JYJ Micky Poses For High Cut Magazine

Oooh I want me a piece of this one, for real. Break me off a piece of that 25-year-old Micky Yoochun bar. I heard this guy is a casanova, but that doesn’t change my interest in him. There’s something about him, I can’t quite explain. Do we have any other Micky fans in the house?

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32 thoughts on “JYJ Micky Poses For High Cut Magazine

  1. I honestly think that is the best the Mickey Yoochun has ever looked. He was probably my least favorite in DBSK but that’s fine considering he was in a group with so many pretty boys (Jaejoong, Changmin and Yunho–sorry Junsu). But Mickey does look pretty hot here : ).

    • I have to second that. He’s always looked so much older than he actually was (kinda reminded me of Kim C at times), but he’s growing into this looks and is attractive in these pics!

      • Princesa,

        I totally agree with you on Mickey looking older. When you look at some of the older videos of DBSK, he looked so mature compared to the rest of the group. But like fine wine, he is definitely getting better with age.

      • Bitofabelly,

        I definitely agree that he seems to be the most confident in DBSK, along with Changmin. But I think Changmin is mostly due to arrogance (but in a good way). LOL!
        And yes, his voice is so beautiful and husky. Have you heard the song Magic Castle by DBSK? My daughter Mika has been playing (or shall I say overplaying) this song over the last month or so. It is honestly, the most beautiful song that I have ever hear and their voices sound so pretty : ). Mickey’s voice is just melty in this song. LOL!

    • I totally agree with you. He never stood out to me in the group, especially when there was 5 of them, but these pictures of him are hot. He needs to keep this look

  2. i never thought he was ‘pretty’ cute like JJ but there’s something about him that intrigues me…i would have never recognized him in these pics if his name wasn’t right there…nice pics though!

  3. Wow, this is so funny because out of everyone in the group I always liked Mickey the best.. His look just draws me to him instantly and Personally, I think he has a manly sexy look..

  4. I just stumbled on this blog and post recently so this is my first time posting here lol.

    DBSK was my first real introduction to K-pop guys that not only sang well, but were all very sexy. Unfortunately, as hot as their Mirotic song was, I never really got into the group. I heard about them as a group maybe a month or so before JYJ released their first album, so I sort of forced myself not to pay attention to them because I’m not a huge fan of following sticky lawsuit situations. That and I don’t like to bandwagon on groups at the same time as everyone else does lol. Mickey is my bias now, but he was my least favorite because of his hairstyle in Mirotic lol (I’ve since come to realize that Mickey has been on the receiving end of *several* bad hairstyles >.<).

    However, I recently watched him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and he totally jumped off the screen to me. When I first started it, I was terrified that his acting was going to be as stale as a lot of the idol/actors I've seen. Well…anyway, since then, I've fallen head over heals for him, and have been doing a lot of time looking back on a lot of DBSK vids of him by himself and with the group.

    Like I said, he wasn't an immediate standout, but I've come to discover other facets of him that make him such a standout. For example, everyone says that Yunho is the most masculine in the group, but for me…his voice was way too high for me. I know that when they're harmonizing, he sings the base, but If you hear him on a lot of their songs, his voice sounds so high pitched (I just remember him saying "Yo, Check it" in purple line lol). When I hear Mickey, though, I hear manliness =]. I'm a total sucker for his deep voice. And for me, he's like the perfect blend of masculinity and sensitive (If you know his story, you know that he's had a rough childhood…one that's made him more on the sentimental side). However, don't count him as a pushover. He's taken several years of Taekwondo, so he can kick your butt if necessary lol. And even though he looks the most mature, like a lot of you all have said, he's pretty much the first to burst into laughter.

    Long story short: sooooooo happy that you featured my bias. He looks so manly here, which is saying a lot since he did look a little like an awkward teen when he was part of DBSK.

    Mickey, JYJ, DBSK Hwaiting!

    • @justmangotacos: hello and welcome! Thanks so much for the Micky love! 🙂 Yes, at first Yunho stood out to me, and I still think he is great, but after I learned a bit more about Micky, he became my favourite DBSK/JYJ member. I love that he may not be the bestlooking, but to me, he’s the most interesting and I like that he had a rough childhood. Builds character 🙂 Afterall, its not like he took his rough childhood and started living a bad life because of it. He’s got a very special quality that I appeals to me, but I can’t quite put my finger on. If you loved him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal (which I’ve just started watching), then you’re gonna flip in when you see him in “Miss Ripley”. Whatta man whatta man whatta man, what a mighty good man! Yes he is!! ^^
      Speaking of bad haircuts, I really liked his hair in Mirotic, lol, BUT, check out Micky’s hair cut in the vid clip in this post: https://blackwomenlovebi.wordpress.com/2011/04/25/yunho-dont-play/

      • @bitofabelly81

        Thank you so much for the welcome…and yeah, those are pretty much all the reasons why I love him. That and (and this will sound silly lol) I have intense VA pride. I wasn’t born there, but I’ve spent like 3/4ths of my life there. And to find out that he went to school in the city RIGHT NEXT TO MINE makes my heart flutter a little and fills me with a little regret. I know there was no way we could have met, but to be so close! *sigh*

        I really want to start Miss Ripley, but I’ve recently moved from the US to Africa and my internet, although good for here, isn’t very conducive to streaming or downloading (not even on sites like Dramafever either since you have to be in the US to access it). I can’t even buy the DVD lol (no real way for them to ship it here). However! I will not lose hope!

        I didn’t exactly hate Mickey’s hair in Mirotic…I just thought it was kind of an incomplete, odd version of some kind of combination between Jaejoong and Junsu’s styles. Although, since it was so unique, it was easy for me to help identify him lol.

        And omg..what is up with that hairstyle. I tell you, it takes a really good looking guy to have some crazy hairstyles like he’s had and STILL manage to look good. Or maybe that’s just me totally in love with him. I don’t know >.<

      • LOL. Cute Mickey! I hadn’t seen that vid, but so glad I did! And yeah, I love that I can talk about Mickey with someone. Most of my friends and extended family (outside of my parents and brother) are pretty narrow minded and don’t understand my attraction to these korean idols (before Yoochun, I had a MAJOR crush on 2PM’s Junho lol) or, in the case of my brother, just doesn’t care about his sister falling head over heels for some guy lol

        *Goes to watch more vids of Mickey*

      • @bitofabelly81: it certainly sounds like it! When I first look at Korean guy groups, my first inclination is to not fangirl over the most popular member. Mostly because, everyone is talking about said member and I need time to look at all the members for myself and judge lol.

        But, it seems like I’m attracted to what I call the “Hidden Ace.” The members that everyone almost takes for granted. Like, if you watch Wild Bunny (2PM’s first reality show), Junho doesn’t actually get much air time because he’s a little goofy or not as overtly funny in the moment like all the members (something all the members continue to joke about). But when he does his thing..omg he shines lol. Same thing with Yoochun in almost the reverse way. He’s really funny and goofy, but I think people think he tries too hard so they don’t pay attention to him as much.

        But that’s fine…I’ve got enough love for them to cover what other people overlook 😉

  5. To me, when I first saw micky…not gonna lie I thought he was older than all of them. When I heard JJ was older. I was dumbfounded lol. But yea, at first i had a tiny crush on junsu. Then I noticed yoochuns great sence of humor, mking laugh at how he would bully poor xiah. But what I dislike. When I go on there I se coments like how ugly he looks or he looks like my grampa, ew gross. But no matter what hes gorgeous to me. Eyes of the beholder? Yoochun-oppa saranghae~

    • @Quwanda: hello and welcome! Yes, there is so much more to Micky underneath the surface. Like I’ve said before, he is not the bestlooking member, but his personality, sense of humour and talent are truly outstanding.

      • Hi, thank you for the welcome! Ye”s his personality is amazing. But I must say I grew to liking his shoulder lenghth hair like in “hi ya ya” “miss you, ballons, stand by you, ect” find it sexy

  6. I love Yoochun! He is not muscular like Joongie but he has his own charm. They all do. I think Changmin is shy, but if you get a few drinks in him, he would be all over you. Junsu is a good looking guys to me. I love his butt. Ad of course Yunnie is perfect.

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