The Odds of Meeting an IDOL & Having His Child..Maybe

Here I am sitting at my campus library not focusing on work as usual; instead I was thinking about a conversation I had last week with my hot native South Korean guy friend Jae (yay first name just like Jae Joong! Muahz!). Errr……anyway next summer I’m going to Korea for 2 or 3 weeks with Jae and so we talked about the different places we’re going to tour and how I told him we’re going to every location I’ve ever seen in a Kdrama because I HAVE to it’s just that flippin serious.

Well he agreed, sort of..whatever, hes doing it so his opinion on the matter is totally irrelevant at this time. Well getting to the point of this post, he said he refuses to chase Idols with me. That’s fine actually because even though I may know tons of info and post things that just scream “SHES OBSESSED!” I really have no interest in literally running all over Korea to find Idols. I mean I do, but not like that. If you really want to know Ugh! I’m like a really cool person ok? So I can’t be seen all fangirl’d out. That’s not gonna fly, I have to meet my Idols in a “random setup” like this…

Krise online and located Kim Hyun Joong. Grabs bag, spritz of Pink Sugar, quick mirror check and dashes to the location.Walks into the location of KHJ and shops around and casually slithers beside him.

KrisE: Oh..hey um Kim Hyun Joong? ( flashes super cute smile and backs it up with my ultra adorable high pitched,great pronunciation Korean) “Annyeonghaseyo, je ireumeun KrisE imnida!”

Anywayz the thoughts in my head began banging into each other and I started to get anxious because I just realized how easy it actually will be to run into an Idol in Korea. Think about this for a moment. How many KPOP groups are around out there? How many of these groups contain anywhere between 3 and 13 members? (AHEM Super Junior and their never ending group roster). Now if you think about it that way and the fact S. Korea isn’t THAT big and you know the areas Idols mostly reside in (refer to the housing map below) you are sure to run into someone. 

So see everyone!? Turning your fantasy into a reality is totally possible. All you have to do is be positive, prepared, alittle crazy and travel 14 hours!

Byyyy the way, since I posted the map I went ahead and tossed in some of SHINee’s dorm photos for fun. Notice on the map they live right next to Super Junior, 2PM and are in the same building as MBLAQ! ENJOY!

K-Kisses! KrisE

34 thoughts on “The Odds of Meeting an IDOL & Having His Child..Maybe

  1. Hilarious post, lol. Hope you have a great time visiting.

    *Does a little fangirl squee for Jonghyun*

    There is something so “mean” and “masculine” about his look in that Lucifer video. He reminds me of Kazuya from Tekken. ❤

    • haha I love the part where he looks into the camera and does that eyebrow gesture and of course towards the end where he turns around and shows off his back.I was like “um hi there” lolol And of course Taemin’s dancing always makes me happy now if only he became JongHyun’s gym buddy.

      • I’m still learning their names. Is Taemin the one with the long hair and the red pants in that video? Because his dancing had me all O.O. lol. There’s something about his moves that are VERY nice…

        And the back shot was the definitely the money shot. xD

  2. All I can say is if I got a chance to visit Korea, I’d love to be able to meet and have an in depth conversation with Cho Kyuhyun of Super Junior and Lee Taemin & Kim “Key” Kibum of SHINee. I would just hope I’d stay calm and collected. It would be cooler to have a life-long friendship with any one of them.

    @DaGrrrl Oh yes, Taemin definitely looks good from the front and back…….especially from the back..

    • I was actually talking about Jonghyun’s bare back >.> but heck, Taemin works just fine… *slurp*

      Now I have to watch the Lucifer video again. Dang!

  3. As much as I would love to run into Kim Hyun Joong here in the United States or Korea if it would be really him. Problem still exist, I’m 44 years of age; most of the korean songs I enjoy the singers are to many years young then I to consider having a child by. Honestly, having a baby with the real Kim Hyun Joong would be worth fear and the pain. Honestly,fate has played a dad game this time in my life.
    Djinn within your Djinn
    Sherelle Rippy

  4. LOL!! I love your posts. The closet I can get to a Korean right now is my Massuese..And when he is massaging me I just dream it’s Bi or KHJ!! Have fun and if you do run into any of Idols just let them know to visit this site and that we love them too!!!! LOL

  5. If I would visit Korea, what would be the chances of me meeting of them? The same chances I would ask Rain (Bi) for his phone number. HA!

  6. The Big 3 should just buy one of those big high rises together and stick them all in the same building. It’d probably be like a college dorm, but so much fun.

  7. Wow love your imagination and enthusiasm, KrisE! I really do hope you enjoy yourself in Korea! I bet you’ll run into MORE than one K-pop idol while you’re there! And I would hope they’d be open enough to respond with a “hi,” or at least an autograph ^.^
    Ladies, I’m currently studying in a rural area in Japan, 8 hours or so from Tokyo (and even further from civilization!) I’m just warning you all that if you plan to come to Japan and get some action while you’re here, meaning if you’re NOT planning to be COMPLETELY invisible to Japanese guys, PLEASE go to a big city! Go to Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama, ANYWHERE but the countryside! I’ve had the opposite experience KrisE’s dreaming of, and I don’t want all of you lovely Clouds to go through the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Japan! I’m just not crazy about the area I’m in.

    • I hope while you’re studying in rural Japan,
      you at least get to occasionally visit
      a big city or two;
      sounds like you’re due
      for one about now…
      How I envy all you lucky ladies:
      travel, living abroad,
      k-pop row and k-pop concerts —
      oi! I need to get a life!

    • Haha I read an article one time about someone teaching abroad in rural Korea and basically its a dead zone….I plan to stay farrrr away from anything rural when I go to Korea haha

  8. I hope u have fun when u go. By looking at your map I’m sure you’ll run into plenty of idols. I had no idea these stars lived that close to rack other. I hope you’ll get autographs and pics. I know this is redundant, but please post what happen. I would so love to live vicariously through you, during your time in Korea….lol

    • Well my first trip is going to be in the summer and im planning to visit all the sites I’ve seen in kdrama’s and take a massive amount of photos and there will even be some video blogging from me. So stay tuned!

      • That’s closer then the trip me and my beat friend are planning. She’s been my bestie since we were 11. Ive convinced her to come to SEOUL with me and I gotta go to Tokyo with her, which is fantastic!! the problem is that she wants us to be fluent in both. OMG, say what now!!! So, Im not gonna go until Bi is done with MS. Ive got 2 yrs. Ordering Rosetta Stone right now… Its gonna be her Christmas gift and mines

  9. excellent post..i LOVE the way this blog is progressing…

    Hey KrisE – I’m getting ready to go to Korea on business – where should I book a hotel?

    I can’t read that dang map:)

  10. I wish you well on your trip to Korea.

    I remembered when I would visit my mom’s workplace. It was said that some of the stars resided/stayed in the area. Further down the street, there was a mall where some future (now)stars were discovered at. My mom said that she got to meet Natalie Cole and she was a very nice ,down to earth lady. I was thinking about my younger brother..lucky dude. He lives near a movie production company. Who knows? Bi may have to make a movie there hee-hee. You’re doing right by living closest to their spots. Hopefully, wishes will become your reality.

  11. The funnyest part of this post is that you have a map of where all of ’em live :), but it would be nice to run in to one of them. My sister and me are talking bout going to korea finding an idol too, and wth the help of ur map it shldnt be to hard lol

    • Haha well I’ll only be spending a day or so actually looking for Idols but the rest of the time I’ll be visiting sites and shopping and getting to know the different areas because after my trip I will have a year and half left of school and then I’m actually moving to S. Korea for a few years to teach English and work at becoming an American global correspondant.

      • Ooh a global correspondant??? You GO GIRL!! I think once you move there, you’ll be able to do a lot more “scouting” because you’ll know the area a bit better. And let me know if any of the kids you teach disrespect you. I’ll take care of them for you lol! I may not speak Korean, but I assure you, one look from me, and they won’t even think disrespecting you rofl. I had to glare at a little Japanese kid who thought it was funny to give me the finger. After that, he stopped dead in his tracks haha!

  12. They say I look really young for my age.
    You know… black don’t crack and all.
    These are friends that say that,
    it’s unsolicited,
    surely they can’t all be lying all the time;
    I mean I’m never looking to get my ego boosted…
    although I do come across as a bit sad sometimes.
    If I do, it’s probably because
    I am incredibly immature.
    Well anyways, I am counting on that;
    ‘cuz when I do make it to Korea,
    I will be wanting to spend some time
    on K-pop row.
    I feel the younger everyone thinks I am,
    the less I’ll appear like a stalker.
    I’m allowed to pretend, right?

    • Its totally ok to feel that way. Oh you know what?! you just gave me a great post idea..give me a few and I’ll have it up I think its well worth talking about!!!

  13. I was much more interested in visiting Japan someday until I read this article *laughs* I shall have to share this with my sister. She’ll definitely rather visit Korea if she knew there was a distinct possibility of meeting a K-Pop idol 🙂

    • You should visit Japan first and then Korea! I’ve only been to Korea once (that was enough for me) but Japan over 20 x’s. Culturally, both places are very, very different but I think Japan is definitely more “receptive”. One placce is not better than the other, but I always feel good when I go Japan. Korea was good to experience but …….

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