K-Drama: Boys Before Flowers

This was the first drama I ever watched and it not only turned my world upside down, but it had a MAJOR influence on Korea and made the cast members household names throughout all of Asia. I’ll put it to you this way, guys wanted to be F4 and women wanted to bang them. This drama revolved around pure unrealistic excess which I LOVED!

The plot is simple; poor daughter of a dry cleaner is given a swimming scholarship to attend the elite private ShinHwa High where she encounters “F4” a group of 4 uber rich, hot, sexy, heirs to immense fortunes. You can expect fast cars, big houses, fighting, nose bleeds,crying, screaming, an intense love triangle, Exotic locales, a crazy monster of a mother, kidnapping, obsession, lies, womanizers, expensive dates, serious anger management issues, laughter, heart wrenching moments and lots of eye candy!

If you’ve never watched a Kdrama before I suggest you start with this one. The ONLY website I use to watch all my dramas is VIKI.COM Not only can you watch but you can also comment back and forth with other people watching at the same time.       (Note: On Viki the title is ‘Boys Over Flowers’ on Hulu its ‘Boys Before Flowers’)

Cast List: Goo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di..Lee Min Ho as Goo Joon Pyo..Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Jihoo..Kim Bum as So Yi Jung..Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin

Enjoy the preview its a good one!


K-Kisses! KrisE

28 thoughts on “K-Drama: Boys Before Flowers

  1. I had a love/hate relationship with this drama. I hated the over-acting and the typical K Drama cliches (this one had just about all of them) and I especially hated..HATED HATED Goo Joon Pyo’s hair with a passion! Every time I saw him my hands were itching to pick up my clippers. I’m a sucker for Cinderella Stories, and that made me love it. As a plus, it gave us Lee Minho 😀

    I tried watching the Japanse version, Hana Yori Dango thinking that maybe the writers bastardized a good story. No such luck. It was pretty much the same, except Makino Tsukushi
    (Goo Joon Pyo) was a lot more douchey.

  2. KrisE I love you! Your posts are so similar to what goes on in my brain, its hysterical. 🙂
    Boys Before Flowers/Boys Over Flowers was my first k-drama ever. I started watching it at the end of June of this year (I know I’m late to the party) on hulu. I saw an advertisment on it and I giggled at the name so I decided to see what it was about. SO glad I did because it introduced me to my soul mate Kim Hyun Joong. 🙂 Haven’t been the same since. My husband no longer bats an eye when he sees me crying in the corner while watching my a drama on laptop. Going on a tangent…
    Anyways I agree please watch this drama without any prejudices (don’t compare it with the Japanese version)and enjoy KHJ ❤ and of course, Lee Min Hot! Hahaha. Okay I'm done 🙂

    • Aww TY SARA! I also came across Boys because of a Hulu advertisement lol I fell head over heels madly in love with everything Korean because of that. As far as Kim Hyun Joong goes uhhh I had never seen anyone like him before, he’s absolutely beautiful and my ideal guy.

      • *Sigh* Yes he is. He’s the only one on my list where if I ever meet him and he starts digging me, my husband can’t get mad. 🙂 I just saw the 3 teasers of his new mini album Lucky Guy. You should do a post on it just so I can drool…I mean read it. 🙂

  3. This was my first KDrama too! I ABSOLUTELY loved it!!! It will forever be my favorite KDrama of all time but thats kinda hard since I have watched a ton since. When I first began watching Boys Before Flowers I thought that Lee Min Ho was REALLY cute but an idiot (I have to say that when I saw his curly hair, I thought that’s new on an Asian guy but it fit him so well and I was actually sad when he straightened it in one of the eps for Jan Di). I think I might not have been thinking straight but I initially thought that Kim Hyun Joong was not attractive at all with his long blondish hair, but then when he smiled, I went Oh. My. God. and melted and now he is one of my favorite Korean actors/singers lol.

    Another drama that I was in love with that I think everyone should check out is Dae Mul (about a woman who is distraught after the death of her husband, she starts to work in politics and soon becomes the first female President of South Korea with the help of the Prosecutor that is in love with her) with Kwon Sang Woo and Ko Hyun Jung that you can watch on Hulu. I have to tell you that I totally fangirled everytime they had a scene together, they were just so cute that I would watch them all twice and the ending had me grinning from ear to ear.

    • Oh I forgot to say that I have never cried so much and so hard in 25 hours as I did while watching Boys Before Flowers, something about that show just turned me to mush, which was weird for me since I hardly cry ever lol.

  4. My first Kdrama was Full House with Rain, and that’s when I first experienced the infamous Korean Kiss (which means “passionless” and “unemotional” just plain DRY).. This was my second Kdrama I watched and again the Korean Kiss was in this movie as well.. Even though this movie was cliche, i still always love a good Cinderella story and because this was a strong spirited Cinderella who overcame a lot, and the male leads where really good lookin, and it actually had some pretty funny scenes, BOF will always be one of my top five movies!!!!

  5. I have seen all 3 versions of this drama: Taiwanese came out first, then Japanese and lastly Korean. Between the 3, I just can’t pick. Too good!

  6. Watched this on dramafever.com and enjoyed it. Introduced me to the “Korean kiss”, back hug, & my fav the bitchy/mean as hell mother! LOL

    Goong was another good Cinderella story too.

  7. I watched the Japanese version Hana Yori Dango first, which I think spoiled it for the Korean verison of Boys Over Flowers. It’s like reading the book before you see the movie. The movie is still great but you know everything that is going to happen. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the acting and looks of the 2 main characters Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun in the Japanese version but Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong, won me over looks wise. I think what killed the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers for me was definitely the character of Geum Jan Di that was played by the wonderful actress Ku Hye Sun. Her quirky and cooky character was endearing to me at first but for some reason she started to annoy me towards middle and I by the end, I was over her.

    And I agree with Seli 100% on Goo Joon Pyo’s (Lee Min Ho’s) hair. I just wanted to straighten out that curly perm everytime I saw him : ). When he straightened his hair in one of the scenes, my daughter and I were soooo happy but then the perm came back. LOL!. All in all, Boys Over Flowers is probably the 1st K-Drama or in my case J-Drama, that most people seem to watch and it should get you hooked on wanting to see K-dramas.

    BTW, I did LOOVE the OST from the Korean version of Boys of Flowers. Everytime Stand By Me by Shinee started to play, it brought a smile to my face and Mika and I would do our little Shinee dance: ). Now, back to watching Protect the Boss. Gotta admit, Jae Joong is either growing on me or I’m getting delirious because I’m soooo sleepy : ).

    • That was a perm? Ohhhhhh…. it was so bad I thought his hair barrel curled every day. And I agree with you about Jan Di. In the beginning she was strong and awesome. Towards the end she turned into……. I don’t even know what to call it nicely.

      I watched some BTS footage from the drama and those kids were put thru the ringer. I think filming schedule explains a lot about their acting and when it got really bad. You can always tell when a drama is deep into the live shoot. The acting and script takes a serious dive and the car accident didn’t help either. I will never understand why Korea uses the live shoot system. It causes too many problems all around.

      Off topic…. my seriously worst drama was A Love To Kill with our baby Bi. The acting from everyone was awesome, but that storyline…… I could have commited homicide with how rrible the storyline was.

      • Seli,

        Lee Min Ho is so cute but that hair : ). I sooo agree with you on Geum Jan Di. I thought she was such a strong character but it just got annoying after a while. I did not know about the live action shooting but it does provide some explanations for the acting. Like I said, I did like the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers but preferred Hana Yori Dango.

    • I saw all 3 versions plus the anime.. I personally did not like the Taiwanese version, especially when they did season 2 with the whole amnesia part.. I liked Hana Yori Dango the best out of all four versions because it gave you a closer that you really dont get with the other versions..

  8. I’ve seen all three version of this show as well and I own the manga AND anime for this series. Personally I think the J-version is the best because I thought the acting was better and there was more chemistry between the characters. Plus they used music from Utada Hikaru who is one of my fave J-music singers. The New York scene was some racist bullshit though and really sullies this show from being my all-time favorite drama (Gokusen and Last Friends are my top). I also didn’t like that Doumouyji was more violent in the show than he was in the manga/anime.

    In the K-version it bugged me that none of the actors could cry when they were supposed to. Like someone else said it had to many K-drama tropes that bothered me like montages and everyone episode. I think the guys looked like they could be the F4 compared to the Japanese ones, but the acting…I was not feeling it. I didn’t like the way they changes some of the F4 backgrounds either, because they get enough character development to justify the changes.

    The Taiwanese version was the worst. It was the first live action version of the show. The biggest mistake they made was making all the character college students. The acting was also terrible in this version, and the show was really just a vehicle to make the F4 a T-pop group. And don’t get me started on that second season…I…just…can’t…

  9. Ugh you all slay me today mentioning the hair, the acting and the other versions. The only other version I’ve seen is Big Bangs Parody ^_^
    Now granted when you first focus in on Joon Pyo’s hair its an “umm??” moment. But it really fit what he was all about. It was all excess and flashy fashion so therefore it just worked.
    Now I didnt get the comment of bad acting and issues with crying. Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho were great especially with the crying. There were moments when Lee Min Ho cried ( Ahem! board room!!) where I was like O.M.G! oppaaaaaa nooooo chillax and breathe! Geum Jan Di was an intense char who had wayyy to much on her plate and I think the stress of it all really showed through Goo Hye Sun.
    As far as Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim So Eun; all being Idols they did alright. I really liked Kim Hyun Joong and I’m not being biased based on my complete adoration and love for him. I’m saying he played his role as the sensitive, 4D, conflicted, autistic F4 member well. Kim Bum was good too (his smile yum). Kim So Eun not enough screen time but loved his use of English.
    Too many Kdrama cliches doesnt even make sense because its not a Kdrama if it doesnt contain the formula elements which are: Nosebleeds, a crazy mother, drunken truth scene, almost drowning, a near fatal accident,lack of good communication which leads to unnec misunderstandings and a makeover.
    Practically every kdrama contains a few of those elements which is why this drama is perfect for those who havent watched any because it contains all of the elements.
    Just as a viewer remember these dramas especially Boys Before Flowers are not suppose to be true to reality. You are suppose to indulge in the fantasy of it and just go with it. Its not fun if you sit there and say “oh that wouldnt happen”. So just follow the stories as they are and you will really enjoy them!!!

    • I have noticed that the newer dramas are starting stray from the old formula. Yes they’ll still have some staples in them, but not as much or as heavy handed. Im guessing the viewers like it. As I stated above, my main problem is the live shoot system. I think they pre-recorded Bye Bye Birdie, but I can’t bring myself to watch it. UEE bothers me acting wise. She always has this blank look in her eyes… that is for another day 😛

      • Dont even get me started on Uee. I like her alot as an After School Idol but yeah she bothers me too. She really annoyed me in You’re Beautiful lolol

        But with Boys there was just toooo much drama going on besides what was on the screen. The suicide and funeral of “Sunny”, the accident, the lack of sleep and the weight loss especially on Kim Hyun Joong was soo bad..he looked like a skull towards the end.

      • Seli,

        I totally agree that the newer dramas are straying from the old formula. The female leads are being shown with much stronger personalities and the male characters having more sensitivity. I like the changes! Welcome to the 21st Century!!

    • KrisE,

      Because Boys Over Flowers contains almost every K-drama cliche’, I agree that it is the best drama to start with. I don’t think anyone should watch either K-dramas or J-dramas for “reality”. It’s pure light-hearted entertainment–not violent or sexual–just fantasy, which is what I love about them. There were moments with Boys Over Flowers, where it seemed the storyline dragged on and it became a little slow. And don’t get me started on how it ended! (For those who have seen the drama, no spoiler alerts please).

      • I dont mind if the female leads are traditional or more modern. I happen to be drawn to the dominant ways of the men anyway. However I like that the new dramas are allowing the female leads, weak or not to at least express themselves and open their mouths. The one thing that always annoyes me is the whole use of miscommunication. I’m always looking at the screen like “uhh just freakin tell him what happened so he doesnt think you messed up!!!” But of course no one ever opens their mouth and the misunderstanding snowballs into a crazy issue.
        I have to say I was some what pleased with the ending of Boys. I was just really sad it ended, I wish they would make another season even if only a few episodes like 10.

  10. yea, i think things are changing a little. City Hunter is totally different, which is why I fell in love with it(that and lee min ho’s face). Same with Fugitive: Plan B. Iris is another one that’s different than the formula. I prefer the ones that are different than the typical.

    My first drama was Sangdoo Let’s Go To School, and that’s also slightly different from the formula. The relationship between Sang doo(rain) and his daughter…omg…I still can’t believe Rain was only 22 playing a 27 year old father of a child with cancer, while still juggling a romance in the story as well. The mother was a cool very lovely woman. there WAS a drowning scene but it was fake. There was also a drunk scene but no truth spoken lol. Also a near fatal accident as well. So yea I got my start in k-drama’s without the explicit formula…so It’s shaped my tastes in dramas. I refused to watch Boys over Flowers because I could see the cliche’s of a cinderella story, and those get on my nerves lol. I think the first totally cliche’d drama I watched was Secret Garden. Evil mom, cinderella story, rich douche male lead, lots of miscommunication all that jazz. lol

    • I dont think Boys is a cliche cinderella story at all. The rich guy poor girl theme yeah but thats pretty much it. To much stuff went on in Boys to be defined as a “cinderella story”. Secret Garden is def not a cliche drama considering it contained a strong female lead and Hyun Bin (woo woo!) as the male lead was actually playing the role of what the typical female lead would play.

    • Although I truly loved Secret Garden because of the female lead I agree that one was probably more cliche than BOF.. I will reccommend to you a Taiwanes drama called MARS, I think it was made around 2008. As a matter of fact, the star is the one who played in the Taiwanese version of BOF… Superb acting and great story line,, you can almost say this is like a Cinderella and a Prince charming but they emotionally need each other to make it. Really good movie and it’s not cliche!!!

      • Angel,

        I’ll have to check out MARS. I’ve never watched a Taiwanese drama but I’m always open for something new :).

    • I’ll have to give City Hunter another try. We started watching it because people were raving about Lee Min Ho but I only watched a few episodes and everytime we go back to catch up on the show, I just feel so lost. I think City Hunter is going to be one of those series where I have to watch it from start to finish with no breaks in order to fully appreciate it.

      In Boys Over Flowers, the only Cinderella themes were the “rich-guy, poor-girl from the wrong side of the tracks who fall in love and one of the parents oppose the relationship”. Otherwise, that drama was all over the place : ).

  11. I have not had the opportunity
    to view many K-dramas.
    I have wanted to purchase
    Dream High for my niece,
    and the only shows
    I’ve been able to watch are
    those on MNET America,
    who are really inconsistent with
    airing the complete series.
    such as (I can’t remember their names),
    most w/ comedy leanings.
    the three women hired to watch a ganster’s daughter,
    the SVU like series, I really enjoyed the Fighter;
    this really interesting,
    and really progressive one
    about high school with a
    transsexual love story in it…
    it was really good;
    and currently
    Cinderella’s Stepsister with Taecyeon,
    there’s so much crying…
    I get what you mean about the
    passionless kisses;
    it drives me crazy,
    kissing does not have
    to be all about tongue-down-the-throat,
    to be full of passion and varying degrees of emotion.
    they are sometimes hard to watch
    they can be so awkward.
    I do appreciate this information
    though, I am adding things to my list.
    I’ve heard about these from the very
    beginning of my journey,
    just haven’t had an opportunity
    to check them all out.

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