Lee Hong Ki: Flower Boy Rock

I’m soooo excited about this! For those of you who follow my posts, you know I seem to find a way to throw Lee Hong Ki in the mix when ever I can ^_^ I absolutely adore him! He’s ultra cute with a great Crest White Strip smile! He was hands down the best character to me in ‘You’re Beautiful’ as Jeremy. So cute and crazy and his dogs name was Angelina Jolie! Funny how fans still call him Jeremy and dont even know his real name. Honestly they know who he is and who FT Island are but insist on calling him Jeremy…Stop it…His name is Lee Hong Ki; practice saying it over and over till reality and drama fantasy separate. I’ve also already established I think he looks the best as a blonde; it really looks natural on him. He’s gone through so many hair colors though and looks good with them all that it was hard for me to decide which photos to use. Its so hard being me having to click through hundreds of photos of good looking Asian guys for you girls *sighs*.

Stay tuned for this weeks K-Drama coverage which I havent decided on yet. Hmm any suggestions?

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: G Dragon ‘Breathe’)

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7 thoughts on “Lee Hong Ki: Flower Boy Rock

  1. Awwww…. he such a cutie pie, when he doesn’t have blond hair. I loved him on Oh! My School, great tv personality. Simon D and Minho used to give him crap about the way he talked, but it was funny. And the episode where his mom came was really heart warming. I think my fav was when Heechul came as a guest friend and they started talking about Chocoball, what was then called Psycho something or the other. Heechul really brings out the side of peeps that they don’t want shown on tv.

    SN: The please read before commenting…. Did something happen?

  2. Lee Hong Ki is a cutie (a really good actor too) and I don’t have a problem remembering his real name even though I really enjoyed his character Jeremy, its not hard for me to separate the actor and the fictional person. I personally think that Hong Ki looks better as a brunette than he does as a blonde, but unlike most of the other KPop singers who need to back away from the hair dye altogether and keep their hair jet black LOL, blonde does work for him. I probably need to start listening to FT Island too, huh? 🙂

    • haha “back away from the hair dye” Yes, yes you do need to listen to FT Island! Listen to ummmm ‘Love,Love,Love’ , ‘After Love’ , ‘Hello, Hello’, ‘Flower Rock’ and their latest ‘Like Birds’

    • Lee Joon?? or do you mean Mir because him and Mir look like twins especially when they smile. Check that out and you’ll see.

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