Kdrama Pick-Up Line: What a Dunkin Disaster

Alright I have to tell you all what happened to me on Wednesday it was totally out of control.

Setting: N.Y.C 27th and 7th avenue about 8:30pm in front of Dunkin Donuts.

So I’m standing in front of Dunkin Donuts with my Korean American friend David talking nonsense as usual. The thought of hot chocolate popped in my head which caused me to look in the huge picture window and BAM! HOT ASIAN SNEAK ATTACK!

Who: Sitting at a table was this drool worthy Asian guy. I couldn’t tell if he was Korean or Japanese because I am not kidding when I say this; he looked EXACTLY like Kim Jae Wook from ‘Coffee Prince’ (Still don’t know? Refer to Bitofabellys post ‘Best of Both Worlds:Kim Jae Wook’ filed under his name). This guy even had the same hair pulled back into a ponytail!Ok now here’s where it gets good! He was STARING at me and no I wasn’t freakin imagining it. This was a hardcore “I might be having a staring eye contest with you” stare session. David of course is like WTH and I’m all like “OMO! I NEED HOT CHOCOLATE!” So of course I walked in and this guy will not stop looking; I got my hot chocolate and lucky, lucky me guess where the napkins were? Oh yessss right next to his table! So I slowly walked over and he turned and looked at me; I grabbed my napkin and at that point my mind was racing but I couldn’t say anything!!! I spun around and David and I walked out when suddenly I reverted back to my 12 year old junior high self.

KrisE: DAVID! I have to go back and talk to him ummm I need an excuse, hurry think of one!

David: Umm I have to use the bathroom?

Perfect! So in we went again, mind you he was still watching me O.M.G! So David pretended to go to the bathroom and that was the start of the most awkward situation. I took a deep breath, walked up to him and said…

KrisE: excuse me? ( he didn’t hear me and I freaked, I was losing my confidence but I didn’t give up!) Excuse me?

Hot Asian Guy: Yes?

KrisE: ( err ummm everything went blank and the only thing that came to mind and flew out of my mouth was this) Oh um you look like this actor in the Kdrama Coffee Prince!

Hot Asian Guy: okay *blink, blink, stare, stare, dreamy swoonlicious gaze moment*

I just smiled and thought “Seriously? a Kdrama comparison?” So naturally I turned around and walked out. EPIC FAILURE!

Now I talked things over with my native Korean friend Jae earlier tonight at Starbucks, and he said he was def interested if he was staring at me that way. His reaction during my attempt to talk to him made Jae think the guy was limited in English and not freaked out over what I said. Good to know except what I said was really lame and I basically ran away! Tsk, Tsk.

What do you all think of this situation? Ever been in one similar? If you had blanked out what would have been your pickup line?

Oh yeah this whole thing has totally turned me off of Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate for a while.

K-Kisses! KrisE

(Personal KPOP radio: T-ara ‘Bo Peep’)

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26 thoughts on “Kdrama Pick-Up Line: What a Dunkin Disaster

    • Nicole,
      Something happens to me when any hot guy enters my radar. I literally stop focusing on everything else going on and just lose all train of rational thought soooooo why I even attempted to talk this guy who knows lolol

      • Or for me, i would act like Lucy Ricardo. Just be embarassed. I’m just a clumsy idiot. 🙂

  1. Wow, you’re so brave that you’re my new hero. I could have tried that but the outcome would most likely not have been as good as yours. I don’t even know how I got married and now that I’m single again, I’m finding it very hard to meet men because I seem to lack some kind of innate feminine flirting gene.

    I’m EOA or equal opportunity awkward. I’m just awkward around all men I find attractive, but I have a feeling that a man who looked like Kim Jae Wook would be a special case of disaster. I either can’t say anything at all and look like a “bitchy, ice princess” OR I turn into dork number one and make some stupid joke and then laugh nervously about it OR I fall on my face, trip or otherwise maim myself OR in an EXTREME case of attraction, frustration and alcohol, I have been known to randomly give up on verbal or visual communication and just kiss the guy(who is usually shocked because he thinks that either I hated him or lacked that kind of high level motor skills.) Seriously, I am bad with men and flirting.

    He most likely thought it was amazing that you tried to talk to him. I think men appeciate someone who is willing to go after what they want. 95% of men seem unsettled by my behavior, but luckily the other 5% seem to find it endearing, whimsical and charming.

    You, also lucky to have access to so many Asian friends/men. The Chicago burbs seem to be lacking in everything but white. I have no idea how Chicago can be so diverse, but you get out a ways and it turns into a seriously homogenous group of people. I have to travel to Arlington Heights and hit the Mitsuwa or Woo Lae Oak. It’s a 40 minute drive, but so worth it to stock up on kitchen staples(as a chef, I decided to take up bento making a year ago)manga and man watching. They’re always very nice to me in there and I have yet to be kicked out of the book store for staring longingly at men. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to have a conversation with one of them.

    • Aww snap you’re a chef? You can seduce a man with your food; Kim Sam Soon did it lolol I like how you described yourself as whimsical and charming, I use those words alot to describe myself and we’re the best types dont forget that!! The thing with me is although I’m constantly around Asian guys I dont actually take advantage of it. Maybe when my schedule eases up I’ll make some what of a real effort. But yeah this guy really made me go nuts for a few minutes lol So does this other guy I see on Mondays before one of my classes. I’m not kidding when I say he looks like he stepped out of a KPOP mv. His hair is the same color as Taemins from the Lucifer mv and its styled real cool. Plus he dresses like he’s about to bust a move in an Idol dance battle. Last Monday he had a hot pink vest on and it looked really good on him! I was like “oh snap!!” lol

  2. Aigoo!!! Too funny! That was DEFINETLY a Kdrama moment! I think he was sort of taken aback that you tried to speak to him. I hear most Asian guys who are interested in Black women are super surprised when a gorgeous one (such as yourself, KrisE) actually comes up to them and speaks to them. I think he was shocked, in a GOOD way! Good luck in finding another Asian hottie!!!

  3. I’m sort of jealous of you right now. What I would give for a hot Asian guy to stare me down LOL.

    What I’ve learned so far is that cute and awkward is fun when you’re a teenage. When you’re an adult it’s just . . . bad. Talking to someone you find attractive may seem hard but it really isn’t. When a guy stares at me I don’t let him get away with it. I will approach him first and strike up a normal conversation. If we hit it off, fine. If not, oh well moving on. To me men are men regardless of what they are. If I like what I see I go after it. Besides, flirting is a rare thing for me (don’t care for the foolishness it brings) so when an attractive guy makes eye contact, I take advantage of it as much as possible.

    • To be honest I’m in a good situation as far as access to Asian guys are concerned. A large percentage of my college is Korean and 5 blocks from my school is Ktown. I have both Korean American friends and native Korean friends; oh and 1 Chinese Australian friend who literally looks like an Anime Prince! So adorable ^_^
      I dont think its bad to be cute and awkward past your teen years because those things are just personality traits. Speaking for myself I usually dont have to approach guys so it was odd to begin with. Although it was embarrassing and what I said was seriously lame and not smooth at all, I still liked it. The whole situation was fun and I’m flattered by it. Jae and my other friend Hye Kyung (a girl, also native Korean) who was also at Starbucks with us last night both said I should have approached him speaking Korean rather than English. The problem was like I mentioned earlier I couldnt tell if he was Korean or not so I didnt want to offend him by assuming he was Korean and just start talking to him in the language. Ehh maybe the universe will send him my way again, if not theres plenty of others ^_^

  4. I think maybe you need to stalk the area around Dunkin Donuts and the shop itself! Good luck!!

    Dang it! I need to move to a bigger city, because my state just ain’t working. Most of the Asian men I meet around here are married. And if they’re not married, they’re down from NY for a few days to do something at my job and are a tad douchy **le sigh**

    • haha Jae suggested I maybe go back there around the same time on the same day. But stalking???? lol My name is not Oh Ha Ni o_0 (Playful Kiss reference)

      • Oh yes. Please don’t turn into Oh Hani! She was……… wow. No words. You could do some subtle stalking 😛 Have some more hot chocolate, read a magazine… you know 😀

  5. LOL!!!!!!!! I love this post!!!! And i agree with “Seli”, do not turn into Oh Hani, I wouldnt want any woman i know to turn into her// LOL!! First, I have give props to your friend David he sounds like a great guy.. Second, what you did takes lots of courage regardless of the results..

    • Stalking is not part of my personality dont worry lolol
      That was such an irrational moment it was so funny. I think I did it because I felt like I had to. On one hand I’m like this dude is seriously Kdrama hot and hes staring at me. On the other hand my crazy New Yorker attitude kicked in and I’m like ok why is this dude staring so hard!? hahah

  6. Just yesterday, I’ve seen a really hot Asian guy at a train station–then again, this area( as well as the college/university is diverse with many Asians living in this area.He was gorgeous to the core with a face that a mom could certainly love.With his backpack, I suspected that he was a student at the school.

    I wasn’t sure if what part of the Asian world he was from…but all I can say was that he was incredibly sexy looking and I wasn’t the only one eyeballing this guy as there were other women doing the same to him . Of course..I wasn’t going let him know it as I was looking from the corner of my eyes He looked as if he was 23. I’m an old goat compared to this guy. All I was wishing was there were a time machine to make me younger…and to also make me interested in science and/or math at the school is a school of technology( I did take Geology,but it’s considered to be a ” dead’ science)

    • Well I dont know what age defines “old goat” but you dont reallllly know how old is he! For the most part Asians usually look really young, not all but a fair amount. College student possibly, but he could be a grad student which would toss him in the mid 20s range. Besides theres no reason to be interested in science or math because thats his thing. Geology dead science or not is still random and interesting. It makes for more interesting conversation. So chill out and make it obvious your looking next time. Remember there are always positives to even the most negative of situations. (My daily words of wisdom cherish them!! haha)

  7. Awww. That’s why you learn Korean,lol :).Lately I’ve been really attracted to Korean men, so I started learning Korean. I do feel badly for you, but um……I live in Manh….I might have to stop by that Dunkin donuts! Seriously, if he was interested, he’ll probably visit that Dunkin Donuts a couple more times. Searching for his beautiful chocolate queen. Go back there! Especially if he looked like Kim Jae Wook. Find that man!!!

    • Kyla,

      My Korean at the moment is good enough to start a conversation and I understand fairly well whats being said. I’m becoming fluent in the language because I’m moving to S. Korea; not because I simply want to date a Korean lolol Also just because he was Asian doesnt mean he was Korean ^_^
      “Beautiful chocolate queen” lol The only chocolate thing about me is my eye color ^_^

      • You moving to Korea is fantastic! I’m taking my first trip to Korea this December. And making plans to visit for a year in 2012. The language, the country and the people are beautiful. I’m in love with Korea. I assumed you were black because of this blog’s name; my mistake. So I’ll just say beautiful queen!!!:) And wish you well in your travels!

      • Ooo how exciting! I’m visiting in the summer. I’m biracial actually half black but I totally understand your assumption. However the blog is open to every color duh! ^_^ Have a fun trip!

  8. KrisE.

    Great point. It would be nice if I would have learned something from him and he said that he was over 40 and/or he was an older student getting his PHD.

  9. “Never let them them see you sweat.” My motto. There was a guy that my friend and I liked in high
    school. Well one day while we were hanging out, we see him with some of friends. They were staring
    at us. But we were young and somewhat shy. My friend pulls out her mirror so we could watch him
    while he sat with his friends far behind us.

    Well after awhile, I got tired of the mirror trick, turned around, stared at him with my best
    impresonation of bedroom eyes, smiled and winked at him. Then slowly turned back around and died.
    Next thing we knew, he came over smiled and the rest is history. It’s been many years and
    ever so often when we see each other, he laughs and brings it up.
    Girl, go back see if by chance
    he’s there (you never know) and do what I usually do one to three things when they stare,
    Either I wink at them, blow them a kiss
    when I’m being bad, lick my lips. Yeah, I know. My mother would die if she knew that, hehe.

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