Kim Jeong Hoon: This Oppa is a Prince!

Ok not a real Prince but he looks like one, I’d call him one and he played one! You all know him as Prince Yul from ‘Goong Princess Hours’. Now I didn’t say it in the initial Goong K-Drama post because I was slackin; but Goong was actually made back in 2006 so its been a few years. Wellll maybe you didnt see Goong and you’re still like ” uh ok KrisE great but who is hee and why should I giving a flying (fill in the blank)??”

Well for one thing he’s hot. The more I look at him the more he makes me grin because he’s just so handsome and hot and super cute ya know what I mean??? Granted I chose Prince Shin over Prince Yul but that doesn’t mean I still wouldn’t mess around with Yul..2 is always better than 1; if there’s nothing you learn from me and my posts at least keep that in mind. Alright Kim Jeong Hoon is an Idol; from 2000-2005 he was apart of a really popular duo called “UN”. After they disbanded that’s when he turned to acting, hence his role in Goong and many others after that. He just finished his military service in January and his latest drama is called ‘I Need Romance’. His latest single is entitled ‘Present’.

A couple of yummy stats: He’s 5″10 and a half , 31 years old and can still pass for like 22. Also he’s matured lookwise, his facial features and jaw are more defined which is an A+ in my Guy Guide! To top it all off, hes one smart oppa with an I.Q of 146 supposedly 4 points below Einstein’s rank!

K-Kisses! KrisE

(Personal KPOP Radio:Jaejoong ‘I’ll Protect You’ Protect the Boss ost)

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8 thoughts on “Kim Jeong Hoon: This Oppa is a Prince!

  1. Yup he was born Jan 20, 1980 hes super cute ^_^ Now that I think about it Black and Asian is a good mix because both age really well…forever young couples haha

  2. My Goodness, I didnt even recognize him.. They should have kept him with the dark hair for the Goong series because he looks fine in these pics!!

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