[M/V] Aziatix – Be With You

I’ve got to thank Liz over at globalasianculture.com for turning me on to Aziatix, a Korean-American rock-pop group who debuted in March 2011. Their latest single “Be With You”, is a catchy number with lively vocals and rapping to match. Some of you might find it interesting that they have a friend in JYJ’s Jaejoong, who is a staunch supporter of their music. More on these guys later…

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23 thoughts on “[M/V] Aziatix – Be With You

  1. This is awesome! I love the song. 🙂 The lead singer is hot. And the rapper as well. The group is from different parts of the country: Flowsik is from New York, Eddie is from Boston and Nicky is from Los Angeles.

  2. OMG how uncanny! The lead singer reminds me of my favorite Native American actor because they look similar, have the same name (his is Eddie Spears) and have long hair (although Eddie’s is longer). He has a really nice voice by the way and so does the other two guys.

  3. The groups is HOT, love the kid witht the long hair. My teen daughter heard, them singing and came to where I was. I told her that the one with the long hair was her NEW father! ROFL she laughed, no that’s your son-in-law!

  4. I like the guy with long hair but Flowsik got that Queens Swag goin on and that’s just very manly to me and I love that.. After you posted this, i looked up their stuff on Youtube and they are HOOOOOOTTTTTT.. Also since they are Asian Americans they may be the one’s to help Kpop break into America!! Also I heard Flowsik rap freestyle, HE IS THE MANNNN and That’s what’s up!!! Good Luck to them, Im about to like them on facebook!!!! LOL

  5. Im liking the new group. The lead singer is a definite cutie. I like their vibe. I clicked on the next song called “cold”, it has an rnb vibe to it.. Really feeling that song.

    • LOL, every time it would get to the end I’d spank it. What can I say, i’m Aziatx addicted. Like the songs, “Like the music is my head, keeps playing over and over and over.” Oh yeah, getting ideas about our story. wink, wink.

  6. I was hooked from the opening line
    of their debut song “Go.”
    Eddie Shin’s smooth vocal stylings
    (and that pretty hair)
    pulled me in and I was done for.
    I was really pissed too
    because when it first came out,
    every time I typed in Aziatix,
    some other fool (well I don’t know him
    so I don’t know if that’s really called for);
    but as I was saying,
    some other fool kept poppin’ up
    and/or all I would get was the MV teaser.
    I work late a lot,
    and for a while,
    on my playlist at work,
    I would start with Go and end with Go;
    and then start with Go and end with Cold;
    and then vice versa;
    and then add in Slippin’ Away…
    You get my drift.
    They’ve each been around for a while
    and achieved success in their own right.
    I hear Eddie is an extremely talented composer.
    He’s so pretty… sigh.

    “Don’t have the words… to say… but baby I’m goin’ away”

  7. Eddy has talent as well as Flowstik. I’ve already ordered the European copy of the CD, everyone state side seem to be out. Anyway, I’ve already asked when they are coming my way and when then next CD is coming out.

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