BKM Hotties of the Week 9-18-11

Ah, it’s been a long week. I certainly hope it was good for all of you!
From left to right: Unknown hotties, JYJ’s Jaejoong, So Ji Sub, Bi as Ninja Assassin’s “Raizo”.

8 thoughts on “BKM Hotties of the Week 9-18-11

  1. Wow, it’s never seen a pic of Ji Sub So with such long hair before! He looks really good with that length…too bad he’s since cut it off.
    And what can one say about Rain as Raizo? Hav mercy! Wow, that man was SCREAMIN’ sexual tension and HOTNESS throughout Ninja Assassin movie! Lovely!

  2. Mr. Jaejoong
    does have quite the attractive physique…
    He was/is like the Taemin of DBSK.
    Now I love me some Yunho in the dance department,
    but there is an ease of movement
    in Jaejoong’s dance style
    which I very much enjoy watching
    whenever I get the chance,
    which is not often enough,
    since it seems
    they have been
    blacklisted from any of the
    countdown shows — pisses me off!

    It’s like this is all we get now:

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