So Ji Sub: Put Your Head On My Shoulder…please!!!!

Hold me in your arms…bayby….

33-year-old Korean oppa hottie actor So Ji Sub is oh so appealing when he’s dozing off onset of his latest drama, that he makes me wanna sing the oldies (I’m kinda digging the permed hair, too). reports that he takes power naps during breaks of filming “Only You” as one of the lead characters “Chulmin”.

He’s obviously working too much these days or he wouldn’t be so starved for sleep. I certainly hope its all worth it to him, and that he’s truly happy. In the meantime, I’ll be anticipating the release of “Only You”!

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3 thoughts on “So Ji Sub: Put Your Head On My Shoulder…please!!!!

  1. Oh so glad to see more info up about Ji Sub, he seems to me to be a quiet “force” in Korean dramas. And it’s cool that he’s one of the “older” guys who I like! LOL!

    • @Monica415: I don’t understand why this guy is not more popular…he is gorgeous, but yes he is definitely more on the quiet side and out of the public eye. I love him though..he intrigues me!! ^^

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