SHINee: Ring Ding Dads and Dates

Its no secret I have an active, somewhat not normal imagination where I question and start random topics of conversation. This post is no different ^_^ Since Thursday I’ve been sick with the most annoying cold and have been studying and actually doing assignments the entire time! (I usually don’t do much in school so this is annoying for me) I haven’t counted a single calorie in 3 days and I’ve eaten as much chocolate as my little heart desires and LOVED EVERY SINGLE BITE (being sick is the only excuse for such behavior. Its medicine duhh). You know what else I’ve indulged in? SHINee’s Hello Baby!!!Turn 5 male Idols into overnight appas (fathers) of a 4 year old and what do you get!? Hilarious awkward situations, an inside look into each members personality and what they may be like as fathers in the future (If all of them go the straight route..just sayin!!).Well the only conclusion I’ve come to is I can no longer make up my mind as to which one I like best. I like all their personalities even Jong Hyuns so I’ve decided the only reasonable course of action here is to create a SHINee DATE SCHEDULE!!!! OH YEAH! 1 member for each day of the week. My Schedule is as follows:

Monday: Jong Hyun– Hes got an attitude for shizzle but I like that about him. He’s not funny but he makes a lot of effort to be which I really appreciate.

Tuesday: Minho– He’s tall and good looking and he was soo caring with that kid. I probably wont have much to talk about with him, but maybe he could help me with being more photogenic since looking all model-esque is his thing anyway.

Wednesday: Onew– It’s the middle of the week and I’ll be due for a recharge. Onew can cook and he gives good deep conversation plus I like his smile, its very comforting.

Thursday: Taemin– Hes old enough but still not ready for Friday night fun time. Perfectly pretty and I like listening to him talk about nonsense for the most part. Thursdays will be dedicated to training him.

Friday: Key– I love Keys personality hes very witty and sarcastic and he seriously finds the other members stupid at times. Not only can you tell by how he looks at them, but he actually lets them know like a true boss. I’ll end the week with him because I think he’ll be the perfect guy to recap the week with.

What would your SHINee Schedule look like? Oh! Which group do you want to date next week? ^_^

Pweaseeeeee watch Hello Baby on Youtube its good and I wanna talk about it *whines*

K-Kisses! KrisE

66 thoughts on “SHINee: Ring Ding Dads and Dates

  1. My schedule is fairly easy:


    To borrow from that jewelry company…
    Every kiss begins with K…

    Yeah, that about does it. xD

      • I didn’t, either, until I figured out who he was! The first one to catch my eye was the one with the “cute, black haircut” in the RingDD video. Then, after one of the ladies posted about key acting fruity, I did proper research and was like, “OMG! That’s him!”

        Then, of course, I went on a pic hunt. He’s just too cute (though, some of those hairstyles and clothing choices…). Cutest member of SHINee to me, but I don’t know if I have a true lust for him. I just like him best from this group, and since they were the only choice in this post… 😀

      • haha I think you have an Asian hair attraction more than anything else lolol I love the hair myself and I especially liked Keys rainbow streaks in Hello Baby.

      • @Kris

        I admit it! For me, with them, hair and face are everything (I’m not usually too hung up on bodies; many of them (as in Korean idols, not just SHINee) are super thin and kind “boy-ishly” developed. So hair, cute faces, and cute clothes/dances are usually what I look at the most.

        But of course, there are exceptions to that body rule… (JAE JOONG!!!)

      • You just cant go a day without mentioning my 2nd love huh? I seriously am going to make meeting him and Kim Hyun Joong happen because not seeing them in the flesh is not going to cut it….but yeah I def dont mind their bodies sometimes slim can be more attractive. Plus I think its part of their charm ^_^

      • @Kris

        Nope, can’t do it! Jae Joong and Chunji have been topping my cute list for months, so they must be mentioned. 😀

        Though, G.O. from MBLAQ is cute as well -in certain looks. One of the ladies posted a video for “Again” (a live spot) and he was adorable, so yeah, let me put my vote in for a future MBLAQ post now..

        *Hands in K-Pop coupon*


      • Haha I love this conversation. I am the same way I love the haircut more than the bodies but I do love their boyish looks. Omg. Key is very cute but I love Jonghyun he has the perfect jawline. I love it. Oh and G.O. from MBLAQ is FINE! So want to meet these guys one day

  2. Hmmmm..
    Onew on mondays because his kindess and softness would make mondays bearable
    Jjong on tuesdays because….ill come back to this one haha
    Minho on wednsdays due to my need of a little boost to make it to friday haha. Plus i need someone to work out with ( so hott)
    Key on thursdays to get pumped for fridays
    Taemin Friday- Saturday: Going out and dancing anyone? Maybe a kiss here and there too :DD
    I sound so lameee XD hahaha

    Mblaq for next week ^^!

  3. SHINee is the first K-pop group I ever listened to but if I was to have a dating schedule, it would be Onew everyday of the week. I like Taemin & KEY very much too because they’re both very sexy to me but when I saw Onew singing opera on YouTube last year, I was captivated. Then too that smile of his was the icing on the cake for me.

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen Hello Baby but I enjoyed it & was impressed with how natural KEY & Minho were with Yoogeun. It can be a challenge to be good with kids. Of course I was rooting for Onew but I understood why he kept his distance from the baby because of what happened in his past.

    Nothing prepared me for the funny moments like when Yoogeun was kicking and screaming at Onew to wake him up or the skit where Taemin had to play a girl but in the final episode where the group had to do the wake-up song……I think about it now and can’t stop giggling.

    • Haha Key was seriously more of an oma than an appa. Freaking out in the toy store over the guys wanting to get Yoogeun a toy gun and knife lol I never really noticed Minho too much before; but hes really good looking and hes def going to be a good dad one day.

    • Bitofabelly81,

      Aren’t they much more handsome in person than in pictures? The only way that I thought was on the “short” side was Jong Hyun. Not super short but shorter than the rest of the guys.

      • I meant to say: that the “only one that I thought was on the “short” side was Jong Hyun.

      • @Angelface: they were absolutely gorgeous. And sooo tall! I just didn’t expect that! I’m 5’7″ and was wearing flats, and when I realized that Onew and Key were at least 5’10”, I found myself even more attracted to them! Not to mention Minho with his long, hot legs and taller than both of them! I was VERY impressed!

    • BoaB,
      Yes, please share!
      My sister was all for trying to make it happen for me,
      but I let my stresses about work get to me
      and convinced myself it could never happen.
      So instead, she came down here
      for a quick visit.
      And my sister-in-law was kind enough,
      to initiate conversation about K-pop,
      and listened patiently
      and even shared in my enthusiasm,
      as well as my occasional bouts of melancholy
      about Rain about to do his time.
      Being that I drive them all crazy about it,
      I consider it a gift.
      So no concert for me,
      but I at least got to talk about it!
      it’s the little things…
      You do seem really excited.
      I look forward to hearing all about it from you!
      I hope Lei was able to go too.
      Though chances are probably slim,
      it be fun to know if you ran into
      anyone who frequents your site.

  4. Let me see. I would have to rotate them through the week Onew,Minho and Taemin. Even though Im attracted more to Taemin, my weekends belong to Key. He is hilarious and looks like a blast to hang out with.
    @ KrisE
    I’ve watched some of Hello Baby a couple weeks ago. I got to the episode they went shopping for the baby. Preppy baby vs. Hip hop baby ..LOL KrisE if you did a post Mblaq and/Beast I’ll be all over it. I’ve seen almost all of their shows.

  5. I’m so happy you posted about SHINee, KrisE!!!

    That’s a hard choice for me because I love all of the SHINee boys but Monday: Minho, his face alone would be enough to get me motivated to got to school every morning and he is just so sweet. Tuesday: Jonghyun, (although his personality is not that great) I love his voice, its amazing and he can write songs like nobody’s business, my faves “Obsession” (it has literally become my obsession), “Juliette” & he co-wrote “Up & Down,” he could sing to me anyday. Wednesday: Onew, that beautiful smile of his is… no words lol, that’s all he would have to do is smile and show me some of his Onew Sangtae (Condition) and I’ll be happy. Thursday: KEY!! I love Key so much he seems like an awesome guy to be around just because he is so straight forward and funny, he could just brighten my boring Thursdays (you should watch him in Raising Idols on YouTube, if you haven’t already, because that chef is the only person that I have seen to make Key nervous, its hilarious). Friday: my bias, my adorable, sweet Taeminnie, Taemin teaching me some of his dance moves would be the perfect end to my week (plus the weekend) and his cute smile and gorgeous hair (God I love that boy’s hair), I would be a very happy girl. Next week post about Super Junior or MBLAQ or DBSK/TVXQ! (especially since you love Jaejoong so much 🙂 ).

    • I freakin love Juliette O.M.G! seriously I think Jong Hyun is just misunderstood. His personality is similiar to that of alot of kdrama male leads lolol douche-tastic and socially awkward. But thats whats least to me anyway.
      But yes I am in love with Juliette. He did an excellent job with that song.

      • KrisE,

        I agree, I don’t think that Jong Hyun is a bad person. People have off days. Adults understand this but teens don’t :). He’s just a bit awkward that’s all.

  6. KrisE, I’m very surprised that you had just started watching Hello Baby S2 🙂

    I just became a Shawol in July (this year) and that show was one of the first I saw of the group in my attempt to get to know the boys better. Like you, I found the show to be very revealing of each of the member’s characteristics.

    Eventhough the show was scripted (to an extent), the fact that one of the leading characters is a three-year-old (I say three because he was born in 2007, and the show was shot in 2010) makes it hard to keep to a rigid script.

    For example, you can’t fake Yoogeun’s affection for Key appa, especially the little boy’s excitement when Key showed up one morning after days of going missing.

    Yoogeun stroking Key’s face after the latter asked if (Yoogeun) had missed him is classic. There’s no way you can make a 3-year-old do that unwillingly!

    I’m definitely going to have to blog about my SHINee Schedule in my own Tumblr. I’ll come back and post the url once it’s ready 🙂

    If you need someone to spaze over the show, I’m available any time. Look me up on Twitter (@suzieuda)!

    • I watch so many dramas and keep up on music videos that it takes time to get to everything lol For the most part I’ve spent lots of time watching shows with SS501 because I heart them. I’ve also started watching Maknae Rebellion…I’ll put it to you like this; I’ll watch anything with Taemin.

  7. So far MBLAQ is leading for next weeks group date with 3 votes, 1 for Beast, 1 for DBSK and 1 crazy vote for Super Junior (Ahem Fleurdelis). I’m not saying we wont ever have a date week with Super Junior, but that would be more like a date month with their herd of members o_0

    • Yeah, I’m sorry I’ve been kinda addicted to Super Junior lately since I’ve been trying to watch every reality show they’ve been on, which is a TON, they don’t call them the Kings of Reality TV for nothing lol. The groups number is truely ridiculous but I’m also just really in love with Siwon, Donghae, Sungmin and Heechul so forgive me :).

      • I seriously just started to listen to Super Junior this morning. For some reason the idea of all those members just turned me off but I gave them a chance. So far I like 3 of their songs and maybe 2 members seem to be attractive. I’ll have to look into some of their reality spots in order to really judge.

      • Since you just started listening to Super Junior, you should check out some of my favorite songs: A-Cha, Opera, The Girl Is Mine, U, Superman, Mr. Simple, Shake It Up! (Remix), Sorry Sorry – Answer (I just love this song, It’s so pretty), Boom Boom & Bonamana. Good luck! because once you really start to like them you can’t get enough 🙂

        Right now I’m listening to American music (I haven’t done that in a long time) specifically Lloyd’s Cupid and You he he.

      • Just heard A-cha yesterday and liked it.
        First SuJu song that ever caught me the right way.

    • ATLSis,

      I agree 100%. I would pick Onew Monday – Friday. He’s quiet but can make me happy with his ‘Onew Condition’. His smile could brighten up my day when I’m feeling angry or upset. And of course, his beautiful voice could sing me to sleep at night. LOL!.

  8. OOOOOO!! This is fun! HA HA! 😀

    Monday – Jong Hyun! He’s cute and talented. We are so socially awkward and offbeat. 🙂 He wouldn’t be bad for a dull Monday.

    Tuesday – Taemin! He’s cute and can be fun to hang out with and be silly. 🙂

    Wednesday – Key! He’s charming and sarcastic. 🙂 He can help get ready for the weekend.

    Thursday – Onew! He has a great smile and the nicest dude. Instead of going out, a nice stay at home, having dinner and watching a movie.

    Friday – Minho! Oh yeah! The weekend. The one to go out clubbing and bar hopping. 🙂 And he’s tall and hot.

    As for next week, I’m torn between MBLAQ and ZE:A.

  9. “bitofabelly81 says:
    @Angelface: they were absolutely gorgeous. And sooo tall! I just didn’t expect that! I’m 5’7″ and was wearing flats, and when I realized that Onew and Key were at least 5’10″, I found myself even more attracted to them! Not to mention Minho with his long, hot legs and taller than both of them! I was VERY impressed!

    @Angelface: could be shoelifts, though! lol grrrr. I sure hope not though…lie to me! Tell me you really are as tall and lean as you appear”


    LOL! I know that Jonghyun has admitted to wearing shoelifts but I think that the rest of them are naturally tall, especially Minho. He’s huge! And yes, I so agree that they are all gorgeous. I told you that I was most impressed with Onew. He is so beautiful in person and pictures really don’t do these guys any justice : ).

    Take care 🙂

    • @Angelface: Choi Min Jung is gonna kill me because Onew is her man, but truth be told, I was most taken by his appearance! Surprisingly, because Minho is my favourite, but Onew really got my attention. I was very very very impressed! It is very interesting that you made the same observation!

      • Bitofabelly81,

        Before I met them, Onew was like the “invisible” Shinee member to me. Loved, loved, loved his voice but thought he was kinda average in the looks department. But my oh my, like you said he really does “get your attention” in person. Face is beautiful but when he smiles it’s like “ding, ding, ding”. Wow : ).

  10. Angelface,

    You know what, much I like Onew, I almost forgot about my G.O. If I had to categorize this by days:
    Monday-G.O., Tuseday-Onew. Wednsday- Se7en.. haven’t got Thursday and Friday thought up as of yet.

    • ATLSis,

      I’ll have to check out G.O. My daughter Mika was talking about him the other day with her friends and said that “he’s now such a hottie without his facial hair”. I’m a Lee Joon woman myself but I may have to give G.O. a 2nd glance. I’ll still take Onew off your hands Monday – Friday. LOL!

  11. “KrisE says:

    Whats a good site to download kpop tracks since itunes is limited (lame).”


    If we don’t download them from itunes, we rip the songs directly from YouTube with YouTube Downloader if you have a PC and then covert to MP3. Or, with a iMac, MacTubes.

    • or try Myspace. Just go to the main website. Set up a free account and just start typing in artists name and/or songs and start making playlists. Unfortunately you can’t download them. At least I don’t think. I saw Shinee’s Hello in Hmart this weekend and was so tempted to buy it, couldn’t pay almost $30 when I might find it cheaper on Ebay

      • KriseE,

        You are very welcome. We do try to buy the CDs but they can be so expensive and like you said iTunes is so limited. YouTube downloader is a lifesaver because you are ripping the actual video and can then covert them to MP3s or save as videos for the iPhone, iPod, iPad, or even DVD. Works like a charm!

  12. whatthefrell, I did make it. I was perched on top of a table freezing by the end of the night, but was there. Didn’t see everyone up close, but was very happy they had big screens. I was so happy my boys Shinee were in the beginning of the concert. Jealous that you got to see them backstage bitabelly. I had a little girl(around 5 or 6) jumping up and down crying/screaming “Minho Oppa” during Shineee’s performance.
    Patiently waited thru out for TVXQ and 2PM to come out. We finally decided to leave because it was getting too cold and my sister wasn’t feeling well. When we went to the restroom and was leaving, 2PM came out. So we ran back and watched and then ran closer to see TVXQ. I officially have a crush on Yunho’s smile. Love him and Changmin’s voice-What! Amazing! I was so happy they performed “Before You Go”. I will comment more on it when bitabelly post something.

    • Lei,

      Glad to hear that you made it to the show and had a great time :). And, I agree Changmin’s voice is sooo amazing!!! I hate the fact the DBSK has broken up but it does give him more of a chance to shine.

  13. Thanks AngelFace I am happy we decided to go even without tickets. It would be nice if they could do some type of reunion thing. One day it could happen.

  14. Let me say this, yooeung (correct me im wrong) cutest little baby boy ever when he yells “appa” gets me all the time. Shinee hello baby is so cute, taking my sweet time watching thw epiodes.

  15. Hmm, I think Onew would get like 3 days out of my week!

    Monday- Onew would wake me up by singing to me!
    Tuesday- Taemin and I could go shopping
    Wednesday- watch fave dramas with Onew
    Thursday- Minho and I could check out a bookstore together and have lattes
    Friday- Junghyun and I could watch a UFC match together
    Saturday- Onew and I… between the sheets 😉
    Sunday- relax and recharge with Taemin again, doing skin treatments and other pampering.

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