[M/V] 2PM – Hands Up

To all my Hottests: I know you’ve seen this already as I have, but there are some of us ladies that have not been in the loop…

Oooooooooh, I want on that boat so bad!!!!! Just get me up on dat boat…just git me up dur!!! HEAVEN-ON-EARTH. Numerous hotties, alcohol, lovely yacht, good food, nice weather…what more could a girl ask for?? Chansung had better be careful. If he ever makes a face at me like he did @ 1:15, that’ll be all she wrote! Hehe… Enjoy y’all 🙂

P.S. – For those of you who aren’t too crazy about this dance pop beat and more into a hip-pop feel, check this out.

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20 thoughts on “[M/V] 2PM – Hands Up

  1. I liked the second version of “Put Your Hands Up”, especially at the beginning of it. It had that get up and go feel about it, especially when they are in the mood to something.

  2. Is this the group with Bi’s “mini me” ?

    I like both versions actually, but I look at songs with dance/pop beats as “work out” songs. Hey, when hubbie and I go riding bikes, I’M just riding but HE is doing some Lance Armstrong “ish.” So when I’m on that last mile trying to get back home, I need a song with a redundant dance/pop beat to it. So the “little engine that could”……Can! When I finally see my driveway, it’s hallelujah, praise Jesus time! (SMILES)

  3. i like the 2nd version better! I dont listen to a lot of 2PM’s stuff, but this i like! Im so used to them just jamming and dancing, and its wild to seem them get their grown man on in the club. Itw awesome and refreshing! LOVE IT!

    P.S. (B.O.A.B. girl, i KNOW WHAT YOUR SAYING……….:)!!! I wish i was on that yatch too!

  4. BoaB,
    At 1:15, it’s like, “come back here baby,
    let’s get outta here…”

    I never caught that part before,
    it’s gone right by me.
    So here I am, frame by frame,
    and sure enough, at 2:11, there it was,
    Junho up to no good!

    Hands Up is like a more mature version of
    10 out of 10:

    I like them all better with their naturally dark hair.
    I love me some Chansung with his longer hair, all messily pulled back.
    Junho is more of a dead ringer for Rain with his dark hair.
    Wooyoung looks so much better with dark hair.
    Even Nichkhun is more attractive to me with dark hair.
    Junsu gets away with the sophisticated bowl-like cut better than anyone,
    and Taecyeon… he and Junsu come across as the least boyish of the bunch.
    Chansung captures the best of both worlds…

    Speak of the devil…
    Seoul FM is playing Don’t Stop Can’t Stop.
    I know that’s right!

    • LOL! I’m thinking dark corner and lots of alcohol!

      I do think everyone looks better with dark hair. I don’t mind the colors. When Junho’s hair was red he was rocking it. It’s the blond I can’t stand *shivers*

      • Yep, what is it they say… ke ke ke…

        Hair color.
        I don’t mind some color either,
        some can wear color really well.
        Some tasteful highlights — go for it, but
        the blond… “shivers” is a good one.
        Par example, case in point… Joonie.
        He was so fine and so much fun during promotions for “Again.”
        But sometimes I just wanted the promotions to end,
        especially his elfin-like appearances in his other activities.
        In some cases it almost desexualizes them.
        So, in that regard, quite calculated and intentional;
        a turn off to the more mature and discriminating woman,
        but if I were 12, 13, 14 or 15…

  5. Posting this here because it is still 2PM related. The free Korean Festival posted info about tickets http://cjpny.com/event/detail.php?no=16 You have to be in the NYC and NJ area to pick up your tickets. I am not arriving until the day of the concert and already have a hotel booked. You can only get 2 tickets per person. There are 3 of us going. I can’t believe this.

      • If my friend is able to finish the mission of getting the tickets, I will be letting you all in on the happenings.

  6. The more R&B one is pretty good. I haven’t liked anything from 2pm since “Again & Again” and “I Hate You”, so this is good ’cause I was losing hope.

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