Skinship with Aziatix!

Haha nothing like that! They all just held my hand which I’ll say still counts as skinship ^_^ Last night was amazing! As you all know for the past two weeks I’ve been on a major Aziatix kick. I was getting all hyped up for their concert at Gramercy theater; I was mentioning them in my tweets and posts and just whenever I could in my life because it was just THAT serious. How can I even describe the sound of Aziatix? If you’ve never heard them then you obviously live under a rock so refer yourself to their Youtube channel and get AZICATED!

Their music is like dancing poetry. The lyrics they spit have meaning, they’re the real deal; non of the lyrical crap that makes no damn sense. Their live performance was amazazing! They performed my favorite song ‘Slippin Away’ and I was just like wow I can’t freaking believe my song is being sung live! O.M.G! (talk about having a fangirl moment).

They were so interactive with the fans during their performance. All 3 reached out to crowd; Nicky even took a fans camera and recorded himself singing! It was seriously SOOO COOL! I was really pleased with the attention we were all given.  Now the crowd itself was awesome it was so diverse! White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, everyone was bumpin under one roof and so many good-looking faces! You wanna see some good-looking people besides Aziatix themselves, just hit up one of their concerts because their fans are gorgeous and you miiiiight get a date! At one point I heard chanting for Eddie and when I turned to see where it was coming from to my surprise it was a group of hot Asian guys! I was like that is just so cute, cool and uh different o_0…But then I joined in their chant so whatevz!

After the performance Aziatix held a meet and greet (fan-girled out on the inside!) and being the smart cookie that I just happen to be; I carefully waited till most of the fans were seen before buying my huge poster (It’s the main article pic!)and stepping online to meet them. First up was Nicky and he’s adorable like O.M.G he has the sweetest smile! I told him how I work for BWLB and we always talk about them and support them 100%. Eddie was in the middle and Flowsik on the end. I told all 3 of them of the sites support and actually you know what?! They all took my hand and were sincerely thankful and appreciative of our efforts to help them blow up. They gave me total eye contact and I felt really honored and proud that I was their fan. They’re good people I could just tell from the vibes I was getting. Really! you know when you can just feel good energy? They weren’t just going along with what I was saying, they were honestly engaged in my mini conversation because if they weren’t you know I’d let you all know. Nicky is adorable and he has kind eyes, Eddie is such a flower boy with really good skin and he did two epic hair flips that had me going “HOT” but then wondering what shampoo and hair products he used (Shhh!? You know I think about these kind of things!). Flowsik had shades on but he was all laid back hot you know what I mean? Like that “I’m so cool I can sit in a dark theater with my shades on and not seem ridiculous at all” cool! I hope I get to see them again and I hope you all get your chance to experience and meet Flowsik, Eddie and Nicky also. AZIATIX FIGHTING!

For more on Aziatix search for them by name on our blog and visit their website at

Picture taking is not my strong point sorry! But check out the Eddie silhouette pic!!

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: Aziatix ‘Slippin Away’)

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43 thoughts on “Skinship with Aziatix!

  1. Eddie is so goodlooking! That man is just beautiful! i have been on their youtube account while i was on mine and i’ve got to tell you… thank GOODNESS for youtube!! I would’ve missed out on so much good music without it… well, that AND Mnet. They have such good music and they should really be a lot more famous, for sure! Forgive me for being such a fangirl, but i just couldn’t help myself.

  2. I was first introduced to Aziatix by the recommadation on here, and ever since then I have been hooked. Between “Go”, “Another Day”, and “Be with You”, I listened to these songs about 100 times each!! I joined their Facebook page, and Suscribed to their Youtube channel just waiting for their their next post… On their Youtube Channel, one of their video’s is called “Five Dollars”, where it shows Flowsiks rap skills with a Street Drummer, and that is true Talent!!! I love me some Aziatix!!!!

  3. Oh yes! Aziatix is totally hot! I’ve been checking them out for a minute. You can just see really big things happening for them in the future! I totally support them & their music. Great article bitofabelly! Keep up the epic work!

  4. Sounds like your assignment was a great one. I was also thinking about the part where you mentioned that they grabbed your hand. I almost thought Aziatixwas going to kiss your hand. Either way, they seem like a well rounded trio and their music is all good.

    • haha Eddie actually hugged one girl and she was soo happy! I was so happy for her! It was such a cute moment. Might I add they are all so manly and tall..well taller than me I’m only 5’4 but with my boots I looked maybe 5″7 but they were def taller and all 3 are way hot in person!!!!

  5. Arghh!! I was supposed to be there. I should’ve just went by myself. My friend who was supposed to go with me got sick and wouldn’t have been able to go. I was so looking forward to the meet and greet. I am so happy that you mentioned this site, hopefully they will check it out. I am going to blow up their twitter in hopes that they will try to do a show here in CT. Maybe at Yale. This is the perfect time to catch groups like this when they are still doing intimate shows and you aren’t paying almost $300 for meet and greets and far away seats. I am so jealous! Oh and my favorite look of Eddie is when he has his hair up in a messy bun and glasses. Adorable!

  6. Oh amy I the only one that noticed that Eddie has the thickness a little like our man Bi, in the hips and thigh area. I tend to notice these things *wink* KrisE can you verify?

    • UMMMMMMM!! LOL No seriously I love when you all have these kind of questions keep them coming!

      Actually you’ll be happy to know that no Eddie is not “skinny” or “Frail” looking. He had I guess what you would consider relaxed fit skinny jeans on. Still snug but not super tight anyway! But yes he has good thighs; hes athletic looking soo no when you sit next to him you wont think “wow he has like no thighs I feel fat because mine are bigger” lol

      • I knew it. At first glance you might think he is thin, but every time I would see him in interviews and stuff you can tell he had more going on. He plays basketball all the time so that is probably why everything is toned. Thanks for the quick verification. I mean no one really has it going on like Bi, he holds it down in the hip, thigh and booty category.

      • @KrisE: thanks for the very quick confirmation! I think the Aziatix guys have a nice mix of looks and vibes among the members…Flowsik has the urban appeal, Eddie’s is very Kpopstar, and Nicky is somewhere fit nicely in between ^^ I hope they blow up in the U.S. Its time for some Asian megastars!!

      • I like their mix its like a look for everyone. My mom thinks Nicky Lee is hot lol she was like “oh thats the one right there!” I was like oh snap!!! lol

      • Nick has got the R&B vibe and look going on. Watching him in interviews, he and I could hang out. 🙂

      • Lei,
        Nicky was sweet as candy I swear! It was really comfortable talking to him and his smile was warm…sorta the feeling you get when you watch Onew from SHINee speak in interviews.

      • Nicky looks like he might have his nerdy moments. I wouldn’t put it past him. That is what I have noticed about his personality so far, which I like.

  7. The first place i heard of them was here on this blog…i got a chance to listen to ‘A Game’…I’m thinking i will definitely be checking out their other songs too :)…fine and talented-a winning combination.

    I really wish the southeast (ATL) could get some kpop love and attntion.

    • Oops…clicked enter by mistake…

      As i was saying, I would love to actually be able to see and experience a kpop concert here in Atlanta…It’s great reading the wonderful posts of the ladies who’ve been fortunate to see their guys in person, it really is…I hope i will be able to have similar experiences to share….come on down south, pretty please, guys? 🙂

      • @ladibug: if Aziatix reads this, I hope they realize the potential of growth their fanbase has…I wonder if they’ll be coming to Florida anytime soon?

  8. I actually stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago, and I’ve been fascinated ever since. I’m usually just a silent lurker here, but I noticed that Aziatix was mentioned here quite a few times. I’m actually a new, but big fan of them and I was wondering if you heard of One Way. They are a trio of talented guys who share a similar sound and feel as Aziatix. They sing in both Korean and English and they also produce and write their own songs. Here’s link to my favorite song of theirs:–lB3Oo


    • @PJupiter: hello and welcome! Thanks so much for showing your Aziatix support! ^^ Also, I have heard of One Way…I will be featuring them on the blog later, but thanks so much sending the link for everyone to enjoy…

  9. I’m real new to these guys. Saw their vid on VH1 (Be With You) not too long ago and loved the song so much! They have feel good music. Eddie – now words, I just wanna play in his hair! Wish they would come a tad further down south..I’d love to see these guys in person. Thanks for the article KrisE

  10. Shot out to KRIS-E for the blow by blow of the show!!!! Girl, you are stepping your game up on BWLB!! the pics were amazing and im glad you had a good time AND got some face time with them. thats cool that they were so nice, chillaxed and warm when you met them!!. I know of eddie and ive been known about flowsik, but nicky was brand new to me until i read the article that was first featured about them on here and then i looked into their stats……NIIICE!!! Couldnt get “A-game” out of my head for a week!! ^_^

    All of them are amazing and talented dudes— and if they keep on putting in the work that theyve been doing and having that same attitude that they showed you and the other fans at the show you went to…theyre going to the top!!!!—but its important that the fans ride with them all they way….and from what you said, i dont think that will be a problem!!!

    Great work, girl! Keep on bringin the HEAT!!! >>>>>>P.S. (All 3 are awesome, but i gotta stay true: EDDIE IS SOOO HOTTT!!! ^_^)

  11. KrisE,

    Now that is what I like..tall hot guys! If they are as good looking as you said they are, the Lord have mercy. I wished that I could have been in your shoes.

    Ladibug and Bitomybelly81,

    I wish those guys would do it. I was looking at their map and like other Korean or Kpop stars, they seem to only go Northeast or Westward. Sometimes, I think that the world underestimate the Asian demographics of the South. I may live in the deep South,but it’s very multiracial and multicultural and the is big timing in metro Atlanta.Now if they won’t come to the deep South at least go to Florida. Now if that isn’t a multiracial hub, then I don’t know what is. If international stars are attracted to that state, I do not see why they cannot come there?

    Just about many spots in the Southern states are mixed and have many Asians in them. I know that it is said that North Carolina have many Asians that live there and If I’m not mistaken they even have Arirang TV there. That should tell them something right there.I guess you have people that still think of the South being non-diverse. I just think they need to check them out. For all we know, they and many other Korean/Kpop entertainer may get tired of going to the same place.

    • ATLSis,

      I couldn’t agree more. The North and West are big ticket areas, but southern fans wanna enjoy too!

      Yes NC has a lot of asians…at least where I’m from and surrounding cities…

    • I agree um I looked back at the tour map on their site and they only went to places along the west coast and east coast which I understand because Nicky Lee is from Cali, Eddie Boston and Flowsik Queens NY. But then they were random with st paul mn lol Maybe next time they will hit the middle and southern states. Lets hope so ^_^

      • Krisie! Omg I looked up some pictures of them on google one poped up with kim jaejoong, I nearly had a heart attack. Now we know jaejoongs a fan XD

  12. So I am a new commer and lover of Aziatix. If it wasn’t for KrisE’s tweets, I would have been missing out on something great. I am so happy she got to go to the concert and meet and greet. This are really some talented men and the fact that they were nice after their show is even better! Great job KrisE and hopefully Aziatix will read this post and comments and come back and do more shows. If not I’m gonna have to move North because I definitely want to go to their next concert 🙂

  13. I was so in that crowd, Eddie told my friend that she was very pretty..we had so much eye contact with them seeing that we were at the front….I was so happy to be um euphoria! Equilibrium..I was at that plateau of amazing total happiness! I wished it was longer. My only problem was that the group before them set was far too long ..but I enjoyed their music nonetheless. Anyways aziatix ah u don’t even know. I don’t know if it happened with anybody else but I had some serious eye contact with Eddie and my knees got wobbly for flowsik at one point anyways I told them that they should have more performances in ny and flowsik was like yeah for sure..but of course they had the cock blocking security guard so we couldnt talk flowsiks brother is hilarious..I loved how personal everything seemed it was like it felt like a gathering of friends in a way than like strangers. I felt that way at least..anyways gah aziatixs made my night!

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