Jung Yong Hwa: “L.O.V.E Boy”

He is just too cute! Pouty lips and sleepy bedroom eyes, Jung Yong Hwa had  me saying “aww” everytime his character Kang Shin Woo in ‘You’re Beautiful’  failed at telling Go Mi Nyeo how he felt. Well whats interesting about him? He’s not just an actor but he’s also the leader of band CN Blue. Let me just tell you those guys are really cute! You know in most groups there’s always like one or two who are just like “ehh” Well I checked his group out today and they are all good looking! I’ve been listening to them and Jung Yong Hwa’s voice is  realllllllyyyy yummy and soothing. He’s a new favorite and so is his band ^_^

K-Kisses! KrisE (Personal KPOP Radio: CN Blue ‘Love Girl’)

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10 thoughts on “Jung Yong Hwa: “L.O.V.E Boy”

  1. I love CN Blue. It’s really interesting too that they started in Japan, singing in small venues and on the street and then worked their way back to Korea. I was so torn in You’re Beautiful. I liked his character so much, but he just couldn’t step up to the plate enough. A few times I wanted to shake him and just tell him to spit it out, already. They’re so much more fun live and Yong Wah is very dynamic, like HongKi, when he wants to be. They have a ton of Japanese releases that are completely in English too.

    • I agree! He actually should have told her he knew from the start because then they would have formed a real bond. But alas it is a drama and what is a K-drama without the cliche “keeping things to yourself that really arent that serious and can clear up misunderstandings” moments?

      • Isn’t that always the way?There’s always one hot guy who gets left out in the cold and I always feel so bad for him. I only wish I had the kinds of problems that these women have. Omg, two or THREE hot men and all of them are in love with me? I wouldn’t even know what to do. Poor Jeremy was just SOL…hehe. He was relegated to forever BFF and riding that green bus around to get his head straight.

  2. He was great in You’re Beautiful (YB) and I’m planning to watch him in his new drama, Heartstrings too with the same actress from YB. I just started listening too CN Blue last week and still don’t know much about them, my favorite song of theirs is “I’m A Loner” you guys should check it out :).

  3. Thru my obsession with Running Man I have seen him on the show a couple of times and think he is so stinkin’ adorable. I love the fact that his teeth aren’t perfect, because it gives him character. I hope he never fixes it. Makes me think of Jordan from NKOTB, even though he wasn’t my favorite, I loved his snaggle tooth. I didn’t like when the braces came off.

      • Oh gosh you all are going to seriously have me addicted to youtube. I’ve been stuck on the reality/variety shows lately. Currently I’m watching exploration of the human body with Super Junior haha

      • Yes I love that show. I catch up on it with isubs website(which has Family Outing Seasons 1&2 as well but sometimes they are a little behind so I have to go to http://entertainments10.blogspot.com/2010/11/korean-entertainment.html ,which has a plethora of subbed shows, to catch up on newer episodes. I have been jumping around because it seems sometimes more popular guests are subbed first and then they go back and sub previous episodes. The one I just watched was the hip-hop episode.

  4. CN Blue started in Japan, then back to Korea? Interesting! I haven’t heard one song of theirs. Does anyone have fave songs of CN Blue?

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