[Bulletin] Free K-pop Concert Moved To New Jersey!

Lei: Thanks so much for keeping me updated!

Check out allkpop.com‘s latest report on the free October 2011 K-pop concert featuring some of our favourite acts 2PM and SHINee. Any of you guys definitely going?

23 thoughts on “[Bulletin] Free K-pop Concert Moved To New Jersey!

  1. I knew it was going to come to that…the underestimation of the crowds. They say that they are still expecting 10,000 people. I say more. Just learning from what I’ve heard about what happened with MBLAQ and past k-pop singers said otherwise. They did the right thing by moving it to that stadium in Jersey.

    I just find it so incredulous the power that these groups have. Though K-pop still isn’t mainstream in the states with our entertainment world, it’s still fascinating to see how many American K-pop supporters are out there and its a lot more than they may think. I was talking to a friend of mine about the craze and she’s like ” Ahh.. it’s not that big..I don’t even know what it is”. I wasn’t trying to introduce to any music as I listen to more jazz than anything . The point that i was trying to get to her is that one doesn’t have to be world famous to capture the hearts of millions around the world.It has been said that JYJ got in the Guiness Book of World records for having the largest fanclub. I’m quite sure that the Korean community alone isn’t their only fanbase.

    Anyways..I wonder who they mystery K-pop man who is suppose to be at that concert? It would be nice that it would be a throw off and instead of it being a man, it would be men. It would be nice if it was MBLAQ,but I doubt it considering they are staying in Peru and possibly China. That would be wear and tear on them.

  2. I am definitely going. They said no camping out the night before. I just hope it isn’t some MJ experience and people start acting a fool and stampeding and stuff. That is the only thing I am worried about. I hope security is on it.

  3. ATLsis “Anyways..I wonder who they mystery K-pop man who is suppose to be at that concert? ”
    You know who I am hoping it is? Someone who is about to go into the service and wants to leave America with a good impression for when he comes back 🙂

  4. http://www.myspace.com/kpopwonderland Thanks KPopLove, for helping my work day go by quicker. There are a whole bunch of K-Pop playlists. Just click on the differant “Friends” and it will pull up new playlists. I just kept adding songs to my queue. I wish there was a more extensive MBLAQ and Shinee one though. I also would like to hear more by se7en

    • Thank you so much. More for me to get excited about. Lee Hyori is one of the hosts. I love her! It is showing something about ticket info. Wonder if they are using this to make sure the crowd won’t be that big. We need to keep each other updated so we can make sure we all can get in. I will keep bitabelly updated.

  5. “On September 16th, J Tune Entertainment made an announcement stating, “Rain will be serving his military duties beginning in October, but there isn’t an exact date just yet.”

    Rain will be serving actively in the military, but they have yet to determine where he will be placed.

    Initially, it was reported that Rain would be holding a press conference on September 24th at his Seoul concert, where he was to talk about his military enlistment. However, the star personally nixed the reports on Twitter, stating, ” There is nothing incredible about enlisting in the army… Everyone is overreacting again…. When there is a confirmed date, I will personally tell everyone. I will also be having a conference for my movie, ‘Emergency: Close to the Sun‘, not about my enlistment.”

    Rain is currently busy preparing for his new album, while simultaneously touring the nation for his concert series. He will be performing his final concert on the 24th at the Seoul Olympic Park.”-courtesy of Allkpop.com

    Just wanted to stick this in here about Rain. I really hope he decides to grace us with his brightness at the concert right before he enlists. You can tell he isn’t happy about going, he is just doing it because he has to. Poor thing. 😦

  6. For anyone going to this free concert, Allkpop has information on the ticket distribution. Tickets will be distributed October 2nd, 2011 (2:00pm) at select locations in NY and NJ. I feel so bad for people who planned to attend this from out of town. Is there anyone planning on going? Once SM Town anounced the NYC concert, my kids only wanted that to go there, so that is were we will be on October 23rd : ).

  7. Friend went to go get tickets for me today and by the time she got there they were already gone. People had been there early in the morning. I am going to check now, but I think there is another place that will be having them either tomorrow or Tuesday. Hopefully it is Tuesday, because I will be there first thing in the morning. I

    If you hear of anyone that has at least 2 extra, please let me know. I am so bummed about this.

  8. 11 am at the Korean Cultural Service Center in NY, Tuesday the 4th. Don’t pass this on to everybody, so us folks on here have a better chance of going. 🙂

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