K-Drama: Goong Princess Hours

Sorry for the long pause in between drama reviews but this is special! Its November and there’s a special reason I’m talking about Goong. Can anyone guess what it could be? ^_^ Well anywho yes Goong, also known as Goong Princess Hours or Goong Palace Hours. Why so many variations? Dont ask me I don’t know but I usually see it as Goong Princess Hours so lets just rock with that.

I have to admit when I first started watching this drama I was bored. There was alot of political monarchy talk and flash backs. Dont even get me started on the grandmothers hair accessories, they were totally tripping me out adding to my already confused state. Like seriously what were those spinning springy things?!?! It wasnt until after the long-winded wedding that the drama got realllll goooood. I mean the stuff that went down I was staring at the screen like O_O  !!!

Ok so Goong goes like this…The Crown Prince of Korea, Lee Shin (Joo Ji Hoon) goes to a “regular” high school and the royal family decides its time for him to get married. Well he asks his girlfriend to marry him and she straight up plays him and was all like “oh noo I can’t marry you because I wanna be a famous ballerina and dance my life away blah blahh” Riiight well sucks for her because the royal family already had his wife to be all set. The girl hes suppose to be marrying Shin Chae Kyung (Yoon Eun Hye) is a fellow student in the Art department of his school. Well things get REAL complicated when his cousin Lee Yul (Kim Jung Hoon) who was supposed to be the Crown Prince up until his father, the former King died shows up out of nowhere! O.M.G! Seriously between Yul’s crazy mother trying to make him Crown Prince again, Shin’s nutcase of a ballerina ex gf, Shin’s serious mistreatment of Chae Kyung (he was a real bastard) and Chae Kyungs pain and crying you will seriously love this drama. I give it 3 out 5 bottles of Soju. DRINK UP!

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: SHINee ‘JoJo’)

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11 thoughts on “K-Drama: Goong Princess Hours

  1. It’s funny in this drama and in Coffee Prince Yoon Eun Hye looks nerdy and I wasnt feelin her look in these movies, but then she’s posin half naked with TOP and in a KPOP video looking Super Sexy, I didnt even know it was the same person at first!! But I agree, I will also give this particular movie 3 out of 5 bottles of Soju, mainly because it has the same type of scenerios and chemistry that a lot of Kdrama’s have, but still worth seeing..

    • I honestly love Yoon Eun Hye shes my favorite K-Drama actress! Shes absolutely gorgeous to me and I love how goofy she is I think its really cute. Shes so natural to me, but yeah did you not love Prince Shin and Prince Yul?!?! They werent exactly the most handsome guys to me when I first saw them but as the drama progressed they ended up being so gorgeous ^_^

      • I always thought the Princes were good looking, but their characters were so typical of a Kdrama.. Yoon is definately goofy in this movie, but right now she is super sexy, and it will interesting to see what movie she plays in next… In my personal opinion, this movie is like so many other Kdramas.. I think that if this was one of my first Kdrama movies to watch, I would have liked it more, but i saw this movie after I watched about 50 other Kdramas, and the formula was the same.. But on a positive note, this movie had one of best kiss scenes out of any Kdramas I have ever seen, and I actually rewound it a few times! 🙂

      • Haha her latest drama which came out this year is ‘Lie to Me’ and it had one of the most beautiful scenes everrrrrrrrrrrr. Right now I’m watching her 2009 drama ‘My Fair Lady’ I’m on episode 7 of that. I dont mind K-Drama’s being somewhat similar I think thats the appeal and I actually get annoyed when they change it up. Would you have gone with Prince Shin or Prince Yul?

  2. Definately Prince Shin, he seemed to get sexier as the movie went on.. To me, I thought Prince Yul was more like “the Femme Asian Man” we were talking about in the previous article, and Prince Yul was little bit more manly; I also very much liked that dark Hair on Prince Shin.// I was going to watch “Lie to Me” but I am not feelin the actor Kang Ji-Hwan.. I watched two of his movies, and I know it’s just me, but he absolutely turns me off..//And how do you like “My Fair Lady” I heard it got bad reviews??/// Also, not to go off topic but for a future blog can you please tell me why they list Asians blood type? Almost Every time I look up an asian actor on Wiki, one of the descriptions is blood type, then I remembered their was a movie called “my boyfriend is blood type B”, I also remember Se7en and TOP having a discussion about their blood type being B and they are stubborn.. I thought it was really strange!! thanks:)

    • haha I can answer that question for you right now. Knowing someones blood type is similar to knowing someones zodiac sign. Its believed a person carries certain personality traits because of their blood type. Random fact all of MBLAQ are type A. I learned that on MBLAQ Goes to School lol

      Lie to Me is really good though and so far My Fair Lady is alright its just begining to get good so I’ll see. I would choose Prince Shin too hes freakin hot and I love his eyes. Prince Yul isnt very femme to me hes just sensitive and I dunno hes cute but his face is alittle too smushy for me; I prefer more defined sharper features.

      • KrisE,

        The blood type thing, just like zodiac sign things, is just so strange to me. My sister-in-law believes whole heartedly in this stuff and actually said to me once, “Angel, you just don’t have the personality traits of a typical Capricorn”. I was like okay, what does that mean? LOL!

        Anyhow, I’ll have to check this drama out. Sounds pretty good!

  3. Thanks for the Blood Type Info, and now that would make sense. That would be like listing if your an Aqaurius or Pisces…//In Kdrama’s, maybe it’s the way they always potray women similarly, mostly weak, annoying, crybabies; I just wished the women were potrayed better, I guess that’s my real problem.. I just finished watching “Protect the Boss”, and I loved all the female characters, even the ones that are supposed to be bad.. This movie was funny, uplifting, and romantic.. Except for a few scenes that started to fall back into the Kdrama routine, this movie was almost how I want to see women potrayed…

  4. i really liked this drama although the plot, like was mentioned before, was typical drama stuff… i can count on one hand the number of dramas i’ve seen, but i realize there are some things that are standard…like the misunderstanding/non-communication issue and star-crossed lovers plotline…i’m like, will y’all just corner each other and talk already?? i guess if they did it would only be a few episodes long…but i really loved the musical score, and when things did get moving, it became good…there were some really poignant moments and (methinks) beautiful scenes…yoon eun hye’s wardrobe was lovely. i agree with angel about the kiss scene and i agree with krisE in that eun hye is my fave kdrama actress too…

    as for which prince i would choose…hmmm…same issue i had with han gyul and han sung in ‘coffee prince’…one guy immediately seems right for the heroine, but after the other guy gets his issues cleared up, he turns out to be the right one, lol…my first choice was yul, of course…but he showed his true colors and i then decided that shin was the right one after all, lol…

    • I love the K-Drama formula. I personally enjoy the weaker, poor female chars with the strong male leads. I was just sooo frustrated with how Shin treated her though. Like usually it doesnt bother me but he was really out of control.

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