Date Week with MBLAQ “Oh Yeah!”

Last week I came up with the idea of a week-long date schedule involving the members of SHINee (Taeminnie muahz!!!). One member for each day of the week, who would you spend your time with and what you would do were the basics. It was a lot of fun indulging in fantasy Idol dating right? So much fun that most of you asked to date MBLAQ this week and of course I’m all for it! BUT this time let’s really personalize it! Add your favorite pictures or videos of the members into your schedules. As you can see I went with Candid pics. You don’t have to but come onnnnn won’t it make the comment area really vibrant and colorful? I think soooooo! Remember pick the group you want featured next week!

Monday: G.O – Ok honestly I don’t really know much about him other than he looks MUCH better minus the facial hair. But in situations like this where you don’t really know what to say or do with a person a movie is always the best option. You can both be entertained without relying on your own personality and when the movie ends it becomes the perfect topic of conversation. BTW look at his hair!! It looked cute!


Tuesday: Cheondoong a.k.a Thunder- Ehh hes not my type but he’s adorable and I really like those animal hat things he always wears. I want us to both wear our animal hats (yes I own a few they look super cute on me too!) stuff our faces with kimchi pancakes (my favorite!) and go for a bike ride along the Han River all the while taking tons of pictures.

Wednesday: Seung Ho- Am I the only one who notices how good he looks in clothes? I dunno what it is but he just wears clothes really well and I love his build. I want to go shopping with him and not for myself but for him. I wanna pick out a million outfits and sit there while he tries them all on. ( *grinz* )

Thursday: Lee Joon- Yum! Do I realllly have to say more? Hes my trophy Idol ^_^ Lets just walk around holding hands and talking while everyone drools and gives me dirty looks out of pure jealously MUAHAHA! I also love that hes very possessive and will blow up my cell. Call me a weirdo but that’s attractive to me.

Friday: Mir- I seriously love Mir! I want Mir the ENTIRE weekend while Joon is freakin out and blowin up both our cells!!! Mir is totally cute and crazy and when he smiles I melt because that’s when he looks EXACTLY like Lee Hong Ki of FT Island (<3). I seriously love when he wears part of his hair in a ponytail it’s so adorable. I just want to fool around and play tag and hide and seek. I wanna nap with him and draw on his face while he sleeps. I wanna argue with him and then make up. Mir Mir Mir!!! ( Favoritism YES )

K-Kisses! KrisE   (Personal KPOP radio: FT Island – ‘Hello Hello’)

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35 thoughts on “Date Week with MBLAQ “Oh Yeah!”

  1. Hooray for MBLAQ ^^

    Monday: I would choose Thunder cause he so cute and seem pretty mellow. That would be a day to relax and warm me up for the other days.

    Tuesday: Joonie cause hes a hot goofball and I would def look forward to more Tuesdays

    Wednsday: G.O ( one of my favs) His humor, good looks, singing and overall awesomeness haha would def help me get through the middle of the week

    Thursday: Seungho would def make thursday an interesting day haha. He would be my go to guy with dancing and music related stuff and we can just pal around. Seems like a nice guy

    Friday: Mir. Crazy, crazy and…crazy. I can imagine All the stupid, crazy and fun things we can get into during the weekend haha XD

  2. I like G.O. sans the facial hair and ’round the way’ hair. lol.
    I prefer him with short hair, something cute like how he looks in the live performance of “Again”. He really has a baby face there.

    So, G.O. all week for me with a touch of Mir when G.O. is sleeping or showering. 😛

  3. GO is fine as h*ll, and His twin nephews look like they might take after him!! In this pic he looks like this Puerta Rican in my neighborhood!!! GO is one of my favorites!!!!

    • I know that it’s totally wrong of me and it’s a bad habit, but I have taken to calling him The Mexorean. I’m sure that he wouldn’t appreciate that but it’s said with love. They really don’t help the situation with all latino influenced stylings in their music.

  4. It’s so hard to chose between the MBLAQ boys for a particular day of the week. So… I’ll just say… that I would want to hang out with all 5 of them (Seungho, G.O, Joonie [My MBLAQ Bias], Thunder and Mir) Monday through Sunday. We could go to the movies, shopping, skating, swimming, and all those fun things, all of them together would make my boring weeks in college soo much brighter, so yeah… ALL of them LOL. Next week, I would love for you to post about DBSK/TVXQ!

  5. I really, really love MBLAQ!

    Monday – Thunder. Since he love animals, I think we should either go to the zoo or go to a pet store and purchase a couple of kittens. I love a guy that loves animals.

    Tuesday – Seungho. Since he’s a natural piano player, he has to teach me how to play the piano. He would be a hot piano teacher.

    Wednesday – G.O. Without the facial hair, he does somewhat looks like his boss. 🙂 Since Rain will be in the military for 2 years, we can stay home and snuggle and watch movies in bed.

    Thursday – Mir. He’s quirky and crazy. I love it. We could go to an amusement park and go in the House of Mirrors and be silly.

    Friday – Joon. Man, I love this guy. Awesome face structure. Amazing body. We need to go out to a club and dance. Joon is a jealous type and wouldn’t let any guy look at me. I like it when a guy is serious and jealous. That means he wouldn’t let me go. And then go home and just sweat it out. 🙂

    As for next week, my vote is for ZE:A. 🙂

  6. Love me some MBLAQ. Let me just say that I love them as a group, their super talented and happen to like their personalities. (I’m gonna try to make it more personal as you requested KirsE, but Im not good at links. So I apologize in advance if the pics or video dont come up right). My personal Date Night…
    Manic Monday….. I hate Mondays witha passion, so I really need to mellow out and relax. I chose Seung Ho. I’ve got the hugest soft spot for him. He’s the total package. I like the way he carries himself and his lips are so sexy, and Not to mention SUPER talented..

    Tuesday.. Bring me some Thunder lol. WHAT can I say about him. I like Thunder. He’s turning into a man. His frame is really feeling out and gettin sexy… [ Look out Joonie] The thing I like about him
    is that he’s sweet and charming. He has some hidden talents. Like that he’s playing the piano and his dance moves. Something’s telling me he has alot more to offer. I would love to go on a picnic with him or sight seeing.

    Wednesday. G.O. He’s a hottie with and without the facial hair. I would love to go to comedy clubs or karaoke with him. The man is funny and witty. He has the cutest smile and laugh. I would totally make a fool of myself doing karaoke with him b/c I can sing the songs, but I dont sound good at Think of Cameron Diaz in My Best Friends Wedding.. Im not that bad, but close. Im going so he could sang to me.. he can sing anything, even some Stevie Wonder and Luther. Im serious I could listen to him sing all day.

    Thursday Joonie. Obviously, he’s a hottie, killer body, smile..etc. I like Joon, because he really does his best. On top of that he’s just a sweetheart and I like the fact he’s not afraid to be silly. Joon is a charmer and at times he has this confidence oozing out him that reminds me of BI. I know he said that he will call and call, if his girl isnt answering. I know it sounds crazy, but he means well.. He’s not a psycho. Joonie u can call me anytime..

    Friday It’s Mir. He’s so fun and hyper. Just what I need on a friday. I would go to an amusement park with him. He like to L-O-L and so do I. He brings out that inner kid in me that dying to come out. I would do the wackiest things with Mir. Crazy Fridays

    Unfortunately, Mir cant have me the whole weekend. I gotta give mY SAT AND SUNDAYS to Yang Seungo Ho. I tolda he’s kinda perfect for me. Out of all the guys in MBLAQ, he’s the closet to what I want in a guy. He knows how to take control and let loose. I would do, go and say any and everything with him.. ALL in ALL love MBLAQ… ALL of them make me want to be an A+

    Ok next week BEAST please…

  7. *screams*


    seriously…Mblaq and 2ne1 are all I need in this life lol.
    I’ll post my sched later..just wanted to gush about having an mblaq post.

      • @BoaB81

        I know what you mean. It took me a long time to find a girl group I liked, and thus far, it’s only one and I only started liking them last week. Kara. They have a few cute songs and pretty members, but it’s very sugary pop, for the most part, as opposed to strong vocals.

        The dances are super simplistic, too. I look at, say, U-KISS doing Neverland, then SNAD doing Gee and it’s like >.> wow. Why don’t the girl groups I see have comparable dance routines?

        *Quietly wanders back on thread topic*

        G.O.! 😛

      • BOAB81,
        I agree, the cutesy-ness is really annoying and I hate the way that ALL of their voices sound like female chipmunks, especially SNSD (no one stands out their all the same). But I can’t get into 2NE1 either.

        That is something that I don’t understand either, why are the boy bands dances so awesome and complicated but the girls just stand there and shake their hips a little. I think that the only girl groups that I’m okay with is Sistar (love their song Ma Boy, could do without the somewhat trampy dance moves in their mv though LOL) and Kara (only because I saw one of the members in the KDrama Possessed and liked the song they did for the soundtrack a lot).

  8. You know what Monday will be for me…G.O. Iove him with his goatee and his million and ones ways of looking good.Tuesday-Lee Joon because of this abs.Wednsday ,it would be Thunder. He changed from being cute to just looking awesome and lastly Mir. He’s cute and full of surprises, especially when he is expressing himself about his fans and his dad.

  9. You know, I don’t think I can pick a favorite from MBLAQ. I like them all for different reasons and I like them together. They have such a nice rapport and synergy. Arashi was my first Asian boyband love and it was for the same reason. They appealing seperately, but together they’re even better.

      • I have to admit that sometimes I have a slight Aiba bias. I don’t know. So hard to choose. They are all so different and all so full of win, unless you are Sho and then your win is full of fail and that’s fine. When JYJ’s photoshoot came out, the one with Mikey in the strange black and silver sweater thing that made him look like a flying squirel, I had this strange crack in my head about Chipmunk Chesto and The Silver Squirel, but I never wrote any of it down. They would be the cutest, but worst rapping super heros in the universe. Everybody. Have some party. Got to be a true.

      • I don’t know, but Micky’s Aye Girl hair was amazing. Him running at the camera and whipping his head around was nice. So many fangirls hate that hair too and I have no idea why. Even Jae wanted it back. I honestly think he cut it for Ms. Ripley like Jae did for Protect the Boss. I think they’re both trying to grow out their hair now. Seems a little longer on top in recent pictures.

    • I’m going to work, I swear, but actually ON topic for this thread, I just saw new pictures of Seungho and he cut his hair off. Wae? On an up note Cheondoong and Joon eem to be letting theirs grow back out.

  10. @Nicole: Yay, another Arashi fan. My dream is to meet Aiba just so that I can say, “yes, I do know Arashi!” and then do the arm waving Arashi-Arashi-For-Dream thing and then we can hi-five and say, “Yeeeeeeeeeeeah!” and it’ll be awesome sauce.

    @bitofabelly If you haven’t seen the Japanese Boys Over Flowers(Hana Yori Dango), I’d watch that and then start with the songs from both seasons of the drama and the movie(Wish, Love So Sweet and One Love). Gackt and Matsumoto Jun roped me into the whole jpop thing. Jpop is not as “cool” as kpop. Arashi in particular is very corny and wholesome(not to mention they are Johnny’s which means that their performance outfits are INSANE by default and by insane I usually mean horrible), but that’s what makes them so great. I grew up listening to metal and punk and if you’d told me ten years ago that I’d like the rainbows and positivity that Arashi spouts, I’d have laughed in your face. Troublemaker, Kitto Daijōbu, Kaze No Mukou E, Sakura Sake and Monster are all really catchy too. So many and they make me feel so good, like everything could be sunshine and rainbows if I just gave it my best!

    Oh, and thank you for nabbing me on Facebook. I hadn’t gotten around to looking at your page there and I still need to get you on Twitter.

  11. @bitofabelly, I’m gladly recommending you Arashi songs. I love: Arashi, Monster, Troublemaker, Hatenai Sora, Crazy Moon, etc.

    @plinkin, I would go to them and say “I know you are” and do any Arashi song. I think they would be surprised. As for favorite, I love all of them.

    Arashi has been around since 1999 and I hope they don’t break up.

  12. How the hell did I miss this!
    I know, the gods were protecting you BoaB,
    because when it comes to MBLAQ,
    I can’t be stopped.
    But geeeesh…
    I love these guys!

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