DBSK Changmin: You Naughty Boy ;)

This is not meant to single out DBSK’s maknae member, Max Changmin, 23, because all men have a naughty, porn-watching side. But since he is known for being on the quiet, shy and “serious”-side, I thought this video would be of interest to the ladies here. In this clip, Changmin discusses his porn addiction quite candidly; with his mother nearby in the green room. I appreciate his candor—it is very refreshing, and although other K-pop stars have admitted to watching and enjoying porn, most of them have not given any detail. Not so with Changmin, and for that, we thank him!

So let’s break this down a bit more. Every single man and most women I know have admitted to watching porn, so this does not make Changmin unique. As a matter of fact, porn is so common and easily accessible that it may just be the “rite of passage” for an unsuspecting (or suspecting) young person. Either way, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry, and is not going anywhere soon. I personally hate the stuff, but I can understand that sometimes these K-pop stars are most of the time lonely, and in desperate need of human touch and affection, and, well, sex. It must be really tough for them. But I think that most of them (especially the young and/or inexperienced) have used porn to learn about the female form and its many inner and outer workings. What do you all think? Is watching porn for these young men a healthy outlet for their often surpressed sexual frustration? Or is it just a guy thing that they use to meet their needs, on top of hordes of ready and willing fans and groupies?

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19 thoughts on “DBSK Changmin: You Naughty Boy ;)

  1. First of all @bitofabelly81….thank you for posting an article about “the man with the lips”. Some may not like his lips ….or face but I think his lips are the most interesting I’ve ever seen.

    Anyway, I won’t say too much on this subject for reasons I think you already know (i.e. my background) but I thought the clip was hilarious. He didn’t seem ashamed about it either. Changmin’s mother seemed o.k. with what he’s watching or she must just have a really good sense of humor about it and pretended to be o.k. with it. My mother would kill me….even though I’m grown and she’s living in my house. lolol

    I’ll be laughing about this for days. 🙂

  2. Although I have once attempted to watch porn when I was younger, didn’t like it and never watched it again.I may be turned off by it,but it doesn’t mean that others are. I’m glad that Changmin was man enough to tell people that he reads/watches it. Maybe for him, it may be his outlet to venting out his sexual desires/frustration.

    I also feel bad for many of these K-pop stars. It cannot be easy looking at all of those women and being basically told that you cannot have a girlfriend by their management and by the netizens. It isn’t right. While I respect how people do things..it’s just terrible how these guys have to hold out on such things because of these people. Many of them are grown up and needs to live the lives that they want to live. The problem with the K-pop industry is that they want these guys to be innocent choir boys.They are grown men and should be in adult situations. Even Justin Bieber get to be more of an adult they they and he’s 17 years old.No, American and Korean entertainment may not run things the same,but it should be just common sense that these guys need a life from the K-pop world.

    Not long ago, I read a story about a woman accusing a K-pop star of rape( since then she dropped the charges against him). Honestly, I wasn’t surprised about it. I also wouldn’t be surprised if I hear of one of them rape, masturbate, or being a playa sleeping around with their fans. These guys can only hold so much of their sexual tension for long before they express themselves in one of the following ways.

    • I always wonder why K-pop stars are not allowed to have a girlfriend or boyfriend; is it supposed to help them focus.. I know they dont want them to be like P Diddy or Lil Wayne with 4 or 5 baby mama’s, but at least we know they having lots of sex.. But with KPop boy groups or the girl groups, you’re right in saying the make them seem like choir boys and girls because I cant imagine any of them having sex.. They seem too innocent and sweet../ Except for Bi Rain, he doesnt look innocent at all!! LOL 🙂

      • @Angel: I believe that when you’re in love its very hard to focus on anything else. Sex can be gotten in many ways, but love, not so much. I think that the management companies keep the artists from getting into relationships because it is a distraction and it is hard to focus when they’re in love. Bi said it once, that if he is in love, his musical endeavors will fail, but if he is succeeding in his musical endeavors, he can’t possibly focus on a relationship…anyway, I think for the length of their contract, it is in their best interest to stay out of emotional relationships, and wait until they are in a position to fully commit themselves to another person. During their contract, they can reach the monetary success and fame while they’re young and able-bodied. When they are older and contracts are expired, then they can focus on their personal life. There is no sense in them entering into such a field if they can’t give it their all…

      • @BOAB81,

        I’m like Angel. I always thought it strange for these young adults to not be able to date openly, but when you say their management does it for them to focus on their careers, I would assume it’s because they start at these management “boot camps” as pre-teens. However, I still think it’s crazy to deny that natural part of social development. I mean, everybody (I assume) who works has personal relationships of some sort. I can’t very well tell my boss “Look here, I’m in love so I’m gonna take a leave of absence so I can go be in love and I’ll be back in about 6 mos., I should be able to concentrate on work by then.” Sounds silly doesn’t it? or if you’re married. Well, a person can’t be in a committed relationship and hold down a serious job at the same time??? It’s crazy to me. However, I get that these are young kids and they want them to be the best they can be, so they need them to focus, but you can’t totally shut out what is a natural part of life and the growth process. I think this is why they seem so young to me, even though they are in their early twenties. Because when they do get a “taste” for the first time (if they haven’t already), they will lose their natural minds. But I hope Changmin, gets his porn addiction in check before he enters into a real relationship and before it becomes a real problem.

      • @BiAlamode: I don’t know…I just think their work schedules are on a completely different level than ours…I could be wrong. But it seems that they sell their souls to it. Day and/or night, rain or shine, every waking minute…their whole being is dedicated to their work. It’s just the impression I’ve gotten from reading their interviews and watching their shows. It’s definitely excessive. But these kids are damn good….and that’s because they have been training since they were in their pre-teens. This wasn’t just something they decided to do on the weekends…their contracts are binding and don’t give them much time for a personal existence. It seems really hard to focus on a relationship that way…at least, a serious relationship. Which is why I would understand why management companies wouldn’t want them to date seriously.

      • @BOAB81,

        I do get it. We had the equivalent over here. Their dad’s name is Joe. I do hear the whip cracking. Yeah, they sign their lives away. When their old men, I hope they still think it was worth it. I think idea of “work” in the Korean culture is hard core just in general anyway. But oh well, this is about young brotha and his porn……………………

  3. I chalk it up to a guy being a guy. Porn is boring to me, personally, but if it relieves his stress, why not? He ain’t hurtin’ nobody! lol.

    And nice pic. I’ve never seen his hair that way and the bangs/color really softens his features.

  4. It’s a natural thing for them to watch porn. I think it’s not bad.

    I love his lips and his nose. 🙂 Changmin is such a cutie.

  5. I am so glad you posted this. I was wondering a bit about this. I know how American guys are(I live in a house full of men and was in the military for 6 years) but I wondered if it was the same for idols. I don’t think they sit around in a group to watch these special videos (loved when they called them that). I don’t know anything about Changmin but I really do appreciate his honesty. 🙂

  6. Changmin may be known as the shy one, but he’s also known for being very snarky, short, direct and in your face with his opinions. He’s also known to be short with silly fan-girls. I’m sure he didn’t really want to talk about his porn watching on TV, with his mother sitting there, but it happened and he dealt with it in a really mature way, as did his mother. She seemed totally sane. Maybe it was just for the camera and he caught an earful later, but she didn’t really seem fazed.

    There is another account, where I believe Yunho was talking about DBSK’s early days(maybe on Strongheart?) and staying at a resort that was situated over the water and some of the rooms had windows in the flooring so that you could watch the fish and marine life. He said all five of them went swimming at night and went from room to room, peeking in on any action they could find. Yunho said he thinks he became a man that night :p Hyun Joong was also on the show and just had to let Yunho know that he felt he’d become a man before that and in a different way.

    Idols belong to their fans. They are expected to be single and to be the ideal partner for all of their fans. Any relationships that they have seem to be hushed up or brushed off as rumor. I feel good for the ones who manage to make their realtionships public, even if it causes problems for thier partners. Anti-fans are a scary thing and I don’t know if I could deal with 100,000 angry fan girls, just for the opportunity of dating Jaejoong.

    If porn keeps them sane, I say let them watch all of the legal porn they can cram in. I mean, it’s a given that snuff films and child pornography should be frowned on by all.

    I don’t have a problem with porn, as long as the people who are performing don’t feel in any way forced into that industry. The problem with the porn industry is that it IS an easy out for someone who desperately needs income. It’s easy to say that it is consentual, but is it really? When someone is homeless, has children to feed, is under a ton of debt or just really wants to get a higher education(but has family who is unable to help), is it really consentual or is it a last resort?

    I think that there are plenty of women and men in the porn industry who feel empowered and in control of their lives, but I think that there are just as many who feel trapped into the lifestyle in one way or another.

    Personally, I only watch porn if there is a kink involved. Vanilla, run of the mill porn is usually just silly, badly acted and poorly filmed.

  7. I don’t know these K-Pop guys really, but as far as porn goes. Whatever “floats your boat” I say. It’s not really something I gravitated to personally. I don’t think anybody’s Mama is surprised when they find out their sons watch porn…are they? I’ve heard mothers of sons I know personally say “Oh boy you are walking into dangerous territory, if you just so happen to get up in the middle of the night.” Men and sex/porn. Is like a match to gasoline.

  8. I remember hearing about Changmin’s porn addiction from one of the other members of DBSK. Although I personally don’t understand the purpose or fascination with it, I guess all guys look at it at some point. I also remember the members talking about how angry Changmin was to have his first kiss “stolen” from him by Jaejoong while he was sleeping LOL.

  9. I say, it’s unfortunate that 99.9% many watch it. It is truly a distortion of a beautiful intimacy that CAN exists between two people. I am certain that it is NOT uplifting, but more exploitive than anything and not a healthy portrayal of what sex is and/or should be about. Even worse, sadly, many get addicted to it. Don’t go near that stuff. Never have, never will.

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