[M/V] Kim Hyun Joong – Lucky Guy

So we’ve come full circle with the final member of the F4 Kim Hyun Joong. As we know he portrayed Yoon Jihoo in Boys Before/Over Flowers and now hes back this month with his second mini album and first single ‘ Lucky Guy.’ What do you all think of the song and his look?

BTW if you’ve seen the Kdrama ‘Lie to Me’ you’ll notice the main girl (Hong Soo Hyun) played Yoo So Ran the fickle friend of Gong Ah Jong ( Yoon Eun Hye ❤ )

K-Kisses! KrisE

30 thoughts on “[M/V] Kim Hyun Joong – Lucky Guy

  1. I’ve seen a lot of hate on Livejournal. They’re saying he looks oily and cheesy, but isn’t that the point of the video? Sleezy, hard drinking, gambling con-artist? I really like it and the whole retro rat-pack/Ocean’s 11 vibe. It’s really catchy and, as always, he really seems to enjoy the fun dance. It’s nice to see him enjoy dancing when he always said it was his biggest challenge from the start and that he as not a dancer or a singer, but a musician. I AM dissapointed that what I’ve heard from Lucky Guy isn’t even slightly rock, which is what he’s always wanted to do and it’s what he told us Lucky Guy would include more of. It’s just more bouncy kpop and that’s fine too. It’s fun. It’s knowing that it isn’t really what he wants to do that irks me.

    If I could form my own rock super group from kpop it would have to include Jaejoong(who acually has an amazing husky rock/blues voice and it doesn’t get used often enough), Hongki and Yongwa(both amazing showmen with powerful voices) and, of course, Hyunjoong. How can you have a rock group without bass and guitar solos. Also, although he does not have a strong voice, he has a very emotional voice and somtimes that is more important. I think that it is the difference in Jaejoong and Junsu’s singing. Junsu sounds impressive but just doesn’t bring the same gut wrenching emotion to his singing that Jae does.

    Wow, my comment was all over te board. So, in answer to the post, yes I love Lucky Guy, the song and the video. I think more kpop artists should explore having a storyline for their videos. Too mnay times it’s the whole wear “cool” outfits and dance in a box thing.

    • I don’t really like that hair color on him either. I think most of these boys look fantastic with dark hair and always cheer when they go back to it. In this case, his hair and skin are almost the same color and it looks really odd.

      • my thoughts exactly. His great facial features are drowned out by his hair color. He was so gorgeous when he was on Running Man. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

    • That smile is a killer though. He really does look like he’s enjoying and having fun. He’s very transparent. When he’s not into somthing he looks so blank and off in hi own head. When he IS into something he seems totally engaged and on. One ofthe things I like most about him is that he does seem more open and honest with his feelings and emotions. He also seems not to have a filter. I’m just waiting for all of the wank over is comments about not keeping in touch with certain members of SS. It’s like he’s intentionally trolling their fans. I don’t really think he’s trolling, I just think he blurts out what he’s really thinking and feeling.

  2. I don’t know if its because the first time I saw KHJ in BOF and his was this color but I like it. It reminds me a little bit of Bruno Mars’ song Runaway Baby. I like the video though. He seems to be having loads of fun and his smile, of course, is always killer. Can’t wait to hear the rest of his album.

    • There have been black people in kpop vids before. Not often, but there are some. 2PM’s Hands Up has a black girl somewhere in the back of the club scenes. There was black girl for like 2 sec in GD&TOP’s “high high” (so that kinda doesn’t count). Se7en had some black dancers in his videos for “Crazy” and “Passion”. Secret’s “Madonna” mv also had black people playing instruments like in KHJ mv

    • @ BiAlamode

      I find it sad that as much as black music has influenced their sound, we still have to use binoculars just to see a black face -hidden in the back- in their videos.

      For example, I know I saw a black guy open the door for KMJ in the Breakdown video. A nanosecond role. Yet, I saw a non-Asian woman with plenty of face time during the rap part. I can’t decide if I want to roll my eyes or SMH.

  3. I clicked on this post not expecting to like the song. Wrong. WRONG.

    It’s so poppy and “fun” and he looks like he’s having a genuinely GREAT time. In my opinion, it gets a thumbs up. As for the hair, while a few of us already had the black VS blond conversation, I find that I can deal with his hair color in this video. Now, could he wear that hair in “Break Down”? Oh no. Hell no. But here, it fits the premise of the video.

    I will say this, though. I do hope his next video takes him back to his Break Down look. That’s where I first found him and he was all swag with that haircut and clothes.

      • @BoaB81,

        Doesn’t he though?! I remember the first time I saw it. I had never heard of SS501, so it was just him and all that swag. I was like >.> DAYUM. Is this what I’ve been missing in K-Pop??? (I had been into it about 2 weeks at that point. :P). He can definitely pull off the “hood” vibe -and should revisit it!

      • He was def hot in Break Down but it was soooo not him lolol It was weird seeing him that way. But you know what, I’ve never seen a guy look so good walking away! He did the walk away and look over the shoulder thing in both Break Down and now this sooo hot!

      • @Kris:

        First off,

        LOL @ Where’s Waldo! xD

        “He was def hot in Break Down but it was soooo not him lolol It was weird seeing him that way.”

        Really?? See, I still don’t know much about his pre-Breakdown days. I ended up getting a few SS501 CDs and adored “Love Like This”, and despite having seen the video (wasn’t feeling his look in that), I didn’t know tons about him. That’s too bad, though. Breakdown was yummy and it looks like I may not be too much into his normal self. >.<

      • His normal self is seriously adorable. He likes baggy clothes, hats, a preppy and fitted look when he goes more clean cut. Just watch that video lolol

      • @Kris
        I liked the video (Though I think dark hair fits him more)! I already have the mini album blasting in my speakers, so regardless of the makeup, the music is still on point. I need to read up a bit more on him so I can see his varied looks -and the oddball stuff makes him more appealing, actually. More real and human. ^_~

      • You’re going to fall for him lolol His interviews and stuff are so real. He’s not like other Idols; he really just says whatever is on his mind. He has the funniest laugh ever it really sounds like Elmo and there was an interview where he was asked about an ex gf and he really got choked up, I thought he was gonna cry. He just comes across as a ball of emotions.

      • @Kris

        Yeah, you have to love that about him as an “idol” -the realism and lack of filter. I can’t stand those lame interviews where they’re asked stupid “fangirl” questions just for squees and record sales. They really sound completely pre-packaged. I’ll take that “real” reply any day -it’s refreshing! But I don’t like him that way, not even in yummy-ass Breakdown. He’s the guy to “chill” with and kick back with some drinks, not date. 😛

      • @DaGrrrl: I agree with you on that…he is very attractive and I’m sure a nice guy, but I prefer the Bi-types….hey, each one to her own, right?

      • @Boab81

        Yeppers -every grrrl has their own preference and there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that! 😀

        I don’t know if I have a type yet when it comes to K-Pop guys -just a vibe on how I would view them in RL. I think it’s because I haven’t looked at any of them as someone to date. I like watching them dance/perform, can definitely appreciate their looks and the hard work they put into what they do, but I guess the realist in me won’t allow me to lose myself in the unattainable. So, I just enjoy them for what they are and have fun with it. ^__^

  4. I dont know, i kinda like this video. If you have ever been to a high stakes gambling area, that’s almost like how they are especially if they believe they have luck!!!

  5. I’m finally home and this is hilarious. I’m not going to comment on everyone playing ‘Wheres Waldo’ with black people lolol Instead I’m gonna bring it back to Kim Hyun Joong.
    Look we all know that I’ve made Hyun Joong my future hubby, hes perfect to me totally 4D etc and all the others on my list are jump offs but seriously this video. There is a such thing as TOO MUCH BB Cream and cheek highlighter. His look was a serious mess in that music video and I blame the stylist and makeup artist. I get the whole concept but why revert to 1970s vega high roller? Why not 1950s or current it would have been a chic look for him.

    • I don’t know. I think the guy actually enjoys being a cheesy oddball. He seems so much more comfortable being a cornball or a freak. Him doing crazy-eyes assassin was really good too. I know that he wants to break away from the typical idol sterotype but he’s having a really hard time with it. I agree though, intentional or not, the make-up was just too much. Why do you need to slap so much make-up on a person who is already so beautiful and already has nice skin?

      • Kim Hyun Joong is an oddball actually…I covered that in the post ‘Kim Hyun Joong: A Lesson on Perfection’

  6. He’s really off the wall and I love it. 🙂 I just love his eyes. So cute! I prefer dark hair for him. The video is cool.

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