[Rerun] What I Love About Bi, III: His Eyes

Can anyone disagree with me that Bi’s eyes are probably the one trait on his face that gives it the most character?  Can you believe that it was also the one trait that caused him to fail audition after audition in the early days before his debut??  According to him, he was turned down numerous times by talent recruiters who told him that he wasn’t good-looking (probably meaning Western-looking enough) and even encouraged him to have surgery to change his single eyelids to double.  He must have felt pretty low at this time, but that didn’t stop him from trying (gotta love his determination).  So why didn’t he have the surgery done?  < Well, apparently, he went to a famed surgeon for a consultation, and the surgeon advised him that he had too much fortune in his natural looks and that he shouldn't change them in any way.  Well, I'm not going to say that I wouldn't like Bi today if he'd have gotten double-eyelid surgery, but I much prefer his single eyelids.  My friends think I'm crazy, but I love Asian men for their natural looks.  The smaller, more single-eyelided (if that’s a word!) their eyes are: the better!  I loves 'em as exotic as I can gets 'em! 🙂

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Who I am Bitofabelly81 aka boab81, founder of Black Women Love Bi (BWLB): An Asian Men Appreciation Blog Why Because I love Bi/Rain/비/Jung Jihoon. I have never been inspired to start a blog/site for any celebrity/public figure, until I learned about Bi. He is the whole reason this blog exists. If it weren't for him, I would know nothing about the world of K-pop (which I adore), nor would I care. I am also a big fan of Japan and all things Japanese. I strive to feature men of all Asian ethnicities on the blog, but since K-pop and Hallyu are very popular, this blog has a tendency to lean more towards features on Korean men. Follow me on Twitter blackwomenloveb Find BWLB on Facebook here Wanna drop me a tip? Wanna say hi? Wanna say anything? Email me at bitofabelly81@gmail.com

25 thoughts on “[Rerun] What I Love About Bi, III: His Eyes

  1. I love Rain’s eyes. I am glad that he did not give in to that earlier pressure and start down the road of cosmetic surgery. He is gorgeously masculine to me. He is natural, and the confidence that he displays with his appearance further adds to his attractiveness. Who doesn’t like a confident person (not to be confused with arrogance, because that he is not). Add this together with all his other fine attributes, and he is a complete package that makes you want to take him home — if you know what I mean…. 🙂

    • @Chisun,

      Oh Yeah, I KNOW whatcha mean girl! (SMILES)…………………………….

      I agree, I am so glad Bi had the courage to stay true to himself. He was confident in the face of people telling him he was unattractive and at a young age too. We know many young people in Asia wouldn’t have been able to withstand that kind of pressure. I think I read a quote from him (I forget where) where he said, he Always knew he was attractive. I didn’t take it as arrogance either, just a matter of fact.

      Now BOAB81, If you keep posting about all Bi’s body parts in the “What I Love About Bi” series…..I’mma need to CARRY a box of Carefree P___ty sheilds on my person at All Times. Good GRAVY!!! (SMILES)

  2. i agree with you about his eyes they are beautifull. i have single eye lid too ,and i am from jamaica. i would never change my eyes to fit it. Jung JI Hoon is sexy from head to toe. ” Hey Rain if you wake because a big fat man is trying to stuff you in a bag don’t get scared you are what i ask for christmas.

  3. I agree, I think there foregin looks is what makes them so d*mn hot, lol. I like single eyelids more too. Though, i still think guys with double eyelids are just as hot! XD

  4. The flashing pic where he goes from normal to “western looking” I really like the western. He would be very pretty and I like his eyes the way they are but with the eyelid surgery he would have more expression. But then again I’m just being biased cuz I prefer them to be “pretty” unless its Hyun Bin hes the exception lol

    • Funny you say that. because when i was looking at the picture when it turned western i was like…”eeww now he just looks like everyone else”. Wasn’t sure what it was, but you helped me define it…it’s the pretty boy. I think there’s definitely two sides to the Korean Hotness spectrum. There are the airbrushed, SHINee/Flower Boy looking pretty boys…and then there are the exceptionally handsome as men looking guys. I prefer the latter on the spectrum, like Rain, those men in the Men’s Health magazine, Hyun Bin(yum), Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hon, Lee Min Ho(in city hunter, not boys over flower, also i know he has the double eyelid, but still seems to avoid looking like a pretty boy), all the boys from MBLAQ. I think lee joon in Mblaq is the closest I’ve gotten to the pretty boy side of things. Other than that…I like them to have their korean features.

      • You know whats really funny. Before all my attention and desire had been redirected towards Asian guys I use to only date very All American white guys. Blonde hair Blue eyes, Dark hair light eyes with very defined jaw structure who were older. I liked the guys in their 30s-40s because they were very “handsome”.
        With Asian men I seem to be attracted to the pretty ones with extremely delicate features who are very young looking. Hyun Bin though is special I see him and I literally freak out lolol He has a mixture of what I like. I havent watched City Hunter yet but I will say I loved Lee Min Ho’s look as Goo Joon Pyo. He was really sexy in that with the furs and suits and even the perm lolol I thought he was cute in Personal Taste but his face was too chubby in that for my liking.

      • @luvb: I’m with you! I love my guys looking manly…fo sho…in my opionion, Rain is the manliest and sexiest guy I’ve ever seen…he’s on fiya!

  5. I like some of the pretty boys, yes lee joon is hot and pretty at the same time, but I love when they are manly. Rain in that GQ photo spread, yum! I love that he could totally go to looking adorable. I love Hyun Bin and even though I have only watched him in Secret Garden and Sam Soon where they try to highlight his pretty boyness, I love when I see manly scruffy pics of him. But in the end it is all good, as long as they look more manlier than me, its cool

    • Sam Soon was made in 2005 Hyun Bin was only 23 at the time ^_^ He’s aged well hasnt he? I mean in Secret Garden he was very thin but still soooooo handsome. Dont laugh but I loved his track suits especially the epic blue sequin one hahaha

      • Hahahaha. Too late. I just thought he looked scrumptious in a suit. Wasn’t feeling the track suits, but all he had to do was smile and it didn’t matter what he had on. He was gorgeous.



    lol woooo child, lee min ho…did something to me in that drama lol. I was totally put off of him in boys over flowers, hated that perm…he just couldn’t do anything for me. but when i started watching CITY HUNTER??? lol….that boy gained a fan. from the first episode alone…geez. *smitten*. Watch it on hulu.com for free with subs.

    And yes, that is hilarious that you like the manly american look, and the delicate pretty asian boy look. You know what’s even funnier? it’s the exact opposite for me haha. I like pretty boy americans(Pharrell Williams) but prefer manly slightly pretty asian looking dudes. I like the balance of pretty and manly..so he ends up looking pretty manly lol. Like Rain going from adorable 15 year old look(at the age of 30) to looking like Raizo(ninja assassin) or the suited up gentleman Esquire spread he did.

  7. Single eyelids are so beautiful, and it’s a shame that the mind conditioning over there doesn’t really allow them all to realize that. I have all the double eyelids I want right here if I want any — I don’t need everyone else in the wold damaging their looks to be one more pair.

    Thank heavens Rain didn’t succumb to the temptation. That naturally beautiful South Korean face without the “eye smile” just wouldn’t be the same. At all.

  8. About his eyes…
    You have posted two pictures that
    when I arrived at your site and was greeted by them
    made my heart melt…
    One of them he is holding like
    a silver ring-like thing in front of of his lips,
    his hair is barely wet,
    and side swept,
    kind of covering one eye…
    like he’s been at a pool or something,
    and another he’s sort of
    resting his head on his hand,
    which you can see,
    an earlier picture, because they don’t appear
    as large as they are now…
    and I think one of his fingers
    has a simple gold ring on it.
    For some reason I think
    he was wearing a vest,
    and the picture had kind of
    brownish, mustard-ish,
    golden colours in it (I could be way wrong),
    but anyways…
    Both of those pictures
    are all about his eyes,
    and his lips,
    but it’s his eyes that grab you
    and they are absolutely beautiful.
    Kudos to that doctor
    for being more than just about the money.
    If the opportunity presents itself
    to share those pictures again,
    would you please…
    I could not find them in
    Google images,
    but they were beautiful
    photos of him.
    Just thinking about them
    warms my heart.

  9. I am a cloud to big papa Rain, can’t get enough of him, love his eyes and lips. Ladies have you checked out his ass or his long strong legs, oh my.

  10. His eyes are beautiful. Eyes are the windows to the soul, so its been said. If that’s true I’m glad he didn’t change them. His eyes draw u in esp in pictures and very expressive on film.

    On another note, I definitely manly looking men. I think the closest I’ve gotten to pretty, pretty boys is Ki Kwang from Beast. He has a smile that’s like sunshine.

  11. Cosign completely about the single eyelid being more attractive than double. Don’t get me wrong, Ive dated guys with double eyelids and I did not care. It doesn’t put me off or anything. But I prefer Asian men who look as Asian as possible, with eyes and hair. Single eyelid is more exotic to me, and a very distinctive gorgeous feature. Rain looks way better for having left his perfect features alone.

    In that same vein, I really don’t like the curls and bleach in Asian men’s hair. I think the ~perfect~ hair was in SHINee’s Replay mv, esp Taemin’s haircut. So cute!

    No bleach, no crazy colors, no cornrows and no curly perms! I LOVE the coarse, jet black hair that Asian men have. I wish they would stop trying to change it. Even Rain looks less sexy to me when he has bleached tips and looks like he sat with a curling iron and marcel wax for an hour. No thanks.

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