Kim Joon: A Boss

As promised with every Kdrama of the week post there will also be posts about the guys who star in them. Continuing with Boys Before Flowers F4, is none other than Kim Joon. He played Song Woo Bin a mafia bosses son (gangstaaaaaa). His character may not have had alot going on but one things for sure; he always made me laugh with his “yo’s” and other little English phrases he randomly used.He’s also a member of the KPOP group T-MAX and if you’ve seen Boys Before Flowers then you know the song “Paradise” that played in practically every other scene. That’s T-MAX!

K-Kisses! KrisE

(On my personal KPOP radio right now: Super Junior ‘Sorry-Sorry’)

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7 thoughts on “Kim Joon: A Boss

  1. His character was a badass! 🙂 You wouldn’t want to mess with him. But Kim Joon is hot. Someone you wouldn’t want to bring home to meet the family. The kind of guy who is sweet and cute in public, but privately, a real freak in the sheets. 😀

    • Right??? I was thinking the same thing. Honestly I would have enjoyed a mafia storyline alot more than the long lost pottery teacher lolol

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