Kim Hyun Joong: A Lesson on Perfection

Kim Hyun Joong is hmm, how exactly should I put this? I mean the only word that seems to come to mind every single time I think of him which is give or take a thousand times per day (obsession mode for sure, his picture is posted right in front of my treadmill for extra motivation) is perfect. Perfect seems about right, in fact I’ll take it a step further and say Kim Hyun Joong is the perfect Korean Male Specimen. So with that introduction let’s begin our lesson on perfection.

First, You MUST understand he is not just a popular Idol or Actor. He is literally an Asian Superstar having shot to fame as Yoon Jihoo in the insanely popular Kdrama ‘Boys before Flowers/Boys over Flowers’. He also portrayed lead character Baek Seung Jo in ‘Playful Kiss’. Now if you still don’t know Tsk! Tsk! You better step your Kdrama game up immediately! Most importantly, he is the Leader of the popular KPOP group SS501 (Pronounced as Double S 501) which his fans simply refer to him as “Leader”.

Next you should realize he is considered beautiful. In fact he’s known as a “walking sculpture” and is the spokesmodel for the Korean skincare brand “The Face Shop”. His features are very delicate looking and very pretty. Smooth skin and great complexion even without the BB Cream. One of his nicknames is also “cow” because of his eye shape. Speaking of his eyes, he has a very intense focused gaze yet he often appears to look sleepy. His mouth for the most part stays in a fixed pout but when he smiles its infectious!

Now the most interesting thing about Leader besides being a sexy tiger, (refer to the post of his music video “Breakdown” for animalistic day dreams and deeper understanding) is he’s seriously a peculiar being.Remember I talked about being “4D” in my intro post and I said I’d have some really good examples? I was referring to Kim Hyun Joong who is actually known as a 4D personality. He comes across for the most part shy, timid and quiet however his laugh is very similar to Elmo’s..yah from Sesame Street and when he does speak, his comments are usually off the wall and so are his actions. Watch the video below and you will see EXACTLY what I’m talking about…Kim Bum is in the video too *wink* Oh! And really random fact Hyun Joongs best friends are Jae Joong a.k.a Hero from JYJ and 50 other bands along with Big Bangs T.O.P ^_^

So be proud of me usually I’m really selfish when it comes to Kim Hyun Joong because welllll, he’s my number 1 main squeeze on my somewhat lengthy list of Korean lovers.

Now that you know who my number 1 guy is, Who is the  number 1 guy on all of your lists?

K-Kisses! KrisE

48 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong: A Lesson on Perfection

  1. KHJ is def in my top 5.. But right now BI is still #1. so the next 3 in no particular order is Top, Jay Park, Eddie (Aziatix)!!!

  2. He is my only one dear!! I have never felt so mesmerized by anyone until I met Kim Hyun Joong. His features are godly, like heaven sent, somebody with no flaws at all but still human. He has been an inspiration not just to young women but also young at heart. Generous and playful and most of all God fearing… most actors/actresses forgot their faith but he never did.. that’s why I love him so.. 🙂

  3. Hyun Joong is definitely gorgeous and those lips……my goodness. But my #1 guy has been and always will be Lee Taemin of SHINee. He’s 19 years old and is absolutely beautiful. Of course, he’s good friends with my #2 guy, Cho Kyuhyun of Super Junior….. ….. how convenient.

    • I love Taemin, he really is beautiful and young sooo I sorta see him as prey because I’m 25. He comes across so pure, I actually find joy in the thought of tainting him ^_^

  4. Awwww, he really is pretty. I fell in love with the Breakdown video (That was my first taste of him), but this is my first time seeing these photos. Adorable. And I know one of the ladies here will be very happy to see this post. I forget her name (apologies!), but she’s a huge Hyun fan and I’m sure she’ll appreciate this.

    Oh, and while I’m new here myself, I still want to welcome you to the gang! ^___^

      • Right, that’s her name! It totally escaped me, but I definitely remembered how much she adored him. ^^

  5. Almost forgot to include my faves. I’m still new to k-pop (only been into it for a few months), but I started by liking this teen group called Teen Top. My fave from that one is ChunJi, but I ended up adoring all of them and see them as my super cute “little brothers”. (I’d feel like a molester otherwise! :P)

    I also developed a taste for SHINee’s Jonghyun (The Lucifer video. YUM). Then, I realized I had liked “Key” all along from the RIng Ding Dong video and never knew his name. I like Hyun Joong, Kevin from U-KISS, JaeJoong from DBSK/JYJ and Yunho as well. I think that’s it for now, but I’m learning new names/faces everyday, so my list is bound to grow. 🙂

    • So funny I set my laptop on the top of my treadmill while I work out so I can watch my kpop videos and I seriously almost fell off the other day trying to do the moves to Ring Ding Dong lol awww U-KISS I was all about Alexander…and Jae Joong is 2nd in line if things dont work out with Hyun Joong!

  6. LOL @ If things don’t work out.

    I only heard of U-Kiss with “Neverland”, which I love, and immediately fell for Kevin. So cute! (Love his little hairstyle) In fact, I think I’m a hair grrrl because that’s why I liked Key. I didn’t know his name at the time, but I loved his hair cut in the Ring video. (Love the dance for it -Lucifer, too, so I totally get you).

    • Ahh yeah that Lucifer dance is addicting lol For U-KISS youtube these 2 videos….

      Man Man Hani and Bingeul Bingeul if you like SHINee’s Lucifer you’ll love these videos.

      • Those were awesome -especially Bingeul Bingeul. Kevin is such a cutie! *Fangirl nosebleed*

        These are going straight on the iPod. Thanks for the recs!

  7. As for my celeb faves, I do love Rain (my first intro to K-pop), Se7en, Taeyang, MBLAQ, ZE:A, Shinee, some members of Super Junior, SS501, DBSK/TVXQ, 2PM, 2AM, and Arashi.

    • haha most def, besides as long as they’re legal and taller than me and happen to be a beautiful kpop idol then its ok to see him that way. I look at him and think “wow I’de def be able to boss him around” lol

    • Honestly last night was the first time I ever watched Rain lol The only thing I really know about him is that he rejected Megan Fox and created MBLAQ haha But I have to say I like that “Its Raining” dance thing he does is pretty hot.

      • Like hot buttered toast, for real. *swoon*

        Nice post on HyunJoong, KrisE. 🙂

    • @DynasticQueen,

      Amen my sista! Rain is the “shiznit” in my world…..Done Deal…Case Closed! However, Kim Hyun Joong IS a cutie pie….no doubt. (SMILES)

      • Gurrrl, when I saw the opening of the 2005 Rainy Day concert (which was my very first glimpse of him, by the way, in a video on the defunct AZN Channel), it was over. Done. Deal was sealed. I had never seen or heard anything like him in connection with the Asian culture IN MY LIFE.

  8. @KrisE Wow! Its so, so refreshing to meet someone else who loves younger men and is not so overly concerned about age or age gaps. I look at his “heart” first and how he treats me and think about his age later….

    • I wouldnt say I “love” them but I would consider someone younger if they met my dating requirements. Now thats my outlook when it comes to normal guys. Korean Idols and Actors can bypass a few of my requirements just because they’re special and pretty.

  9. very cute, no doubt! But I’m with DynasticQueen: Bi is IT for me too! ^^
    Still, I appreciate this article…I’ve heard wonderful things about KHJ, so it’s good to see this…

    • Me too — I appreciate the article very much. There is a lot of hardworking talent and beauty out there, and they all should be showcased and admired.

      (I do think SHINee’s “Lucifer” video and the TVXQ collaboration “Triangle” are bookmark-worthy. The “Mirotic” song is absolutely hypnotic. And HoMin is something else!)

      I’ve happily immersed myself in Bi for six years, and I see no signs of that slacking up.

  10. I definitely like this post. He’s a cutie and sexy in the mv. I have to admit that my kdrama knowledge is limited…. Still tryna to watch all on BI’s. I got one more to go on his list. So, Im very bias to Rain…lol. I adore MBlaq. Love Beast, esp Ki Kwang and Yo Seob, so far that’s my list… Although it’s limited I think it’s a pretty good start. I saw some of hello baby with Shinee and Taemin’s a hottie, cute smile and Key’s hilarious. Slowly, developing soft spot for Jay Park. Im feeling him. Still Bi is #1.

    • Dont worry Surkura I’ll be starting a Kdrama series of posts in a few days. Every week I’m going to feature 1 Kdrama alittle background on it, my personal review of the drama and a special site where everyone can go and watch as many dramas and view as much eye candy as their little hearts desire. You’ll be a Kdrama expert in no time!

  11. Ah Bi’s my perfect 10. My second will have to be Yunho, I just adore him for some reason and finally I’m a bit fond of Se7en, just love his voice.

  12. Bless you for this post!! Between Rain and Kim Hyun Joong, my bias list is all kinds of messed up. Let me just say that this blog is one of my favorites. I love the honesty of it. The posts are awesome. Very great job^_^

  13. Ooooohhhhhh,
    I lose my mind on posts like these!

    I love me some Rain (Bi) Jung Ji-Hoon,
    but as far as I am concerned, it goes without saying,
    that he is on an entirely different level.

    Now Kim Hyun Joon,
    and oddly enough Kim Hyung Joon who seemed to
    come across as the more masculine of the bunch,
    of SS501 always caught my attention and I appreciated
    Park Jung Min’s message in Not Alone.

    Then came Breakdown or Break Down…
    and I thought okay then, what do we have here…
    I was enthralled for the first for quite some time,
    it was all about him and those guys dancin’,
    Double K’s rap and stuff; and then all of sudden,
    I noticed there were women in the video,
    and then I noticed that they were in cages,
    and I thought, what exactly are those women
    doing in those cages… and it kind of ruined it for me,
    because I was distracted by the women in the cages…
    were they being held against their will,
    were they about to be auctioned off into slavery,
    or was it metaphor for what all women were
    experiencing whilst viewing the video.

    Please is reminiscent of Rain’s Love Song, yes?

    I could not get enough of Yunho during Keep Your Head Down and
    Maximum promotions, and then there’s Before You Go; again,
    I want to meet the person who laid down that bass-line.
    If it was all keyboards, I don’t wanna know.
    Next to them and the choreography,
    the bass-line makes, no, is the song.

    I really like me some Jaejoong,
    maybe it’s the carpet cleaning chemicals I’m breathing right now,
    but I don’t think I am feeling him as intensely as the rest of you…
    Something’s wrong with me, because
    I really like him, and he has a really great physique.
    What’s wrong with me… help.

    I like Se7en a lot,
    I like that he’s good friends w/ Rain.

    I like Girls, the version without Lil’ Kim, no offense.
    But this is my jam:

    Don’t be sad Se7en…

    I have this thing for Beast,
    I can’t put it into words,
    but all the other idol groups seems to adore them too.
    Yoseob is adorable and he can sing.
    They are sort of similar to MBLAQ
    in that they are all attractive,
    but not in the typical sense:

    I’ve already gone off on my love for SHINee,
    and I don’t think anybody wants to
    hear any more from me on 2PM.
    Chansung all the way baby;
    Junho is a little bad-ass though,
    he is literally very in touch with his body,
    I like that, it’s fun to watch.

    Speaking of Jay Park (Jaebom)
    I was so happy when he busted out with this:

    This was primed and ready for America,
    but we didn’t bite; although I thought
    I read he was like #1 on iTunes R&B for a bit.
    So, discerning minds are paying attention.

    Oddly enough,
    while I have tons of respect for Big Bang
    I’m not feelin’ any of ‘em in that way –
    what’s wrong with me.
    Wait, with the exception of Taeyang
    upon which I have extolled his virtues in the past.

    Infinite can dance, and
    I think they’re underrated too,
    I’m glad they won for Be Mine:

    I used to get Infinite and ZE:A confused all the time.
    Something about 7 or more members maybe…
    I like them both.

    Choi Min Jung,
    About Super Junior.
    I haven’t had a chance to read your post
    all the way through and I apologize.
    But I give props to Kyuhyun all the way.
    He has to be at least one of the busiest boys in K-pop.
    Love SM The Ballad (feels like Sunday morning on KTSU),
    love Sorry Sorry Answer (that’s the jam)
    and while I get why their music is appealing,
    and appreciate them more live,
    I’m gonna go with Super Junior M:

    Teen Top are so incredibly young, but really good.
    They’re really addictive.
    Niel’s a little different, but he’s got it goin’ on.
    I could not get enough of Supa Luv:

    and even though I don’t know what the hell
    a 13 year old is doing singing about
    cheating on his girlfriend with an older women…
    No More Perfume on You is awesome:

    I love dance versions!

    Then there’s MBLAQ,
    I adore them all, absolutely.
    The obvious one would be Joonie, or MBLAQ’s Chansung,
    I even have really fascinating dreams with him,
    as I do with Rain, but oddly enough,
    as it relates to this post,
    I’m gonna go with Mir…
    When I got the opportunity to
    see him interact with someone of the opposite sex,
    though brief, that sealed the deal.
    They need to take advantage of this.
    His got it in him and they should play it up sometimes.
    He’s awesome (2:50), but Joonie’s in it too so watch the whole thing.
    The live performances are even more entertaining
    in the touchy-feely department that is;
    her hand all up in his hair, his arm around
    her tiny-ass waist, and so on..
    So young, so hot, so intense and so much fun.

    I’ve been trying to play catch-up so
    if I repeat myself I apologize.
    But I am so pissed they got nothing for Mona Lisa.
    What’s wrong with people?
    Day after day after day, they grabbed
    their manhood like they meant it (as others mostly allude to it),
    and GO busted out with a note the likes of which have not been heard
    since Philip Bailey in Earth Wind and Fire – Reasons anyone;
    and still, they got nothing.
    Couldn’t find the clip where both
    Joon and Thunder smile, so I’ll have to just
    torture you with this.

    I’m always down with all my boys in MBLAQ:

    I know I’m missing something,
    Count your blessings,
    I’m done, please forgive me.

  14. There I was, enjoying Bi and SHINee and watching Kdramas. Then I ran into Leader Joong playing his role as “Ji Hoo” in Boys Over Flowers. I was completely annihilated when I saw his “Break Down” video and can I just say, that “Please Be Nice to Me” is a weapon. Have Mercy, please, Kim Hyun Joong. Please. Have Mercy. There is something about him that makes me completely freak. out. I love that his mascot is an Alien because he is truly Not Of/ Out of This World.

    • @Noonz: hello and welcome! You gotta tell me what it is about this guy….sure he’s cute and sometimes sexy, but why does he have females going crazy?? And so many females?? I still prefer Bi, but I’m trying to understand the KHJ appeal…

      • I get the amazing smile. Like I said I fell in like with the smile while watching him on Running Man, but he hasn’t yet made it into my top 5. Right now I only have a Top 3

        1. Bi
        2. TOP
        3. Chansung

      • Ugh seriously I’ll just have to keep posting about my future husband until you all “see” the magic that is Kim Hyun Joong hahaha Oh how the post imagination is turning! Stay tuned!!!

  15. I was rereading this article while at the hair salon 🙂 Love me some KHJ. I believe there was a question about what is it about him that makes women turn into stalker noonas… Speaking only about myself, I adore musicians. Have you ever heard him play the bass? Also I think he was actually playing the piano and guitar in BOF. Kpop is great and all but I’ve heard him play other genres and absolutely loved it. Secondly that jawline is to die for 🙂 Finally the whole 4D thing is a major plus in my book. I’m very quirky and awkward so its nice to know that if Id ever meet him, he wouldn’t think I was weird.

  16. I think Taeyang and JayPark would be a breath of fresh air for today’s R&B. The fact that JayPark is from here and can speak fluent English is definitely in his favor. I was looking at the R&B charts for the Top 10 and Chris Brown was on 4 times, and someone else was on twice. Yes it is time for some fresh blood. I also love “Bestie” by JayPark

  17. I know this is late, but I just had to comment. KHJ is and has been my number one for oh so long! I just can’t get enough of his smile. It’s beautiful. Though, lately my eyes have been wondering to T.O.P and Taeyang of Big Bang. In the end, Kim Hyun Joong will always be top running in my opinion. No one can make me smile and swoon like him. (I can help but smile when my son says that KHJ is mommy’s boyfriend. LOL)

  18. Rain was the reason I got into Kpop which I got into last year. I know I got into it all late. He is my #1 but after I saw Hyun Joong in Boys Over Flowers I was in love. Him and Lee min ho run neck to neck for me but it was when I watched him and Hwangbo in We Got Married, is when I fell completely. Of course he’s gorgeous but it was his 4d personality that I fell for. He’s eccentric and I like people like that. Plus you tell that you will never be bored with him. I made sure I download both lucky guy and the Breakdown albums. I actually love lucky guy more because it fits him better. I wish he would do something where he would showcase his guitar skills more.

    I tend to listen to artist around my age group unless their music tend to be more mature like SS501 and TVXQ. I love me some Big Bang cause they remind me of BBD (Bell Biv Devoe) plus they get it poppin. I just got into 2pm. Now I heard BEAST’s fiction and I kinda like that song but I couldn’t get into them nor Super junior, U Kiss, infinite and 2am.

    • Drea,
      I def know where you’re coming from with KHJ because after all he is my #1 ^_^ I was also like “ehh” when it came to Beast and SuJu but let me just tell you that ALL changed. I absolutely adore SuJu! Honestly you should watch Super Junior Full house and Super Junior Exploration of the Human Body because you’ll get to know the members. Once that happens the moment you listen to their songs again it all makes sense believe me. Now Beast I appreciate their look and style and so far I like Fiction, Shock and Bad Girl. Infinite is just plain out of control you need to give them another chance!!

      • I’ll try but I’m very particular about music. I heard super junior’s Mr simple, superman and some of their other stuff, they got some good baselines but they don’t move me I guess. I am familiar with some of the members cause I do watch Korean variety shows. I might listen to some of the songs but I can’t see me become a fan like I am of SS501. I guess I’m just picky LOL!!

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