Kim Bum: The Dandy Boy

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13 thoughts on “Kim Bum: The Dandy Boy

  1. My friend is totally in love with Kim Bum, she’s the one that told me to watch Boys Before Flowers and the other drama Kim Bum was in, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (which was great and funny by the way). Although when I watched BBF, I was drawn to Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong more than Kim Bum but he is definitely a cutie :). Since I have watched BBF, (which was only in January of this year) I am addicted to KDramas and have watched 46 of them so far lol, so I think of my self as pretty knowledgeable about KDramas. Keep posting about KDramas, I love it!

  2. He is quite dapper ^^
    Can’t believe this is the first time i’m seeing him!
    I have a weakness for men in suits and he is def working it hehe

    • He is very handsome! He actually became my favorite character from Boys Over Flowers. Although, he didn’t have a big role, there was something about how he portrayed this guy who was “a player and womanizer” but then it developed into him being so sensitive and caring about Chu Ga Eul, who was Jan Di’s best friend. Oh, and being cute, also did not hurt either.LOL!

  3. I just found this blog through google. I was googling pics of kim bum and it led me here. I too became a fan of this drama last year and it started my minoz and hyun joong obsession but I have to say, Kim Bum held his own too. Its hard to believe he was 18 at the time but he possessed a maturity and sophistication rarely seen in guys his age. I always called his style, “the investment banker” cause that’s what it reminded me of. He was sexy as hell and I loved his storyline way better than the Japanese version’s storyline. Yes that smile is to die for. Its the kind of smile that makes a girl blush if he directs it at you. Recently, I’ve seen a pic of him and he looks like he’s starving. He’s lost some weight and it don’t look to good on him.

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