Bi Update 11/17/11

Hey all! Our Bi’s been away for a little over a month now, and I know we all miss him to bits! I’m going to keep you updated on his military activities and reruns on his past work periodically with this new series per CloudUSA‘s ever diligent and loyal coverage. Thanks so much to CloudUSA!!

Private Jihoon Jung Is a Bootcamp Graduate

Some Adorable Bi Gif(t)s For You

Bi’s Press Confererence For His Film “Into the Sun” In October 2011 (Before he enlisted)

Sexy, Hot and Beautiful Bi! *sigh* (thanks to Jiani for directing us to this clip!)

2009 Six To Five Ad Campaign *Gorgeous*

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12 thoughts on “Bi Update 11/17/11

  1. Oh yeah.. he looks good really good in his fatigues.I love seeing men in them.Its also great that were keeping him name alive because time can make people forget.

    • Girl, you said it.There is something special can be said about men in uniforms. I love to see them in their formal attire too.

      BI is a bit thinner, but he’s healthy, happy, and a dedicated leader. Still number one!!!

  2. Who’d forget a beast like him?! Definitely not me, and I saw the pics on his FB page, he looks so cute in his fatigues. Nothing sexier than a man in uniform! And since its Jihoon, well he’s on his own level of sexy, the uniform just makes it hotter. ~waiting on Bi~

  3. The pictures speak for themselves. Congrats on your boot camp graduation Bi! Glad to see his pretty face. A man in uniform…….(*Sigh*)

  4. Wow congrats Bi, good luck with the rest of your service. ^_^ I don’t think I’ve ever seen an outfit in which he looks bad in…

  5. Wow, he really looks good in his uniform. I also have never seen the first pic of him in the hoodie. Sexy and sweet at the same time-only him. 🙂

  6. BoaB,
    I bet you wanted to slap me, after I sent you that link on Bi.
    It makes me appreciate your non-response even more.
    Very classy lady; what a fool am I.
    I will say that it’s barely been one month,
    and it already feels like a year…

    • @whatthefrell: ha! No it was not a non-response on purpose, but rather a I’ve-got-so-much-to-do-I-can’t-forget-to-reply-to-whatthefrell’s-email, but still totally forgetting! I never ignore…at least, not on purpose..your vigilance is sooo appreciated …thank you 🙂 and welcome back..we missed you ^^

      • Awwwww shucks!
        It’s nice to be missed.
        However, if you were to ignore me,
        it would be totally justified!
        : )
        … my emoticon skills are seriously lacking.

        Rainism on Seoul FM
        Coincidence… yeah probably,
        but I like to think not.

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