Alert! Cute Guy Talking Nonsense

Before I start, a big thank you to @phoenixli67 on Twitter for recommending this! Ok so after listening to this song I realized that I never really thought twice about Asian stereotypes or even considered Asians a minority even though I knew they were classified as so. In my eyes I always considered Asians smart,successful and to be brutally honest the more exotic counterparts to Caucasians. I never batted a lash when I thought “oh that cleaners or that nail salon is probably owned by Asians” because 9 times out of 10 they are. Obviously I get stereotyping is wrong which is why I personally try my best to not do it, or if I catch myself starting to I quickly change direction, but this song kinda made me go “WTH?!?!”

Asians rappers Decipher and Manifest talk about the nonsense Asians have to put up with as far as all the stereotypes of them are concerned in their song ‘Angry Asian Man’. Nothing wrong with that except the comparison to slaves. Look I am honestly the first person who will say slavery ended a long time ago, lets move beyond it and advance; but at the same time I know how devastating it was and it left lasting affects we can clearly still see today. But I’m not understanding how years of Asian stereotyping is equivalent in anyway to slavery.

Maybe I’m missing something and if I am feel free to call me out on it, but think about this. Asian people are stereotyped as being smart, successful ,business owners which call me crazy but those are good things compared to the horrible stereotyping black people deal with on a daily basis. Now you mean to tell me you’re complaining in your rap about other people having high expectations of you? You’re actually looking at the camera saying Asians are the new slaves with dry cleaning similar to picking cotton!??!

Am I wrong to say I feel they went to far with trying to make a point? Watch the MV for yourselves and let me know your thoughts.

K-Kisses! KrisE

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: JYJ ‘Empty’) 

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25 thoughts on “Alert! Cute Guy Talking Nonsense

  1. Since I am not Asian, I cannot empathize what this man is rapping about and no doubt likewise, but I can sympathize with him since I am a minority (twice over). I totally agree that Asians have suffered alot, and the degree of the pain they feel from it is probably the same as the degree of pain black people have felt in this country for so long…afterall, its all relative. However, there is a difference! There is no comparison because, like you said, Asian stereotyping usually demands that Asians live up to a high standard, while typical African American stereotyping is quite the opposite. Although our people have come a loooooooooooooooooooooooong way since the days of slavery, we still cannot seem to shake the stereotypes that we are lazy, poor, uneducated, unambitious, etc. Of course, we know these stereotypes represent a small percentage of African Americans (as well as any other race and ethnicity), but thru media and entertainment, these stereotypes press on, and unfortunately sometimes our own people perpetuate them ….

    • It’s rough when a few people undermine a whole group. I’m southern, and living in the north now I deal with my accent and how people view me every day. It’s irritating to be looked at like an uneducated idiot because I have an accent and like to walk around bare-footed, but it’s even more frustrating to be viewed as a redneck racist because of my accent. Like you said, some morons like to perpetuate the sterotype and make it hard for everyone.

      • @plinkin: I never thought about that, but it is a struggle for you as well. You see, everyone’s struggles are relative! I have to admit, when I hear a white person with a Southern accent or see them walking around barefoot, my mind starts working and I automatically perceive that person to be a “redneck”, however, it is something I try to keep in check. Because that is not always the case…its so difficult to see people for who they are on the inside.

  2. Great article KrisE!

    First of all, I thought the video was funny especially the ending…. “no, I’m not Chinese, I’m Korean”. I think this guys heart is in the right place and I can understand his frustrations but I don’t agree with anyone comparing their struggles to that of African-Americans and the institution of slavery. I think when people take their struggles and then compare them with other people’s struggles, then I think it undermines each particular struggle.

    You can’t compare what African-Americans go through with what Asian American’s go through no more than you can compare what Latinos go through with what Muslim & Arab American’s go through and you can’t compare any of these struggles with the struggles women go through everyday for equal rights. They’re all different struggles and should be respected as such.

    I can only imagine what an Asian-American goes through especially Asian-American men since it seems they get stereotyped almost as bad as black men do. I think Blacks and Asians can share their experiences with each other but whether the way Asians get stereotyped is viewed as positive or negative, they’ll never know fully what it’s like to live my life as an African-American any more so than I’ll be able to know fully what it’s like to live theirs.

    • I thought the video was heavy handed, but I completely get what the rapper wanted to say and think overall it was a good song.

      But I agree people need to be very careful when discussions become “Oppression Olympics.” Who had it worst? We need to find new ways to bring light to issues without it turning into, “well we were screwed over more than YOU were” or “well what happened to you wasn’t THAT bad.”

      One thing we also need to be reminded about is that there is no such thing as a
      “good” stereotype. They’re damaging regardless of how “good” they may sound to someone else.

      • Your misunderstanding. I didnt say stereotyping when it comes to Asians is “good” because no stereotype is a good stereotype but in general they are known for positive things such as education and everything else I mentioned in my article. Also its not about who had it worse; I am just not understanding how owning and operating a business such as a dry cleaners is the equivalent to slaves picking cotton. It was a good song and I agree with the overall messege, I just think if you’re going to make a song to bring about awareness on a subject, come correct and not throw things in that dont totally make sense just to make a point.

    • Choi,
      I also found the ending funny in fact I could say that I cant go to Asian establishments with certain family members because of the bs that comes out their mouths such as “ching chong” 0_o

  3. When you step back and look at the world, we’re all a minority in some way.

    Some are in the racial minority for their area and many are in the religious minority. Some of us are very thin, some of us are overweight and omg some of us are just too average.
    Most of us on this blog are women and while we’re not always in the minority, we’re often still treated as if we are, even in the US. I don’t even want to know what it’s like to be a woman in some parts of the world. Just give me the sex change operation and be done with it.

    If you look at it even harder, it’s like the frickin Breakfast Club. Some of us are jocks or the popular kid. Some of us are the geeks and the emo loners. There is no rational way, that with all these variables working together, we can know what someone else is thinking or feeling. All we can do is be aware of that everyone is different and have an appreciation of that. Thank God we’re all different because I can’t really see dating or being friends with someone just like me.

    We’re all going through something individual and different and because we’re people, we’re very self-centered and self-aware and tend to relate everything to what we having going on and that’s normal too. It’s important to take care of yourself. You won’t be taking care of anything or anyone else if you don’t do that first. I think these guys are doing something healthy by telling the world that, no, I do not like how you see me because I don’t feel like it’s a true picture.

    I’m not saying these guys are right or wrong, but I can understand that they feel frustrated. The emotional and mental stress they feel is relative to their situation and not that of the guy who lives across the hall from them and especially not to me.

    I am not a cute and tiny woman. My ideal weight is around 150lbs, so at best I would weigh the same and be the same height as the men I’m so attracted to and I would be larger than a good percentage of them. Like so many people, I am not ideal; I’m a little on the fluffy side. I am very conscious of my size around men and it’s like a curse, but when you take into account more than looks, I am almost always attracted to men who are smaller and shorter than me. (I think men who are shorter than average conpensate with much personality, but that’s another stereotype for another time.) I would be a behemoth next to Taemin. I’m pretty confident that my lower leg is bigger than his upper arm and my thigh my be close to the size of his waist, but making myself feel bad is not the point of this story.

    My room mate is a very large girl. She’s around 5’10 and well over 300 pounds. Just like me, she is very aware of her size and NOTHING makes her as mad as me complaining about my weight. She will look me dead in the face and say that I can not possibly understand what it feels like to be fat and that I should just be happy and shut up. Excuse me? How is you being uncomfortable and depressed any different from me being uncomfortble and depressed? It does not matter the reason, the emotional response and feelings of anxiety, depression, anger an hopelessness are the same, no matter who you are and what they are caused by, rational AND irrational. That tiny girl with anorexia may understand my feelings of being fat, to spite the fact that she is underweight. How she feels is what is important.

    I think we all get shoved into boxes every day that we’re on the earth. It’s up to us to change how people see us and if they can’t be open-minded enough to see us for who we really are, then they can just take a walk or go be small minded with the rest of the sheep.

    I don’t go out looking for “my type” but being physically attracted to certain things is normal. The thought of trying to date an Asian man or be a part of his family kind of terrifies me, but I can not be in denial of the fact that right now I am very physically attracted to Asian men. If one shows an interest in me, I will give it my best and hope they can see past me being “the stuck up white girl” and being “pleasantly plump, but she has a great personality”(although I’m really working on losing weight for myself right now)and I will hope that I can see past the impression I have of it being difficult to fit into an Asian family, or dealing with “the mother-in-law with a son complex” and “overbearing misogynist father-in-law.”

  4. Ahhhhhh, Ahhhhhh Somebody please slap the teacher into next week. OMG, I know it’s a video, but it just brought back some bad memories for me. My family is made up of just about every race. We call ourselves the UN.

    Normal day at a family gathering:

    My Mother ask my then Chinese boyfriend if he wanted some rice. He replies with a laugh, “Mom, are you asking me because I’m Asian?” Mom replies, “I asked you because that’s what rest of us are having with the smothered pork chops with gravy. I was going to finish you mash potatoes.”

    You know everyone burst out laughing!

  5. Plinkin said:
    “I think we all get shoved into boxes every day that we’re on the earth. It’s up to us to change how people see us and if they can’t be open-minded enough to see us for who we really are, then they can just take a walk or go be small minded with the rest of the sheep.”

    I agree. I would only add that they can take LONG walk off a SHORT pier. Other than that I can’t really add anything to what has already been said. Except to say, I do think in their efforts to be creative about their struggles as Asian men, their comparisons to slavery are misguided. While the song is creative, their likening their struggles to a “new slavery” diminishes (albeit briefly during the song) the VERY REAL devastation that was slavery and the struggle of a people that still “fight” to this day to overcome. Don’t diminish the struggle of my people to uplift the struggle of yours. You are not “slaves” to dry cleaners or nail salons. Those are businesses that were acquired or started from scratch BY CHOICE, by those seeking entrepreneurial gains. No one heaped those businesses onto Asian people. I don’t think anyone forcibly made Asian people run those businesses, if that was the case then I stand corrected.

    While I do not think ANYONE should be demeaned because of the way they look or for things specific to their culture, I believe that likening what amounts to individual CHOICES and personal achievements (i.e., being smart in math and science) to the historical Forced enslavement of a people is like trying to compare apples to oranges. There is no comparison.

  6. I just love the attitude from the little boy when he says, “No I’m not Chinese, I’m Korean.” I’ve always thought that Asians and African Americans are more similar than we realize. That said, the comparison to slavery was over the top as you pointed out KrisE. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we (Blacks) didn’t decide to just hop on the ships and pick cotton/attend to “master’s” kids/etc whereas the Asians who have decided to go into “stereotypical businesses” have made that conscious decision on their own. I digress, but I look forward to a day when stereotypes are done away with and people, namely minorities, won’t have to deal with the burden of them. And even though a few may perpetuate the stereotype as Bitofabelly81 pointed out, it does make it hard for the rest of the group.

    I don’t want to make light of the issue or get of subject, but this just made me think of that scene in Bulworth where Senador is rapping and he says, “We just gotta eliminate them – white people, black people, brown people, yellow people, get rid of ’em all. All we need is a voluntary, free spirited, open-ended program of procreative racial deconstruction. Everybody just gotta keep [expletive] everybody til they’re all the same color.” The word eliminate and the phrases “brown people” and “yellow people” could be replaced, but hopefully you get the point… This probably would never happen, as a lot of people of proud of being Black/Korean/Brazilian/etc, but if we were all the same maybe race relations would be better.. A whole new issue.

    I feel like I’m rambling now..Later ya’ll!

    • Wouldn’t it be a beautiful world if we could all get along? Unfortunately, if the race issue were eliminated completely, people would still find reasons to fight and be unhappy with their situation. Hey, but in my middle age I’m discovering that I’m all for that free spirited, open-ended program of procreative, racial deconstruction.

      • It would be wonderful, but like you said some group would find something wrong with it. One day this too shall pass as the old folks say lol.

        I applaud the guys for taking a stand against stereotypes though.

  7. Plimpkin,

    Oh god! I’m a Southerner, who still lives in the South, I understand where you’re coming from with that issue. That is ignorant thinking.on their parts. I don’t know how some of them assume that. I know being a Southern woman especially, they will think that all Southern women, regardless of race, are naive and can get over on you. In one case , there was a man from New Jersey I knew and he just thought that he could use his so called Northern aggressiveness on come of his co-workers, I guess thinking that all of his Southern co-workers are suppose to jump in horror at his words. Yeah , some of these people didn’t tell him how they felt about him..until the end. I heard that this man got beat up and ran him from his job.That’s unfortunate that that happened to him and those guys shouldn’t have done that to him,but with that mouth of his, he should have seen it coming.

    If there is one thing that I notice between some Southern and Northern people is Southern people is that you will know less about who they are than Northern people. The problem with this guy was that he told too much of his business in terms of who he was as a person, his Southern counterparts, on the other hand, played on their Southern charm and let him had it.

  8. Dont get me wrong I liked the video overall and what was said for the most part, plus hes pretty nice to look at ^_^ I just thought that comp was way too wild. The teacher actually made me laugh because the first thing that came to mind was the Chris’ teacher on Everybody Hates Chris lol

    • You’re right. There is no way that you can compare the actual process of slavery to anything that you have a choice in. I am overweight, but I can change that. It may not be right to flip-flop on your mores and religious beliefs, but you can change those too. Heck, like I said before, you can even change physically that you are a woman or a man now. Enslavement takes away who you are and your free will. On a gut level it should feel wrong to anyone who has a smidge of humanity.

  9. ….. Far as my post, I do not have anything against non-Southern people,..just that idiot. Otherwise, I’m all good with people no matter where there are from.

    • I just got home from a visit to Shreveport and it’s always culture shock, both going and coming. My roomie is from the ATL and she’s looking forward to the food, if not the warm holiday weather and the rednecks. There are idiots all over .Hey, I’m an idiot too sometimes. What’s important is to know that you are capable of idiocy and to know that you should correct it when the light bulb goes on. Ten years from now or two years from now or maybe even already(if they’re on Twitter, American fan-girls don’t give a dang about Oppa Didn’t Mean It and will tell you what they think) these guys will see that they were being too extreme in their comparison.

  10. Plimpkin,

    Yeah far as myself, I just had to get that out the way, just in case my Non Southern peeps may feel that I was badgering them because of where they are from and considering that a lot of my kin stay in Maryland and DC.

    I know how your roomie felt. I went to Pennsylvania with a friend of mind. It was spring,but I forgot that in some portions of the North, it still be cold and in some cases snowing In Georgia was 80 degrees,but I didn’t think that Pennsylvania was still cold, so I didn’t carry any jackets/ coats with me. Got up there, it was cool the next day..there was snow flurries and 41 degrees. I felt like a complete fool and I could imagine some of the students( ironically, at Penn State) saying ” she crazy..she’s going to get double pneumonia”
    Like your roommate, I knew that I wasn’t in Georgia and I began to miss home like crazy. I missed the seemingly long spring and summer weather, people saying hello to you, the laid back nature of the region.. I missed that when I went North.

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