Key: Is There Something You Need To Tell Us?

Another one of my “just sayin’s”…

We love Key, don’t we? I, personally, wouldn’t want him any other way. Jonghyun and Onew are known as the main vocalists in K-pop boyband SHINee, but ironically, Key’s voice is my favourite. Now, if you know anything about Key, you know that he’s notoriously flambouyant and sometimes feminine-acting. I thought I’d share the following vid clip with you below. For all the Key enthusiasts out there: I am not talking down your man, I am just pointing out his, erm, uniqueness. Hehe. There are tons of videos on youtube dedicated to Key’s “alternative antics”, this clip is just one of many. Onew should be suspect as well, but I think overall he is just sharing a playful, intimate moment with his SHINee brother. Whatever the case may be, we love you Key! ^^

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18 thoughts on “Key: Is There Something You Need To Tell Us?

  1. I love Key oppa, he is sweet, sensitive, smart, strong, hilarious and caring. He also has a motherly side towards all of the members in SHINee, especially Taeminnie. But if you think that video is bad, you should see some of the others that I’ve watched on youtube. There is definitely a lot of questionable behavior going on between Key and Jonghyun as well, I get kind of confused on whether its fanservice or not and I’m not entirely convinced that it is. There are many fans who support the Jongkey couple and even created JongKey TV on youtube and I have watched all of the JongKey moments (just because their so cute together). Jonghyun and Key have a very special relationship which I think is more than just a friendly brotherly bond if you know what I mean. Jonghyun has even proposed marriage to Key TWICE!! (see videos below) Seriously, I think there is a lot both Jonghyun oppa and Key oppa need to tell us. hehehe

    First Proposal:

    Second Proposal:

    A third video that just proves their extreme closeness and the lyrics fit the video perfectly:

    Sorry, for taking up space with videos.

      • LOL! Yeah, I think the one where Key sings, “Jonghyun neomu yeppo” was on an episode of Yunhanam. The same episode where he says that, “Jonghyun is his type” based on his facial features. Have you seen that one too?

      • I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not but there’s a clip of a show four of the SHINee boys were on where they were pole dancing? Skinny, little Taeminnie totally surprised me because he definitely knew how to work those hips of his LOL!! But Key was the icing on the cake, he seemed a bit too talented (like he’d done it before) with the hip shaking and thrusting (showing his diva-ness) while Minho and Jonghyun were a little stiff. Key oppa and Taemin owned that clip though, it was so cute.

      • lol. It’s hard to tell them apart in other videos because they’re still so new to me. Time for google!

    • I love their music and am constantly listening to them but don’t know them by name yet. I just know them by their differant facial features. DaGrrrl, I can’t have the volume on because I am at work so will also have to google him.

    • I highly recommend all new SHINee fans watch all 13 eps of Hello Baby SHINee (eng subs) (if you speak English). I discovered the group in late July and I not only learned all their names from the show but also recognise their voices in their songs from the programme. I learned so much about their personalities from it too. Hello Baby SHINee is hilarious and a must-watch for fans and non-fans!

  2. Oh keyy sometimes you cannot hide it so well ^^
    I still love you mucho though ❤
    Just a few days at an airport he was sporting a shirt that can be associated with the LGT(A)? community. I wonder if he picked it out or if his stylist did but the messgae is subtle but clear, if that makes sense ^^

      • Love SHINee,
        and Key is my “favourite” vocalist too.
        Sorry about the quotes,
        but you spell like me too.
        I always have little conniption fits
        over whether to keep the team together,
        or let the “o” go it alone;
        spell Check and the red line of incorrectness,
        and people telling you that you spelled it wrong
        drives me crazy…

        Back to SHINee… and Key,
        reference fleurdelis18,
        yes, there is definitely something about him.
        I read he is an artist as well.
        Next to Taemin, Key is my ‘favorite’ dancer too;
        sometimes it is a toss-up:

        and sometimes I can watch this video repeatedly
        for an absolutely ridiculous amount of time
        and don’t let there by a new “magic dance” out:

        Another word code word used is eccentric…
        and Key is definitely that.

        And then there is
        this little gem that’s popped up on youtube:

        I love everyone’s response.
        But this is not the first time for Jonghyun, or Minho…
        Minho genuinely seems surprised.
        Key just shakes his head…

        I don’t know what everyone expects though.
        It’s like the high school experience is extended
        an additional 10 years for Korean idols.

        I can’t speak for everyone’s high school experience,
        but it went something like this:

        For the one out lesbian in high school,
        all the girls were intensely attracted to her.
        I was amazed at the antics that went on
        in the girls locker room after practice.
        Gay or not, f(x)’s Amber for example, yes.
        the female fandom is
        seriously in love with this girl,
        even I must confess to a somewhat
        uncomfortable fascination:

        For the one out gay male kid,
        if you weren’t a jock and a homophobic bully
        where the only way you could express your attraction was through cruelty.
        then you were probably affectionately teasing the kid,
        and occasionally standing up for him.
        Usually resulting in a crush for the young gay man,
        and the subsequent bromance for the straight
        guy where most of this went right over his head
        unless their friendship lasted well into adulthood.

        Bizarre dynamics all-around.

        They live and work together 24/7,
        with relationships being discouraged
        by their management companies.
        That is up until now.
        It seems more and more relationships
        are being announced lately, like
        Hara’ Kara and Beasts Junhyung.
        Perhaps in an effort to take attention from
        and squelch any rumours such a this.

        whether it’s Hyuna and Joonie (so hot)
        or Hyuna and Amber (kinda hot too),
        and both floating around
        the world wide web fandom-rumourville,
        I wish them all every and any happiness
        they can get in this crazy, mixed-up world
        in which we live!

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