Bi Looking Sexy & Serious In Camo

Thanks to Ajumma Fangirl for posting these great pics of our Sexy Snookums in military gear!!

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43 thoughts on “Bi Looking Sexy & Serious In Camo

  1. Wow, I am the first person. I was just watching videos of him and it breaks my heart. He looks so serious, just like he want to get this over with so he can get back to doing what he loves. I also feel like he is going to try his hardest to fit/blend in with everyone else. I hope no one gives him a hard time in there because of who he is.

  2. Those pics really point out to me how much of a babyface he has! Still looks good. I have sneaking suspicion we’re goona keep hearing about him like Hyun Bin. He is Korea’s World Star afterall 😛

  3. First of all, *SQUUEEE*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have already lost my mind over these photos!!

    You know Lei, I’m over the sadness now that I see him in the gear. I feel like now it’s getting down to business time. His schedule is posted at Cloud USA and The Cloud his official fan site. When I see the coverage of him, I wondered out loud if this much coverage happens for all the celeb recruits or is Bi a special case? Anyway, Good Mercy he looks JUST as I imagined he would.

    This man is DEADLY in more ways than one!!! (SMILES)

  4. Ma Baby! Just wwwook at him.

    Did y’all hear that roar the troops gave him when he got up there to get his boot camp assignment? They were stoked as hell having him up in there, and his face and posture demanded nothing but respect from them. It was like, don’t get it twisted, son, I might be in show bidnez but I will thump your @ss.

    That’s ma sexy baby boy.

    • That was my favorite part of the videos. It really REALLY warmed my heart.
      To see them all cheering for him, with just his name being mentioned lol.
      It’s like they(army) tried not to give him preferential treatment(which is right)
      but they can’t help that fans are everywhere lol. Cheering for him.

  5. I just looked at pictures at work and trying to keep from tearing up at my desk. My heart is very heavy right now but your handsome face will keep me going until you return. Rain, hang in there and as previously said by me and all your fans we LOVE you, send us pictures and we will be here when you return. SARANGHAE YO, Kerry from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States

  6. From ajumma fangirl, addictedtorain says:

    “His fists always closed are breaking my heart. I can not stop crying again… he is so nervous, he must be so worried. And you mind must be thinking so many things. Please be strong, I know you can do it.

    I am thinking all day, did you eat? do you have a good bed where to rest? is your body ok? do you still have joints pain in the mornings?… ;___; I can not stop thinking all this…”

    ooooh!!! So true!!! He’s got one of the toughest minds out there, but I still worry about him. I hope the training isn’t too tough on his 40-year-old joints. 😦 Jeez, I’m gonna miss his Twitter updates and his sense of humor. I miss him so much already, seeing him this way 😦

  7. So many of the guys I follow going into the military. But hey, it’s the way it is and it’s better that they don’t use their celebrity status to shirk or try and get out of it. I was so dissapointed in Mong’s behavior. I don’t know him and maybe he had legit problems but it looked very shifty. On an up note, I don’t think military service will hurt Rain at all. I think it’ll turn him into even more of a role model. And, as a bonus, according to Heechul, he hasn’t gotten so much sleep since he signed with SM. It’s a shame that they push those poor idol boys so hard that the military seems like a break to some of them. WTF?

    • I read somewhere that others are exempted,
      including Olympic athletes.
      I don’t know,
      but it is my understanding
      that most of these artists work
      just as hard as some of the
      Olympic athletes train.
      Either everyone goes,
      or a new policy needs to
      be instituted.
      I personally don’t necessarily
      think it a bad policy.
      It’s the policy of the
      entertainment industry
      that needs some work.
      But all should be required
      to go immediately after high school,
      and women should also
      be included.
      I think we could benefit
      from such a policy too,
      you know character building
      and such.
      It is unfortunate however, that we are
      at present a country at war.
      When you have people
      doing five or more
      tours of duty…
      that’s just crazy.
      Just my opinion.

      • @whatthefrell,

        I read that too. It says Olympians are said to be uplifting the country in the world’s eye view for the country’s sake. However entertainers, albeit very well known, have status/fame for their personal sake and not their country’s sake….so this why they have to serve regardless if they have a Hot career. I tend to agree with you, but Americans would “die” if the draft was reinstated. But dare I say, there are some kids over here who need a little…..”SIR, YES SIR!” in their lives.

      • I just recently read of an idol who was exempt for outstanding academic achievment. I can’t remember who it was or I’d mention his name. And I agree about women and that the conscription age should be uniform for everyone. I’ve always had problems with the military, regardless of country, but I know that it is something that we will always deal with. I really don’t understand how they can let and 17 or 18 year old young man risk his life for his country, but he is not of a legal age to drink or do whatever else he wants to do. It makes no sense. Lower one or raise the other but above all try to be consistant and treat everyone as equally as possible.

    • @Plinkin,

      I’m inclined to agree with you. Slapping a uniform on you and putting a rifle with live ammo in your hand Seems Like a vacation to Korean celebs??……DAMN…is all I can say as well. Look, I’m a 40 something WITH 40 something joints…..I haven’t had to pull out my wheel chair just yet. (SMILES) His joints will be fine. I think once some of the glare of the past few days dies down a little bit, and Bi gets in the routine of his training, he will be fine. It’s a new environment to him just like all the other young recruits so there’s bound to be some apprehension. He’ll eat the same military food like the rest of them. He’ll get the same standard issue, bed and uniforms, etc. He can’t be shown extra special treatment (I didn’t say he might not get any) but still he can’t outwardly be shown to be getting extra special treatment.

      I’m sure it was nervewracking to have your boot camp training site decided by computer, but at least it was done publically and nobody can say his training site was choosen by special treatment. Just wait the next set of photos will be some military worker snapping him (on the sneaky) at training camp. (SMILES) Hey, I’m always concerned about him too, but I don’t want to overly worry. When my hubbie and I were dating he had to ship out at Christmas because of Operation Desert Sheild, but as everyone knows Desert Sheild turned into Desert Storm. We continued to correspond, but once the military “campaign” became more intense, all communication stopped. I went for weeks with not a word. His mom…same thing. I never paid attention to the Nightly News as much in my life, as I did during that time for ANY piece of news. Anybody who’s military knows this can happen. However, I couldn’t let myself worry like crazy everyday. I choose to do the same, with regard to Bi. I think Bi’s biggest problem will be transitioning from World Star to average “joe.” I’m not saying that from a “he’ll be an @ss” point of view, but from a “it’s hard for me to relinquish control” point of view. This a man who’s used to being the conductor of his own train, so I think this will be where his biggest struggle to adjust will lie. However, I have no doubt he’ll adjust, in time, just fine. (SMILES)

      • Plinkin,
        Bi Alamode,
        I agree w/ both your comments
        It is most unfair that at 17 or 18
        you can freely die for your country;
        however, you are not legally
        allowed to toast your survival;
        I only say straight out of high school,
        because most likely do not have
        much of a life yet to put on hold,
        I think then the transition would be
        much smoother; and
        I salute your husband
        and thank you both
        for your service to our country.

  8. Side Bi note. They just added Full House to I really don’t want to watch another romantic comedy, but kind of want to see what put him on the map, K-Drama wise. I might have to come back to it now that I know it is there. Samsoon had my heart in the ringer and before that Secret Garden. I need a break. I think I might watch Romantic Town (anyone see it) or a historical drama.

  9. I just started watching Full House again (yep, on DramaFever). I mean that is some hilarity right there — Rain and HyeKyo keep you laughing for hours on end. I love that show!

    Why are people (across the Internet) so freaked out over his hands? When soldiers are around their superior officers or at gatherings, that’s what they do, stiffen up, straighten their backbones, set their jaw, throw their shoulders back, clench their fists, suck in their guts, Game Face on. Yeah, he’s nervous as hell while seeing what all’s in this whole new world, and worried about his dad and sister and loved ones (hoping they’ll all hold up okay), but I just don’t see the man in all this “distress” and stuff that other folks seem to. ???

    He’s a very disciplined individual, and being an example for younger guys comes naturally to him. I suppose it’ll take time for folks to realize that Rain’s soldier stance is natural, and that he’s not going to walk around in the army looking like he’s about to do an interview or something.

    • @DynasticQueen,

      I don’t get it either. The clenched fists is probably just a little nervous energy manifesting itself that way, but nothing more than that. You’re right he has to do what soldiers do now. You can tell the others are still “boys” at this point and he seems very much grown in comparison, but they will become equal hopefully after training and the “man up” a bit.

      • It’s kind of disturbing that people are basically acting like he can’t handle this change in his life and is weak or crying in his beer, when the truth of the matter is this stint in the military will be hard but NOTHING like his childhood. He’s going to be fed well and he’s going to rest well so that he can function and handle the hellish parts of his training. When he was a kid alone as the male head of his household, there was no food and there as no heat and there was the ground to sleep on. Heck, as harsh and sparse as army barracks are, I bet they are a palace next to where he lay his head down back then.

      • @DynasticQueen,

        Exactly, it’s about “he’s gotta do, what he’s gotta do”……That’s it. They do feed them pretty darn well, he won’t be missing any meals. While he won’t be sleeping on Egyptian cotton sheets, he’ll have a rack all his own or bunk (rack is ship talk….sorry). The only thing he’ll be missing is his family, close friends and sex…..yeah, I said it.

      • @BiAlamode: ahhhhhh Bi missing sex… hence the “only women in skirts” visiting him comment….he’ll need to let out his sexual frustration some way…

      • @BOAB81,

        Boys WILL BE Boys….ya know! Ahem…..(*looks from side to side*)…..any volunteers??

      • Hmmm, yeah… I see an little initiation gift from his fellow soldiers being snuck onto the base one night. “Welcome to the corp, Hoon…” Just sayin’.

  10. And so that no one missunderstands my comment about the military: I have so much respect for those who serve, regardless of the country they serve in. My problem is with the collective governments of the world and how they choose to run their military ops. I had an Army Scholarship, narrowly missed serving in the Gulf war and some of my closests friends have spouses in the military. I have seen first hand what combat does to them and to their families. When you are a military spouse, you might as well be in the military yourself. I think that when it comes down to it, average people the world over all want the same things from life. We all want shelter and food and people who love us. It’s too bad that all some people see are all of the small differences. It’s the big things that count. We all have the same base needs and values and everything else is just decoration.

  11. Honestly, he looks miserable. He really does and I feel so bad for him. >.<
    But I guess I understand, considering that North Korea is right next door and one never knows when "Elvis" will be ready to strike.

  12. POTUS
    hosted the
    President of South Korea and his wife
    at a dinner that included
    Wagyu, or the American version
    of Kobe beef.
    According to Rush Limbaugh,
    they were not impressed,
    but what does he know;
    several trade deals were struck,
    that will supposedly
    create thousands of jobs.
    Politics aside,
    Wouldn’t it be swell,
    if included among the
    those trade deals
    is a guarantee
    for more K-pop concerts
    in these here United States,
    to include middle America,
    as well as the dirty South.

    • I’m hoping that the really enthusiastic turn-out for the NY/NJ shows will encourage them. The west coast always shows them love, but they got just as much love from the east coast. We’re all hurting here and want more opportunities to see them. It kind of boggles me that they are more willing to hit South America than the US, especially considering that GO seemed to think that when he went to Peru that he would have no communication from the “outside” world(cellphone, internet, TV). The Peruvian girl I know on Livejournal begs to differ. How in the world did he think South American fans found out about MBLAQ?

    • @BiAlamode: wow! as we assumed, definitely no walk in the park…but our Snookum’s got it down on lock no doubt. Like we said before, if he got through the Ninja Assassin training, this should be nothing for him…

  13. He looks like he’s being serious and paying attention, unlike some of the other guys. I have to admit he looks great in that uniform. The man is sexy….. Sista Bialamode, you strike again…lol Thanks for keeping it real.. I agree he will start missing s-e-x…lol

  14. Bi is even beautiful when he is stressed. I’m so proud of him. When I saw those pics I was surprised, pleasantly though. I wonder how does he feel about the camera on him during this time. Looking at those pics, I had a flashback to my basic training a few years ago and the LAST thing that I would have wanted at that time was a camera on me, lol. Then again, if I were as hot as he is, maybe….nah, still would not have wanted that. This one thing I do know ANYBODY that can STILL look sexy in BMT, has it going on!!!! Go Bi!!!!!

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