[Rerun] What I Love About Bi, II: His Hard Work Ethic

As pointed out in “What I Love About Bi, I”, the trait that appeals to me most is his openess and honesty.   But, his hard work ethic cannot be denied or ignored.  He’s been called the “Hardest Working Entertainer in Korea”.  He’s been observed by more than a few of the top people in his industry and they know what they’re talking about.  Their business is to churn out idols and pop acts, and they’ve seen more than a few.

Its no doubt that his hard work has gotten him to the toppermost of the poppermost.  He’s so multi-talented and he capitalizes on said talent by recording albums, touring, filming tv series, commercials, talk show and movies, designing clothing and is said to be finishing up a graduate degree (in what field I’m not sure) before entering into the military.  Meanwhile, he’s always looking for ways and opportunities to make himself irreplaceable and unforgotten.

Check out what the Ninja Assassin stunt team had to say about working with Bi (note: showing this video is only to relay to you all how hard-working Bi is, NOT how freakin’ hot his body is hehe):

He’s been working hard from day 1 and before his debut.  Is it just me, or is hard work ethic in a man really attractive??

8 thoughts on “[Rerun] What I Love About Bi, II: His Hard Work Ethic

  1. OMG thanks for putting this up. What a way to start a morning! 😀

    Indeed, he has been called the hardest working man in show business by major actors in Hollywood and in Europe too. I am loving that.

    (Bi is a Total Arts Major at Dankook U. He wanted a Masters in acting the same as he got his Post Modern Music degree back in college, so that both of those bases would be covered. Obviously it’s paying off, yeah?)

  2. Oh my dear, I have just about worn this out on the “special features” section of my DVD. I call it my Bi quick fix. When I don’t want to watch the whole movie, I go straight to Training Rain on the special features section. Usually does the trick! (SMILES)

  3. R u tryna put my eyes out..lol I’m staring at my laptop. Ive seen this plenty of times, but every time it’s like the first time…

  4. When Joel Silver says
    you have what it takes to make it in Hollywood,
    then you have what it takes to make it in Hollywood.
    It then begs the question,
    “What the hell happened?”
    I imagine we’ll find out
    in about 2 years.
    There’s got to be more to this story.

    Who has ultimate say over the management contracts;
    What really happened with he signed over J Tune to JYP;
    Again, it makes you wonder,
    did the powers that be see him getting to much play in the states,
    and decide to nip it in the bud before they lost him to us in the US.
    Just how is the game really played over there…

    Lastly, what will become of MBLAQ while he is away…
    All I know is that every time I play BLAQ Style I am blown away.
    The quality of production and the songwriting is so well done;
    most especially the songs, some of which were on previous releases,
    that were composed and given to them by Rain such as:

    So his style, it just makes you want to get on the floor and dance.
    With him as their mentor, I always thought them to be
    a bit on the progressive slant; with him gone,
    who has their backs…

    Questions with no definitive answers.

    It is strange how deeply I am feeling
    his impending absence…

    • whatthefrell says:
      “…….did the powers that be see him getting to much play in the states,
      and decide to nip it in the bud before they lost him to us in the US.”

      I often wondered that too. I kinda feel this may be the case. From what I understand, his music has never been made available on ITunes, whereas the other K-Pop singers are there including MBLAQ (correct me if I’m wrong). It’s also been difficult at times for his English speaking/Western fans to purchases his wares, without it being an act of congress. I mean, you’re management and you clearly see that your country’s biggest star has an avalanche of Western money just waiting to be had, like right now and you don’t take advantage of it? Instead you make it frustratingly difficult for his new Western fans to purchase anything from him. Why? IMO, in hopes that the impatient Westerners will get frustrated enough to back away and forget about their biggest “cash cow.” They call him a World Star, yet it would seem someone is trying hard to keep him from actually branching out INTO the world. Yeah, it does make you wonder.

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