Kim Heechul: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Annnnd we’re back! Perfect timing because today is Halloween and I have a special surprise for all you ghouls and goblins out there! Today is MY BIRTHDAY! Thats right yours truly is celebrating her 20-ISH birthday today and to celebrate with all of you I’ve decided to take my selfishness to another level and indulge in MY favorite guys through out the week ^_^

I’m kicking it off with my personality twin,my other half, my favorite SuJu member, my oppa…KIM HEECHUL! Oh, why him you ask? Well for one thing look at him; hes beautiful. Dimples, pouted lips, pretty eyes, cant you all see the trend with me and my guys by now? The ones who can usually be mistaken for girls are the ones I like the most. Anywayz besides that, there are other reasons I adore oppa. For one hes totally off the wall and honest. I love that hes moody and REAL. If hes having a bad day no matter if hes doing some type of interview, if hes not in a good mood its obvious. He doesnt suck up to anyone, he teases everyone and I love those moments where he looks at people like “ok I’m over this conversation and your face so lets move on already”. I like how he knows hes good looking and just straight out says that he is. In fact I was watching ‘Happy Together’ and he was sitting there with a hand mirror beside him. Every so often he would check himself out and then give the camera that ultra adorable pervy look hes so known for. From what I can tell his personality seems extremely similar to mine; in fact his favorite color is pink and so is mine (fan girl moment) so that proves everything. Oh! and he’ll be done with his military duties around the time I move to S. Korea so I’ll just take that as my birthday present ^_^

Get to know Heechul by watching this video!

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: Every single hot Idol singing me Happy Birthday in Korean!)

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7 thoughts on “Kim Heechul: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

  1. I love Heechul. He’s just so off the wall and snarky and although he can come off as full of himself, I think it’s all just a big show. I was so pleased at how happy and healthy he looked in the short interview he did, after his basic was over. He said he’s gained about 5kgs, get seven solidhours of sleep a night and gets along well with the other recruits.

  2. Happy birthday, girl! I hope you have a great one!

    Heechul is the one that stands out in the group. Yes, he’s different and a bit oddball, but that’s him. I like him. And he loves pink. That’s cool! 🙂

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