Ok Taecyeon: The Ultimate Embodiment of Sexy/Goofy

22-year-old 2PM rapper Ok Taecyeon is super-model gorgeous, and he was originally picked up by JYP for that very purpose until the popular entertainment company realized he was much more than just a pretty face. Before we discuss his talent, let’s not get off the subject of his physical assets. Standing at 6’1″ tall, chiseled facial features and the body of a greek god, it would be hard to ignore someone like him in public (trust me, I know!) He’s stunning. Nuff said about that. Now that we’ve gotten his hotness out of the way…he’s one of two rappers in 2PM, and known for having a deep, husky voice and being the most “beastly” member of the 6-member boyband.

Born in South Korea, but having lived in Boston, MA from a young age, “Taec”, as he is affectionately called by his friends and fans, is quite simply, a goofball. Who woulda thunk it? If any of you have ever had the pleasure of watching any of the Idol Army shows featuring 2PM, you’ll notice that Taec is often the instigator and perpetrator of pranks and goofs and he is also known for having a “unique” fashion sense. Ok, let’s be honest. His fashion sense sucks. Unless you think monotone outfits (from head to toe) are fashionable. I happen to not think that. It is also known that Taec has horrible eyesight and may not be able to serve 2-year mandatory military service if it is not corrected. But hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

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29 thoughts on “Ok Taecyeon: The Ultimate Embodiment of Sexy/Goofy

  1. Okay, so I’ll be honest, I’m fairly new to the whole hot-boys-in-K-Pop-Land….world(there, I’ve said it. >.>), so I couldn’t remember his name only the fact that he was a member of 2PM. However, the first time I ever saw him was on a variety show and I instantly fell in like/lust/love with him. He just seemed to be so genuine and sweet and his aegyo was sooooo adorable!!! Well, in a hot guy who’s also geeky kinda way. Taecyeon is definitely one of my top five picks. All I can say when I see his pics is….Nice! Very Nice! We need more on this hot goof ball!

  2. Pancakes..bacon …orange juice and Taecyon on the side. What a great breakfast!

    If looks could kill, Taecyon ‘s would. Really..he is very good looking. I don’t know if his former modeling career took off in Korea or the states,but as you said. He may be in the K-pop world but healso looks more like he ought to be in Hollywood. It also would have been nice if I could have seen him on those Yves St. Laurent/Giorgio Armani ad posters in the malls or in a GQ mag. He belongs in it.

    Taec is really loyal to his country. That had to hurt him to hear the news,but he’s determined to get him. To be honest, I wouldn’t want what I would want for my own brothers and in these days in time, I wouldn’t want for none of then to be in it,but all Korean males have to do it…. if they are healthy that is. Most guys in the military looks good in their uniforms and Taec wouldn’t be no exception. As a matter of fact, he would look even better in it

  3. Taecyeon is definitely a hottie with a body, but sometimes I’m on the fence about him. Some people say he’s a total douchebag, but I’m not sure if those are anti fans or people “in the know.” He seems like a good guy though especially hearing about him in school. I also find it very attractive he speaks four languages fluently – English, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese! Maybe he can teach me Korean and Chinese 😉

    • @Princesa Preciosa: I believe he speaks Japanese too! He’s very smart… and yes, I have heard the same rumours that he’s “douchey”, lol. Not saying that it can’t be true, but from videos I’ve seen of him before he came into 2PM, he was a total dork. Not saying people can’t change, but I think maybe his “douchey-ness” is a defense mechanism of the dork that’s really inside. Like, who would wear bright pink from head to toe….seriously??? Lol yeeeeeeeah…but like I said before, nobody’s perfect!

      • Woww Japanese too? That would make sense though lol. Head to toe pink?? I have got to look that up. Good point though. Hopefully he’s not as douchey as everyone says.

        I’ve got to keep up with 2pm a bit more!

        Random thought – is it me or can you really really see him with a Black female?? He just looks like he would look really good with one.. Any idol would look good with us..keke..but idk he just has this look. Sry can’t formulate my thoughts well!! lol

      • @Princesa Preciosa: ACTUALLY…strangely, I don’t see Taec with a sista. Not sure why….I guess because I’ve seen him in the news with all those SNSD chicks it seems like he likes that type…but you never know! Who in 2PM do I see with a sista? FIRST and FOREMOST: Junsu. Straight up! Second: Junho…aka 2PM freakaleek…

  4. Im so glad he’s calmed down a bit from his “Fashion Terrorist” days. I like Taec, he seems to have a great head on his shoulders. I’ve heard the douchey comments too. I don’t know, lile some else said, it could be a defense mechanism. I just wish he had better taste in women 😛

    • @Seli: the only reason why he’s calmed down from his “Fashion Terrorist” days is because he has stylist to dress him and keep him looking tight. Otherwise, I’d be concerned, lol…
      About his taste in women, are you talking about all those skinny SNSD chicks he’s been linked to??

      • Yeah I was thinking about his linkage to a few of the girls from SNSD, which I normally wouldn’t pay much mind to. But I saw the pics of him and that one girl…. I can’t remember her name. The one that lived in Cali. I don’t know. VS’s script a lot of this stuff.

      • @Seli: so true….I highly doubt he’s playing 3 chicks from the same group. Ya never know, though. I think you’re talking about Yoona, Jessica and one other…can’t remember her name.But yes, he’s got the rep of a playa in the K-pop community it seems. Honestly, I don’t think he has game, lol. I think he gets alot of attention from women because he is highly attractive. Not to say he’s socially inept, but I think he’s dorky and a bit scatter-brained. I remember seeing a show once where different members from girl groups were sizing up all the 2PM members, and several of them said that they couldn’t figure him out…that he didn’t make alot of sense when he spoke and was just all over the place. I don’t know why I tend to believe that…

  5. @bitofabelly81..what’s the latest chick? Jessica? Off topic but Junho is the one to look similar to Rain right? He’s a freak for real? Time to go explore the world of 2pm lol

  6. Princesa Preciosa,

    I’m like the rest of you guys. Taecyon is far from being a douche bag. as I mentioned before, Taec stands out and I think what makes him appear that way is that he ‘s the kind of guy that we here in would stereotype as ” the dunb Jock”. Taecyon is musculat tall good , preppy like look and reminds me of one of those athletes I may see coming form their locker room.

    Although Taec is Korean born and bred and stayed in the states for a certain amount of time, he seems like a guy who is stuck in two worlds..American and Korean.. I was just thinking about his former band mate Jay Park. He’s Korean American from Seattle. On one show, some of the natives felt that he lost his ” Koreanedss”..Maybe some of the natives don’t get him because of that. In some ways, he looks a little awkward the way some of those K-pop shows are in terms of how innocent they want their entertainment to be. Taec could be innocent,but he doesn’t look innocent. In some ways, he looks like he has girls all over him.

    • @ATLSis: yes I agree…I think he is judged alot by his looks but I think there’s more to him than that. I’m sure I’d be called a “douche” too if someone caught me on the wrong day…but uhm, Taec is definitely not innocent! lol

  7. Jessica from SNSD is the one is linked with. There have been pix of them by themselves on multiple occasions. Of course they could just be friends like they say, but people have said they are a couple.
    The Yoona pairing came up caz they were working together on Family Outing and Cabi. I don’t think he actually dated Yoona. They were paired up on shows and in commercials.

      • There are other pix from Japan from a few months back also. But it was at night and from far away and didn’t look as staged. I think the “staged”
        pix were from Dispatch. Other idols caught by Dispatch ended revealing they were dating except for Taec & Jessica. The others I’m speaking of were Jonghyun of Shinee & Shin Se Kyung (who broke up) and Hara & Junhyung from Beast. For some reason, Dispatch photos of idol couples always look staged so who knows.

  8. Bitofabelly,

    Hmmm, I guess I will have to give Taecyeon a 2nd glance. He really is a hottie but I never really paid too much attention to him before. I love the “dumbo” ears on him. Something about big ears on a man, that I love :)/

    • @Angelface: yea he’s definitely worth a 2nd glance…I’m not crazy about his ears, but I’m glad they are his favourite feature. Before anyone else can accept you, you gotta accept yourself, right??

      • Bitofabelly,

        I think his big ears give him character. I think he has a great body. I kinda stopped following 2PM after Jay Park left, so I don’t know much about him.

        My daughter heard the rumors about him dating Jessica and was like, “Wow, who hasn’t she dated”. LOL! I doubt the rumors are true but you never know. They have a connection by both being American, so I can see it.

  9. Hi I am new here and love Bi( keeping up with his two year stint in the military) but I thought these boy band guys weren’t allowed to have ‘girlfriend’s’? is this true? Cause I never, ever notice any of them out on dates or with a female..always hanging with the guys…the only one who admitted of being in a relationship for so long is
    Se7en..that was a shocker to me…too bad his career here in the states didn’t take off too well..poor managment

    • @deedee: hello and welcome! I think that the entertainment companies would like us to think they don’t have girlfriends, but the reality is quite the opposite. Which is why, when they are caught out in public I have questions about the authenticity of it all…Se7en was upfront and honest and look what it did to him? Yes, fans can really be that fickle, lol. Sad, isn’t it?

  10. I still can’t think he is gorgeous, but he is defnitely adorable to me. I love watching him be all goofy on the shows. I tried to watch Family Outing when he was on it, but I just couldn’t get into it. No Daesung, lee hyori, jong kook and Jaesuk.

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