Lee Taemin: You’re Legal, Lets Mingle

I feel the need to indulge in Taemin tonight just because wellll he’s Taemin, he’s part of my favorite group SHINee and I want him it’s really that simple.

Why do I find him so great? Well when he turns his head and his neck is all exposed and you can see the adams apple, that neck bone thingy and his freakin jaw line its called “being sexy without trying”. He’s got those really pouty lips and a seriously cute mischievous smile. His eyes are soo pretty and kind; really you can look into his eyes and just tell he’s as sweet as candy. Then of course the way he dances is hot as hell. Like dude seriously where did you learn to move your hips like that and then have the nerve to make THAT face?! You all know the face I’m talking about and if you don’t well obviously you havent watched Taemin bust a move enough so peep the video below.

My favorite part about Taemin is his age and his innocence. He’s a blank slate so its only natural that I feel the need to write alll overr that slate and make him my own personal Taeminnie!

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio:MBLAQ ‘Stay’)

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16 thoughts on “Lee Taemin: You’re Legal, Lets Mingle

    • Thats what I’m talking about!! He always makes this face along with a lip bite. My favorite moment of that is in the ‘Lucifer’ video where they move into a straight line and do hand movements. He gets reallllly into it. (such a fangirl lol)

  1. Hi!

    I love that BWLB is so into Taemin too 🙂
    My favourite line from this article is this: “His eyes are soo pretty and kind; really you can look into his eyes and just tell he’s as sweet as candy.”

    You hit the nail on its head. His eyes do show so much kindness.

    Anyway, I wrote something on Taemin on my Tumblr recently. I tried to draw a correlation between Taemin’s obsession with the blue shirt that he has been seen wearing to death and his personality.

    I thought Taemin fans would love to read it too. Here’s the link: http://suzieuda.tumblr.com/post/12244286688/happiness-is-wearing-the-same-shirt-again-and-again

    Thanks and keep those Taemin posts coming!

    • awww you quoted me I feel flattered! ^_^ I love Taemins street style, I actually think SHINee’s personal style is alot better than their stage style. I do think he needs to revert back to the reddish brown hair color though because this blonde he’s rockin now isnt really working for me. He’s still hot but its just not AS flattering. Same with Key, obviously him and Taemin both got the same hair color and he needs to revert to a darker color as well.

      • KrisE,

        I actually like Taemin with the blond hair (and you know I don’t typically like the blonds on Asians) but I think it looks good on him. The reddish hair makes him look older and manlier.

      • uhhh hi Angelface where have youu been? lolol Taemin’s old blonde hair was hot but this one he has currently is a new shade and I’m not crazy about it.

        He’s so pretty!! lol

  2. “KrisE said:

    uhhh hi Angelface where have youu been? lolol Taemin’s old blonde hair was hot but this one he has currently is a new shade and I’m not crazy about it.

    He’s so pretty!! lol”


    It’s good to be back. Things have been HECTIC over the last 2 weeks, took the family to SM Town NYC and have LOTS of stories and some pretty good pics of the show. Just got back from Japan on Friday, to celebrate the parents of my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary. Things have been crazy but fun.

    I do agree that the new hair color on Taemin is not so hot–it’s a little too blond but he’s still my daughter’s bias and next to Onew, now my new fave from Shinee. An absolute doll!

    • Ugh it sounds like it was a blast. You were missed though ^_^ They really over did his makeup for that concert the picture is from. Him and Key had on so much foundation and cheek and nose highlighter that for a minute people were saying Taeminnie had a nose job which of course HE DID NOT lol

      • KrisE,

        I missed all of you guys too! They do wear alot of make-up for the shows, it’s like over the top. I also heard the rumors that Taemin had a nose job but he still has that bump on his nose (which I hope that he never changes since it’s so cute), so I don’t believe it either.

        I will try to get in contact with Bitofabelly to see if I can make an attempt to get a blog up about the concert and post a few of Mika’s pics. We were in the heart of pit and believe it or not, this Noona had just as much fun as the kiddies. Screamed my lungs out and embarrassed my hubby who sat on the floor to get away from me :).

  3. Haha, yes indeed the older he gets, the more yummy he becomes. He’ll need a few more years for me to totally flip, but I am looking forward to it! He’s mad popular and it’s not hard to see why….I wish this guy the best…

  4. i love taeminnie…he’s naturally adorable in spite of his management playing up the innocent baby maknae bit. but then, in his vids and pics, he’ll get a glint in his eye or flash an expression that gives a glimpse of the man he’s become/becoming…it’s beautiful to see a man come into his own…

    besides that, taemin has the bounciest hair i’ve ever seen! so cute!! but i’m sure the manly taemin would not appreciate hearing that, lol…

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