Thai Actor Thanayong Wongtrakul

Nichkhun Horvejkul is not the only hottie that Thailand is packin’. Let me introduce Thanayong Wongtrakul, 41-year-old Thai actor with a purpose and a hot Asian guy worthy of coverage on this blog (and he’s actually probably older than all of us for a change!). It’s a shame that I was not able to find enough information on him, but I want to thank Sara for tipping me off. He starred alongside Korean hotstuff actor Won Bin in “The Man From Nowhere”, and you can bet your bottom dollar that with all that “talent”, this movie will be added to my Netflix queue with a quickness.

Enjoy the pics ^^

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17 thoughts on “Thai Actor Thanayong Wongtrakul

  1. He’s ok he’s not as cute as Kim Hyun Joong. I’ve seen older sexy Korean men here in the United States, Only problem is at the moment I love only Kim Hyun Joong. Djinn within your Djinn
    Sherelle Rippy

  2. He’s actually about 41 so I’m not stalker noona with him. I really wish I knew more about him as well. I’m going to try to find his other film and try to watch it.

  3. Well, I got a couple years on him so I’ll say we’re neck and neck. Thanks BOAB81, for introducing him too us. I will definitely be looking out for his work. BTW, that’s a bad ass watch he has on….Love that!

  4. I am so happy you posted about him. I was entranced by him in MFN and looked all over the place for his info. I was also trying to find out if he lived here because when he spoke (english) he didn’t sound like he had an accent. He is so attractive though especially in the movie.

  5. Because I just hit 40 I’m all about appreciating the older guys too. I can only take so much of perving over Taemin before I start to feel really guilty and have to look away. At least if they’re in the 25-30 range I can justify it by thinking that they are mentally and physically mature and capable of making their own choice to be with a beautiful and experienced older woman. Anything younger than that for me and I would seriously feel like I was taking advantage of a baby.

    • I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one. Bi, I don’t have a problem perving over whatsoever, he’s 29/30 and feels like a grown man to me. The others are quite good looking, sweet pieces of eye candy, but I can’t “go all out” with what “feels like” a kid to me. No offense meant….just saying.

      • @plinkin@BiAlamode: ladies I know what you mean. Even though I am 30, I still feel a bit silly lusting after 21 and 22 year olds. It’s a bit creepy. HOWEVER, they are still men, since they are legal. But I still prefer the guys around my age (Bi) and the older ones! Not so much into their 40s, but the guys in the early to mid thirties like So Ji Sub, is PERFECT for me 🙂

      • @BOAB81,
        I work on a college campus so I see 19-22 year olds ALL DAY LONG. I’ve been here 13 almost 14 years and I’ve yet to see any “young blood” that truly “tickled my fancy.” I’ve seen a few cutie pies who I could tell their Mama’s raised them right, but they seemed so young too me. Even though they are legal, just feels weird… me. That’s it. You probably feel about a man in his 40s like I feel about a man in his 60s. When you start talking about dating somebody Daddy’s age that’s where we gotta draw the line. (SMILES).

        But hey “Ladies Love Cool J”……speaking of men in their 40s.

        (*Just Saying*)

      • Oh Lord, I see plenty of really young ones that tickle my fancy. It’s just that I start to feel really sleezy about myself when I find out how young they are. I try to console myself with that they ARE at least legal. Sheesh. I’m starting to identify a little better with all of the creepy older men macking on young women now and it scares me a little 😦

  6. He’s cute, i’ll have to check out his movie.
    L.L. Cool Jay, Hill Harper, Joo Jin Mo, Russell Wong to name a few. They just get better with age.
    @BOAB81, Su Ji Sub is yummy. He kind of reminds me of Benicio del Torro alittle bit.

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