Kim Jaejoong: My ‘Hero’

I know you were all wondering when I was going to get around to Jaejoong. If you didnt know he’s number 2 on my list if things dont work out with Kim Hyun Joong. Dont you just love his airy, raspy-ish voice? His imperfect but oooo so perfect smile? He’s like the most gorgeous alien looking person I’ve ever seen. And dont sit there and deny it; you know when you first saw Jaejoong his look perplexed you. He has this look that at first you cant figure out if hes good looking or even human. You probably stared at him and wondered how a person can look that way. Was he unattractive? Pretty? Beautiful? It was all so confusing and then it happened! You got sucked into the power that is JAEJOONG! So now of course he’s perfect looking, you probably wonder what your kids would look like with him, you probably melt everytime he smiles and sings Ahhhhh I HEART Jaejoong. B.T.W currently JYJ is involved with their European tour and Jaejoong has been having lots of fun taking random pics of himself and posting them on his twitter account asking fans to guess where he is..Ehh I dunno where he is, but I sure know where I want him to be RAWR!

K-Kisses! KrisE

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8 thoughts on “Kim Jaejoong: My ‘Hero’

  1. I love Jaejoong! I noticed that his body is extremely masculine but his face has feminine features. But my roommate doesn’t like his looks, so I’m constantly defending Jaejoong and his amazing features…..But I know she secretly know that she wants his bod….

  2. Although, Kim JaeJoong is handsome in his own way, I truly,thought one of the other members of JYJ was hotter; Kim Hyun Joong will always be #1. Yes, is unfortunate for me I’m not Kim Hyun Joong’s type nor within his age range. Each day I’m trying to get over the shock of loving someone I haven’t ever seen in person thats so many years younger then I. I don’t like the feelings I have because it’s unrealistic for me to feel for him the way I do knowing there’s so differences between us. It’s truly over whelming, I do wish him happiness and wish I was able just to feel for him as just a regular fan without all of the other feelings. Fate has punished me for what ever I’ve done in a past life, I just know it. I would have had all four of Kim Hyun Joong children if fate wouldn’t have punished me. I dare not have another child at my age, just the thought of labor freaks me out, as much as the thought of going through the process of getting married. Although, I would of married Kim Hyun Joong, I still would of truly had a panic attack just because of getting married; I’m tripping now just think about it. If I see another man that looks like Kim Hyun Joong agaiin, I will hurry home like I did the last time, my heart couldn’t handle it knowing it was a look al like, I truly broke out into a pouring sweet. No man can take Kim Hyun Joongs place, lords knows I don’t want to be with another man and think of Kim Hyun Joong wishing he was the man I was kissing.
    Djinn within your Djinn

  3. I think that Jae always has been and will always be my favorite. Everyone who talks about him says what a warm-hearted, genuine and sweet person he is. He’s such a nice mix of beautiful cupcake, oddball and rough-housing boy. I really don’t understand all of the comments he gets about looking cold and having dead fish eyes. His face and eyes are wonderfully expressive and he makes great silly faces.

  4. don’t know much about jae, but i love what i’ve seen so far…he doesn’t seem to have a bad camera angle…and his laugh, omgoodness!!

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