Hyun Bin: Excuse Me Sir, Please Upgrade Me

Ahh picture it. Indulging in chocolate covered strawberries and champagne cocktails in the glow of golden candle light. The mixed scents of Burberry London and Pink Sugar tickle your senses. Across from you sits Hyun Bin, the Oh, Ohh, Ohhh so talented Korean actor known for hit dramas like ‘My Lovely Sam Soon/My Name is Kim Sam Soon’ and ‘Secret Garden’. He gazes at you with beautiful brown puppy eyes and then he smiles O.M.G! DIMPLES! Yes ladies dimples, and not just, barely there dimples either. Nope we’re talking deep set, ultra super cute I just wanna attack you with kisses! DIMPLES!  Always tailored and clean cut he’s like soOoOo GQ. He’s got this classy; sophisticated “I am a sexy man” air about him and as an actor he can make you laugh till you cry and cry till it hurts. So do yourselves a favor, lean in close, get cozy and fall head over heels for the swoonlicious Hyun Bin.

Oh! And while you’re at it, wish him a Happy Belated 29th Birthday. The Heavens sent this gorgeous creature to us on September 25, 1982.Now if only the Heavens would send him my way, heaven really would be on earth.

K-Kisses! KrisE

10 thoughts on “Hyun Bin: Excuse Me Sir, Please Upgrade Me

  1. Oh no, I getting a funny feeling that Hyun Bin will be one of my “cheat” while Rain goes into the Army. Ohhhh say it ain’t soooo!

    Now I have Ji Sub So, Hyun Bin, Brian Joo….

    • Yeah he’s been in the military for a few months now. But don’t fret I’ll have his military pics and a post up soon…but for now I’m off to the club. Happy weekend everyone enjoy the eye candy!

      K-Kisses, KrisE

  2. He was with Song Hye Kyo for awhile. They called it quits before he entered the military.

    I’m glad. 🙂 He’s so GQ/Esquire hot.

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