’ suggestions on the YouTube side bar. That was the first mv I ever saw of them and although it was a departure from their “wholesome” image I was like whooo are these pretty guys with all the makeup on!? Thats what attracted me to them and my point is it doesnt matter if they stay clean cut or turn into beast idols they will never really look the part of beast idols because they are tooo glam/pretty. Honestly look at all the other groups out there I swear SHINee is the only group where all their members are attractive and pretty. So to me it doesnt matter either way, besides who knows how they feel. In fact I saw an interview where MBLAQ was like oh we’re trying to be pretty etc sooo I say embrace SHINee no matter what their concept and image is ^_^

      • KrisE,

        Trust me, I’m with you. I hear what you’re saying. I’ve been listening to SHINee for over two years now & once I was made aware that guys in K-pop music wear makeup, I was fine with it…mainly because the quality of the music was phenomnal. I wasn’t preoccupied with whether or not SHINee were manly enough, I was preoccupied with their vocals…and yes, they are a pretty and photogenic group like you said. At the end of the day, for me its all about the music. Although I love the sophistication of Super Junior’s style, its really all about the music for me.

        I don’t make the mistake of comparing SHINee too other groups because in my opinion…there is no comparison.

      • I love SHINEE, make-up and all. My issue is their staying power. How they are currently marketed is not going to keep them around for a long time. This is one of the issues I have with K Pop, the agencies don’t think long term. Hell they don’t care beyond the 5 years when they can get their investment back and then some. I have enough respect for SHINEE’S vocals to want them around for a long long time and letting them mature along with their concept and sound is the way to do it. But that would be too much like right.

      • I think this is where the culture comes in also. I know for a fact Korea loves all that cute stuff and its not going away plus the good thing about KPOP is whenever a group or artist comes out with a new album or single they go with a whole new image concept. SHINee has realllly good music especially their ballads. Right now since they are promoting their Japanese Album their image is currently very U-KISS-ish and really edgy lots of metal with a dark color palette. Also SM has been working on Taemin to give him a more grown up image but lets face it hes just toooo pretty lolol
        I dunno I find them to be clean cut and preppy but I dont feel its as extreme as everyone is making it out to be. They promote alot of brands and alot of brands happen to be very cutesy like Etude. I honestly feel they are chosen alot because they are “fresh faced” not because people want to keep them in a box. Who knows what their image is going to be when they release their next Korean album but I dont see why everyone is getting so frustrated its not that bad.

    • Cho Min Jung,

      “…..lip gloss or no lip gloss”. That was too funny!! I agree with you. Next to Super Junior, Shinee are my favorite K-pop group. I def don’t want them to change.

  14. @KrisE,

    Totally agree with everything that you said. I think the reason they were chosen to promote this product is for one reason and one reason only; they are a group of fresh-faced,pretty guys who are popular. If they wanted a “beastly” group, they would have chosen 2PM or Big Bang. I would be willing to bet that the only people who are making this out to be a big issue are Americans. I just don’t think this is considered a big deal in Korea or Japan. Shinee will eventually change and evolve but I don’t think that they will ever stray far from the cute image. It’s working for them!

  15. Ahh I am pretty tired of ppl saying shinee needs to be more manly and they stuck on their cute image. I mean they are not that old yet. Since my bias is taemin, I kind of tend to think of all of them as young even though onew n jonghyun are older. So taemin has always been my bias since i got to know shinee and that hasn’t changed a bit but I have grown to like all the members. I like all of them mostly for their talents. I literally fell in love with shinee’s songs and their voices. I think i am going off topic here. let me get back…I have seen shinee in many images, i think they fill all…cute, manly, pretty. Yes they are most def cute which partly relates to their age, body built n all. I personally feel that they are just starting to grow more older n with time they will show many more sides to them. They haven’t even released a comeback for a year now. we need to wait n see how much they improved. Since I am big fan of their music I would rather see the growth n improvement more in their songs and music.
    This concept does suit them…They don’t look totally out of place to me. I would even consider buying some products after seeing it so it solds for me. oh seems like it could be a commercial for those cupcakes too:)

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