BKM Hotties of the Week 8-29-11

Special edition: Guess hotties! Enjoy ^^

13 thoughts on “BKM Hotties of the Week 8-29-11

    • Yes, in deed. I would love to track down #1 and #9. However, #9 is showcasing a (not so obvious) quality I love about men…..

      To me, #6 needs to back away from the gym, just a little bit.

    • Umm Lei, there are a couple poses that I know my hubbie absolutely Would Not do and he has the body to do most of these pics (IMHO). However, I try not to speculate on this particular subject, because I have been wrong before. These days, it’s a crap shoot! I here Forrest Gump now …..”life is like a box of chocolates……….”

      • I was thinking the same about poses, but you are right about not being sure. I just don’t think I would want my man posing like some of those pics, but the others I am down with.

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