We’ll Stand By You, Won’t Let Nobody Hurt You

We'll stand by you!

This whole “Busan/Detroit Woman” business is unfortunate for our Bi. I really hate that, so close to his army enlistment, he has to face such a circumstance. I know he wanted to go into his 2-year mandatory service in peace as a new chapter in his life.

But there is one thing that I know about Bi more than anything else. Sure, he’s hot, he’s smokin’, he’s talented, he’s funny, he’s ….the perfect guy (for me, at least). But more than, Jihoon Jung is strong. Damn strong. He’s not easily broken and has proven that over 10 trying years in the entertainment industry. I believe it takes a truly special person, mentally and physically, to endure the rigors of such a tough career path. But he’s done it, and you know what? He’s only gotten stronger. He’ll get through this. And we’ll be right there to support him every step of the way.

I know that Bi is vigilant and discerning when choosing his song material. I may not know the guy personally, but I know that he wouldn’t knowingly plagiarize anyone’s music. I believe that to the utmost. He’s got my confidence. And I know he has yours too 🙂 His Clouds are not simple-minded. The whole reason we are truly fans of his is because of his strength of character and hard work ethic. The physical stuff is secondary. Am I wrong?

So yes, Jihoon: you have nothing to worry about. You will get through this. Even when everyone else is bashing or accusing you, the Clouds will quietly, and sometimes loudly, never stop supporting you.

We’ll stand by you, won’t let nobody hurt you!

128 thoughts on “We’ll Stand By You, Won’t Let Nobody Hurt You

  1. I just listening to “Love Song when this post came in.
    “we’ll be right there to support him every step of the way.” Yes, we will. 🙂

  2. I’m a Cloud (officially) and as I have stated on Cloud USA this morning. Noona SUPPORTS Ji-Hoon always, BUT Noona is quite angry at Ji-Hoon for putting himself in this position. I will reiterate here at BWLB, that I DO NOT believe he purposely or willingly plagarized Busan Woman. With that being said, Honey Bi you’ve been in this business Too Long to get caught up in this SHADY AS HELL “sitchiation.” My honest opinion, is that Bi needs to CLEAN HOUSE from the Floor….Up! Somebody HAD TO KNOW this would cause controversy. Raphael Saddiq’s music is not so old school that newer artists don’t it or him. You should not have to “explain away” or put into “musical perspective” your song choices, because your work is so similar to someone else’s. For that reason, I am pissed at him. Bi, YOU are poised to have a big career in the States when you get out of the military. Somebody in Korea doesn’t want that to happen (my opinion). I will wait for the official explanation, but Bi it is IMPERATIVE you become Even More vigilant than you already are. Hard ball is being played against you, as evidence of THIS controversy and after his “talk the talk, walk the walk” mini speech he said in concert recently too. Somebody wants to piss off your new found American fan base BEFORE you get to working here on the regular, so I hope WHOEVER is responsible gets their ass seriously Spanked……seriously!

    • I agree. Artists really need to be careful about what songs they accept and make sure from all sides that it is legit. It is hard, but I hate the fact that this could marr him having a fanbase over here. I think sometimes foreign artists, tend to forget that everyone listens to everyone’s music so you can’t slip something buy thinking no one will recognize it. There have been a few Korean artists that have gotten in trouble for the exact same offense.

    • I agree. I don’t think that Bi would purposely do such a thing. My theory is someone may have submitted him the beat and the melody and maybe Bi wrote his own lyrics. IDK, but whomever did this does need a serious beat down. When I heard about it I was thinking the same thing you were BIAlamode about when he does come to the US. When official report I hope its handled carefully and with a good explanation. I’m supporting BI ALL THE WAY.

  3. I’m feeling for Bi right now. This has got to be hard on him.

    I know one thing, one of the things that he should do is like Bialamode said is to get his broom and clean house and one of the very people he should start with is his co-writer. My problem with this guy is the attitude he took when confronted with the issue on allkpop.com. Instead of him just saying it’s some kind of mistake..that it was unintentional… or he didn’t know, he seemed to cocked a attitude about it saying I don’t know who Raphael was and that he wouldn’t respond to the accusations..Ooooh so not good. With that kind of smack, it wouldn’t surprise me if Raphael’s camp would sue. I don’t know about Korean laws concerning plagarism,but his co-writer cannot afford to talk like that. He’s really going to get Bi in deeper water than what he’s possibly going to be in.

    While some of the people on there got what was up with , you had many who were in sick denial of this. There is nothing wrong with supporting you favorite entertainer,but there is something wrong with it when those denials is clouding one’s honest thinking. Like many of us on here, I like both of them and hope that this crisis will be resolved amicably. Deep down, I don’t think Bi would do this on purpose,but he also got to man up and talk about this manner is terms of how did it get to this. He really should get rid of his co-writer, if not, he’s going to cost Bi his good name, especially with that funky comment he made about it. I guess Bi co-writer doesn’t know much on stuff like laws on stuff plagarism, pantents copyright infringements in the states. You just cannot get a piece of someone’s song and claim it yours without their permission. I think about 4 years ago there was a woman who was embroiled in a controversy about her plagarizing another famous author’s book and she was going to sue her for it.If some of his in denial fans think it’s not a big deal ,maybe the should let this be a sobering reminder of why it is.

  4. So, a couple of other Korean artists have been accused of the same thing? Did it turn out to be true? With that said, right now it seems they do not give a damn about the western audiences and are above reproach.

    Artists here, especially rappers try to do it and end up having to pay up.
    I do not think Bi would deliberately do such a thing, but who knows. Maybe in a hast to get the single out and prepare for a tour, he did not fully check all of the logistics. I’ll still give him the benefit of the doubt though. But tweeting pictures about dinner with friends as if you do not have a care in the world on the same day………….

    Yes, Bi please get NEW people in your corner. People that actually HAVE your best interest at heart and want to see continued success for you, not sabotage it.

  5. It is not a enough legally to sue. Rain is too damn smart and strong to even allow himself to go down this path. K-pop as much as I like it ,has been guilty of plagarizing some western Hiphop and R&B and I’m sure Bi is aware of it. There is just not enough “sampling” of Raphael Saddiq’s song contained in Busan Woman.

  6. I listened to both and they’re very similar, even in title. Too much to be ignored. It doesn’t help that (or so I’ve heard) he’s been going around saying he spent 16 months writing this song, because if this does end up in court, there won’t be a junior songwriter, or whomever, that he can hold responsible -if they are indeed responsible.

    I admit, I’m not a huge Rain fan, nor am I a huge Raphael fan, but I can’t not call a spade a spade. Mistakes were made and someone has to own them and fix them. If the situation was reverse, and an American artist ripped him off, K-pop fans would flood YT, and everywhere else, demanding justice and rightfully so. I only write FF (as far as sharing myself with the public) and I’ve been plagiarized verbatim -and in bits and pieces- about 8 times. Yes, it’s only fanfic, but it feels horrible to see someone take my work, or pieces of it, and talk it up like they made it themselves.

    Maybe he’ll get lucky and Mr. Tony Toni Tone won’t call in the lawyers, because court or not, none of that will look good for Rain. If he really didn’t write this song and was just allowed to say he did (it happens), now is the time to point the finger at the one who’s responsible. He’s going away for two years -it would suck to let this be the last impression people have of him.

  7. @DaGrrrl,

    I agree. I have said that I’m angry at Bi for putting himself in this position. He is not new to show business for this kind of error to happen. Are the songs totally and completely alike? no, but P-r-e-t-t-y damn close. Close enough for SOMEONE to say hold on now, what’s going on here. Like you, I haven’t seen any comments from Raphael’s “camp” and hopefully for Rain’s sake he (Raphael) remains unaware, but with the internet being what it is, I’m sure Raphael is aware, but monitoring just how much money this song will make (let’s be real) before he makes a move, if any. As you said, it’s obvious mistakes were made, whose we don’t know, but NOW is Definitely the time to get “Zestfully clean” and state whatever the hell needs to be stated. The previous commenter said there is not enough of Raphael’s song in Busan Woman to legally be considered plagarized and that may very well be true. I’m not a lawyer nor am I a musician, but I am a fan and I’m also apart of the record buying public. In this country, PERCEPTION is EVERYTHING…..make no mistake about it. Bi Just got to a point where the “taint” of his cancelled concerts a few years ago went away. That dark cloud stuck around a long time for him. Perception can make or break his career here before it even gets started good.

    Terence Trent D’Arby……remember him. No, he wasn’t accused of plagarism, but he was poised to have a huge, larger than life career here, when he first came out. He even had a couple of big hits here (Wishing Well and Sign Your Name), BUT his career (in the States) was over before it started because of PERCEPTION. He came here and got to talking a shit load of smack about MJ and Prince who were colossal stars at the height of their game back then. He compared himself to the both of them and even inferred that he was just as good maybe even better than them. The perception of Terence Trent D’Arby to the record buying, American public was one of EXTREME arrogance. He still had some “hefty dues” he needed to pay and he came here and started IMMEDIATELY talking reckless about our biggest icons. Americans resoundingly showed Terence the door. Up until his trash talking ensued, people Across The Board absolutely LOVED him. HE killed his own career in the States because of his own arrogance and how the American public perceived him. I think Bi should take a stone cold, hard look at the people who work for/with him and do some “spring cleaning” within his organization. Somebody got “sloppy” with Bi’s reputation and that’s not a good look, no matter the intent.

    • LOL @ Zestfully clean. Love it.

      You’re right -he has to clean house so that when he does return to the industry after the army, he comes correct. His time away will help ease this out of the spotlight, but you know how it is. It will come right back when he returns, so he has to come home strong and without the baggage that got him here.

      Now, I won’t say he’s completely innocent. For all we know, he could have done the five-finger discount himself. But knowing what we know about the music industry, Korean, or otherwise, compounded with his ten-year track record and what he’s surely aware of as far as other plagiarism stories go, I’m inclined to believe that not all of the decisions made here were solely his.

      However, he will solely be blamed because he took credit for the song, which is why he needs that zest to wash the gunk off his shoulders and earn back his respect. I mean, people on that site are calling him a “k-pop stripper” who uses only his body to get ahead. I don’t think that’s true at all, but because he got in this mess, the nasty -and unwarranted- shots are going to keep coming. Which, again, says that he has to get rid of those handlers and come back swinging.

      But what he can’t do is ignore this like it will go away on its own. It looks arrogant and will kill his credibility there and here. You were right on point with Terrence. I remember Sign Your Name -it was huge- then he fell off like a bag of rocks and a cliff. If Rain takes responsibility, speaks up and apologizes, he can begin to repair this, and who knows? Maybe a sincere “I’m sorry” and a little check will dead this quick-fast. Rafael never struck me is a “lawsuit” type of guy, so I’d like to believe there’s hope of this not escalating.

    • Rain is far more talented and nowhere near as arrogant as Mr.D’Arby. Singing is not all he can do. When he gets out the military this catering to the tween/teen/omg set is going to be dead.
      Acting is going to deliver him . This possible lawsuit he will get through it. As for his fanatics I mean “Fans” they will probably move on to next K-POP artist upon which Rain won’t care. I mean he got plenty money, he’s gonna move to a whole new demographic and audience . How long do you think he’s gonna sing “It Raining” ? It’s not that serious.

      • I think everyone here knows How talented Rain is. This whole blog came about because of that knowledge. It was through his acting first, that I became aware of him and his singing second. No, Rain is not as arrogant as Terence was back in the 80s, but as a Rain fan I wouldn’t want to put him up on so high a pedestal that he could possibly break his pretty neck, if he were ever to fall off of it. All of us here have lives outside of our admiration for Rain, so we don’t get too crazy serious in that regard. The whole of it is this, Rain is not perfect and subject to err, just like everyone else and just because he has come out relatively unscathed from his previous legal issues, does not mean that everything that “brushes against” him in the future will wipe off. In order for Rain to become Privileged enough to move to a new demographic and audience (as stated), he needs to keep his Integrity intact not just his talents and incredible good looks. As far as how long he chooses to sing any of his songs (namely his earlier hits), I would imagine as long as his fans desire to hear him sing their favorites, he will oblige. I have been lucky enough to see MJ perform live on 4 separate occasions and he never hesitated to sing his early songs even back to “I Want You Back” days (although the key had to change) so no worries there as far as Rain is concerned. He will give his fans what they want, no doubt.

  8. Bialamode,

    Who don’t remember him? I couldn’t wait for someone to put a muzzle in his mouth.Had a good thing going and just kept on and on…I guess until his well began to dry up.

    I don’t know what to say about his scandal,but I know that Bi silence and/or denial isn’t going to help him. he really needs to say something and his co-writer should be doing the same. I don’t know whats up with the both of them,but how he( the co writer) went about it wasn’t graceful. Ok, not everybody has heard of Raphael,but it don’t mean that he just should just up and take his work.

    The co-writer claims that he never heard of him. I don’t know,but I just find it too ironic that the beginning of that song sound similar to Raphie’s. I could be wrong,but I’m not buying his story, especially when he decided not to respond to the accusation.

  9. …just a random side note. By coincidence, Ninja Assassin came on this morning and I finally sat down and watched it. I totally see why this blog exists -haha.

  10. “The co-writer claims that he never heard of him.” I don’t believe that either considering how our music and culture has influenced K-Pop. They thought they could take an unfamiliar song from someone else and run with it.

    This site below and others are reporting Rain denies the accusations and Raphael camp says it’s not plagiarism
    Rain denies plagiarism accusations for “Busan Woman ”Singer Rain has recently been hit with plagiarism accusations for his recent song “Busan Woman.”Through a phone call with TV Report, an associate of Rain said, “We know about the plagiarism controversy on the internet pertaining to similarities between Raphael Saadiq’s ‘Detroit Girl’ and Rain’s ‘Busan Woman’.If you look at the chord progressions, ours is a 4 tempo beat while ‘Detroit Girl’ is a 2 tempo beat. However, I understand why there would be a misunderstanding because in general, the Neo-Soul genre gives off a similar feel. The introduction and bridge parts are alike, but I’ll say it once more: it is not plagiarized. Also, the song is not part of an album. It was a song revealed for a fan event so we are simply overwhelmed by this controversy.”Rain himself stated, “I know that there is a controversy. However, it’s not plagiarism.”His side of the issue stated, “If it is accused of plagiarism just from the chord progressions, a significant number of existing music would also be plagiarized.”

  11. Like DaGrrrl said, Raphael doesn’t strike me as the “lawsuit” type either…….on the surface, BUT if Bi continues to sing Busan Woman and it continues to sell digitally, “Raphie” will SURELY come knock on Bi’s door…….like “What up homie?” Bi and his camp will have to “ante up.”

    @ATLSis and Lady Orchid,

    I agree with you both. Rain’s co-writer is really making this situation worse with his arrogance. I don’t give a damn if you’ve never heard of Raphael Saddiq in Korea. Honey, there’s PLENTY of people OVER HERE who have! Namely, Black folks and since most K-Pop music is rooted in Black American music, WTH did you think would happen? Maybe not Bi, but SOMEBODY thought they could just S-L-I-D-E that song track right on in there for Korean fans and noone would be the wiser and it might have worked. However, you used the track for Korea’s BIGGEST star and entertainment ambassador….who now has many more NEW American fans (via the INTERNET), some of whom happen to be…..BLACK. The internet ain’t no joke, your shit will come to light. Hell, somebody might find Jimmy Hoffa on the internet before too long, you never know (SMILES). There’s no hiding especially with all the music sharing going on these days.

    Yeah, Bi just make an OFFICIAL statement and ACKNOWLEDGE the parts that were taken from the original song and what was actually yours and how you incorporated/fused the two together. It’s not just about a random Neo-Soul genre song that just so happened to “sound” the same as yours my Korean brotha…..c’mon now. This way, you are not making it seem like you or your co-writer are “brushing this off” and blatantly took this man’s song with no regard for him or his work or HIS fans. As I stated before, Perception in THIS country is Everything. However, I’ll say again I’m STILL crazy about Bi and STILL support Bi, but you gotta do like DaGrrrl said and Come Correct, love.

  12. It’s sad that people are making this situation a big deal. The funny thing rain mention in a article I read that he loves R & B music and Hip Hop music and the different black artist he likes such as usher, janet jackson, michael jackson and many more. Here, you have a korean man who was inspired to write a song about asian women and people already jumping to say that the song sound like the Detroit girl from Raphael Saadiq. The only thing that both songs have in common both men are singing about women in general but still the lyrics are different. It’s funny that nobody mention that how La Gaga copies from the Material Girl styles and lyrics because everyone knows Madonna was the true player for being flamboyant in the 80’s and the 90’s. It’s amazing when watching La Gaga perform it’s like looking at Madonna in her early years. We all know that La Gaga also mention that the Material Girl was her inspiration. So people leave Rain alone he won’t be the first or last artist to be inspire by someone else work. Rain! continue doing your thing!

    • “The only thing that both songs have in common both men are singing about women in general but still the lyrics are different” Just because the lyrics are different doesn’t mean anything. The beginning tempos are still very similar. Changing the tempo around, slowing it down, speeding it up and adding new a lyric does not make a brand new “inspired” song.

      Btw, no one HERE is picking on Rain. As a matter of fact we are in support of him.

      Yes, Lady Gaga copied Madonna style; however, both artists in my opinion jacked Grace Jones. Beyonce has jacked so many other people it’s not even funny…Tina Turner, Pattie Labelle, etc. Chris Brown and Ne-Yo were inspired my Michael Jackson and so on. We are not talking about inspired by styles. Getting back to actual music reference; Lady Antebellum was accused of hijacking Alan Parsons “Eye in the Sky”. Credit should be given to those who deserve it. It is the record companies who are raking in the big money on their artist, especially those who do no own their own masters (songs) it is imperative when an artist writes and produces their own work, he or she should get their just rewards…that all. 🙂

    • It’s one thing to be “inspired by” someone. There is not person on the planet that has not been inspired by someone who has gone before them, whether it’s a celebrity or someone in your own family. That’s life and THAT’S a given. However, a person would have to be deaf to Not Hear the obvious similarities in both Detroit Girl and Busan Woman. I “LOVE” BI as an entertainer and support him, but I don’t think he’s “teflon” either. Some things “stick” to you whether it’s intentional or NOT. This blog was founded because of LOVE for Bi. The rest of us congregate and share here because of LOVE and ADMIRATION for Bi. We ALSO know that Bi LOVES Black music…..we KNOW THIS. However, just because there is MUTUAL love and admiration DOES NOT MEAN that professional boundaries can not and have not been crossed, be they Accidental or Intentional. I do not think Bi would intentionally do ANYTHING wrong, but the similarities are not so small they can be ignored either. If Raphael has no problem and the two of them have talked and SQUARE BUSINESS has taken place……..COOL, but if not, then someone needs to be held accountable/taken to task…..plain and simple.
      The problem is in Bi saying he wrote this song when a great amount of his song sounds like an “echo” of Raphael’s song.

      What REALLY gets to me, is when people admire someone SO MUCH they can not EVEN FATHOM the Possibility of wrong doing on their favorite celebs part. We’re being given the definintion of plagarism and “thangs” like Bi couldn’t Possibly plagarize…..No not him. LET ME SAY, I’m “crazy about” Bi, BUT I am NOT SO ENAMORED of him that I can’t see that he’s got his ass caught up in some questionable “looking” shit. What WE who “love and admire” him want him TO DO, is stop blowing this thing off and get to opening his damned mouth and clearing this shit UP…….BEFORE he continues down a shady “looking” path!! I think he forgets sometimes….DUDE this ain’t just about your Korean fans anymore, it’s about your new fanbase all over the world, namely in the U.S. When shit happens (as someone so eloquently told me on another site regarding this situation), then I SAY you CLEAR SAID SHIT UP before it starts to stink to high heaven!!

      WHEW……..boy…..let me calm down…………………………………
      Next time Bi, how about writing the music and the lyrics (since we were Also given the difference between a songwriter and a composer, as well). I guess we Bi fans are a bunch of illiterates.

  13. @ BiAlamode

    You ain’t tellin’ no lies! I was kinda hoping he and sista-gurl would get a kiss in, but I don’t think either country was quite ready for that yet… (WHY?!!!!). 😛
    Hell, he made scars look sexy. lol.

    • Girl, You know why ha,ha I think it would have actually been more accepted here and among international audiences excluding the (Asian ) market if such kiss, shower, skin to skin sumthin sumthin contact had occurred. Look at Gabriel Union and John Cho’s characters; they were a hot blasin couple.

      People were buying the dvds, especially the blue-ray edition hoping the particular deleted scene was shown. The studio made a killing from that alone.

      He definately make scars look sexy…you just want to kiss every one of them and ask “feel better baby?” 🙂 You can add in the your own x-rated version here………………….lol

      • @ LadyOrchid

        “He definately make scars look sexy…you just want to kiss every one of them and ask “feel better baby?”

        AIGHT!!! LOL. I was like, now I see why girlfriend loves him so much! He was kicking arse and he was hot. Dayum!

        I think Gabrielle Union is so pretty and I like John Cho a lot, too, (He was in the New Star Trek, right?). They were cute together in the promos I saw.

        I think we could have handled -and loved- it in the USA, but yeah, over in Asia, not so much. I guess that was something he had to consider; they’re still his main base, so he needs to protect it.

        But that would have been some love scene… *fans self*

      • AMEN……tell the truth and shame the devil!! (SMILES) That’s all we think about around the parts…..that Blasian lovin’ that maybe we’ll get to see someday. I do think the U.S. is definitely ready for that and can handle it, but not Asia. (SMILES)

        LadyOrchid, I thought John Cho and Gabrielle Union was so cute together. I hate they took that show off and just when I was getting into it too! (SMILES)

  14. L.Orchid

    Now that is encouraging news to hear.I feel better now. As long as Raphie see it that way, it’s all good. Deep down inside, I don’t believe that Rain would intentionally do such a thing. I’m not saying that because of wishful thinking,but I sense that from him.

    It’s a good thing that Raphael didn’t see Rain as being a copycat( such a class act),because there are so many other recording artist who will not approach this lightly. Even though Raphael’s camp didn’t see plagiarism in this, another singer may not. There have been singers who have threatened legal action against other singers who said for singers two words of a song. That is what i was concerned about when it came to Rain. Raphie may overlook this,but the next singer may not. I
    Once in a while, I listen to some of that K-pop. I remembered listening to a couple of songs that sounded familiar to me like I heard some time ago,but I can’t be exact about who sung it and it’s not my call to rant like that. That’s up to the singers to do that if they know about it.

    When it comes to today’s music, originality is becoming the thing of the past,but doesn’t mean that credit shouldn’t be given to the rightful singer. It doesn’t matter how much unoriginal the song is, credit to the the originator of that song must always be given. Bi’s co-writer may bring up the argument about chord progressions,but it isn’t this that is the problem it the words that concerned people like us, Raphie’s people and this time ,the netizens. That is the scary thing about today’s music and K-pop. We may never know what is totally original and what isn’t.

    • You are so right ATLSis, Sisqo (Mr. Thong, Thong, Thong) said he had to pay (compensate) dearly the writers of “Livin La Vida Loca” for that ONE LINE used in his Thong song. I saw him on one of those Behind The Music shows. It definitely depends on the particular artist and just how much they feel they have been “violated” as to whether or not they will pursue legal action.

  15. I LISTENED TO BOTH SONGS AND THE MUSIC IS VERY SIMILAR. I do believe that bi s cowriter heard rapheals song and gave it to Bi. I am a big fan of Bi and hope everything turns out for the best. Raphael should get credit and or be paid for his song because I do feel it was copied.

  16. Girlfriend, your right. I agreed to your opinion. All, I care about is that Raphael had no problem with Rain using his music for inspiration. So, why should we care! As long the music is good and the person is getting credit for it. That’s all should matter!

  17. It’s amazing how television has change a lot where you have a beautiful black woman and a handsome Asian man together as a couple in the show. I especially love the love scene between Gabrielle Union and John Cho. It’s was sexy!

    • I don’t know if your new here so welcome Michelle 🙂
      The show was a step foward. Then Michael Ealy was added to the cast…… whew.
      I hate the show was cancelled, I really wanted to see them get married or see how it would all turn out.

    • Dag! Stopped watching before the love scene happened. My sister stayed strong till the end tho. I might have to get it on Netflix

  18. I respect your opinion. The one thing I want to say is that I respect rain as an artist and I love his music. I couldn’t care if rain bite off from Raphael’s song or not. Your right Raphael should get credit for his song but as long as rain and raphael made an agreement. That’s all should matter. But why people are still criticizing Rain for taking ideas from Raphael music where there are a lot of artist out there doing the samething. Rain need to defend himself and put people in their place. I wonder if rain wasn’t asian will people still criticize him for using other artist music.

  19. aksum64
    “He didn’t steal anything. Busan Woman is different than Detroit Lady. And that’s just why it isn’t in court.” “Busan Woman” does not sound the same to you,as it does to me. I grew up listening to Raphael’s music, even through his Lucy Pearl days. And this wouldn’t be in court in just a couple of days anyway.

    Oh well, whatever the outcome, the shish is still appear as shady business. Let us not spend time going back and forth on it. We all are entitled to our opinion and should keep the civility, peace and sisterhood on this blog intact. BI is still the best and with all “bad boys,” he needs little chastising. lol

    • Lady Orchid, I agree.

      @ Michelle,

      I don’t think anyone is criticizing Rain if he took “inspiration” from Raphael. I know that is not my issue, my issue is that the songs sound almost like carbon copies of each other. Like Lady Orchid, this is quite apparent to me too. The songs are not verbatim, but they are So similar in overall tone (too similar) and that can’t be ignored. I don’t know who said there was an ACTUAL agreement between Rain and Raphael. I Said that if behind closed doors they agreed on how to work this situation out that would be a good thing. I am in no way inferring that such an agreement has actually taken place. I would hope that anyone who appreciates music in general Would Care if someone they admired “bit off” the music of another talented artist. This is just how it should be in my book. I can also state unequivocally that Rain’s being Asian has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with my opinions in this regard, right is right I don’t give a damn if his skin purple with white polka dots on it. This is an Asian male appreciation blog, we “love” Asian men here, but as Lady Orchid said when the resident Asian “bad boy” does something that raises eyebrows, we won’t just ignore it because we like him.

      • @ BiAlamode

        I’ve been poking my nose around the interwebz, and from what I’ve seen, Raphie’s camp hasn’t said anything one way or the other yet. That, to me, says that there’s been no agreement -so you’re right on that one.

        If it can be settled quietly with Raphie feeling satisfied, I’m all for it. But the operative phrase is with Raphie feeling satisfied. It’s his work that was taken without permission, and it was mostly pointed out by his/Rain’s own fanbase, so he deserves satisfaction and Bi deserves a new co-writer because that guy is a King Douche! >.>

  20. Honestly when I first heard about it I was like Oh, Lawd. Then I read that co writer/producer or whomever he is comment. He pissed me off. He come off like he really didnt care and rude to me. Like I said I dont think that Bi would knowingly do such a thing. But that guy shouldnt make any more comments like that.

    Ninja Assassin…. I wish there was some kind of sequel coming. I watched that movie and fell for RAIN and youtube feed my curiosity. That was one hot Blasian couple, they shouldve at least kissed thats PG. I just kept staring at his lips in certain scenes. That man has some serious kissable and luscious lips.

    • @surkura,

      I know what you mean, NA is what brought Bi into “my world” too. Baby, when I saw that “ninja” do that backwards handstand on a bed of nails and the camera panned his entire body…..I was Done! He just “oozed” that soul-brotha swagga, even when he walked on screen. I was like DAMN who IS THIS man! I read the back of the DVD jacket and it said he was Korean pop star Rain….I said Rain huh? Like you, from that moment on Rain videos on YT was like my “narcotic of choice.” (SMILES) Yes, they should have let them kiss, but I’m not surprised they didn’t. Rain is too big a star in Asia and this was his first major film Lead role. Asia, namely Korea, would have had a “collective coronary” had those Oh So Luscious lips kissed that black woman on screen.

      I recently saw a snippet of a documentary on Korean high school. I think I now have an even clearer idea of why these fangirls lose their ever-loving minds over their favorite K-Pop idols. Check it out:


      • This should be posted permanently on here somewhere. It gives you really great insight into the Korean culture and their ideal standard of beauty.

        I am all for diligent study habits and I wish the American educational system was better. Students all of the world are ranking better grades in math and science and the Unites States students are lagging behind. But not 16 hours a day. The brain can only take in so much at a time before you go brain-dead. I think (16 hours) no matter how much you study, you are not retaining the information as you should.

        One girl said people were calling her “dark skin” and that she wasn’t considered pretty. I see why the have such a disdain for black people. You talk about some deep rooted issues going on.

        I really feel sorry for them because some are driven to suicide. They should have some enjoyment of their teenage years. We only get ONE lifetime!! When I was in high school I was still fighting off those “mannish” boys, until the right one came along and I have been losing my damn mind over them every since ha-ha!!! 🙂 But it wasn’t important enough to have a boyfriend just to say I have one. Back then everyone was scared of getting pregnant. The boys I knew were so immature, if you kissed one at lunchtime, everybody in the whole school knew it by 3:00 p.m. Even if you didn’t, they would lie on you and say you did.

        I really hope this documentary make the movie festival rounds.

        It would be nice if some of our Asian male readers would pipe into this conversion and gives us more perspective.

      • Rain has kissed a black woman on stage in Asia so…I think it was really just an american problem lol.

      • @luvb,

        I’ve seen Bi embrace a Black woman on stage in Japan I believe, but I didn’t see him kiss her. If he did, I need to check that out ASAP!…(SMILES)

        I still do think honestly it’s his Asian audience that would give him pure hell if he kissed a Black woman full on. It’s just an opinion. I do agree (not sure who posted it) that when/if Bi continues to pursue acting, particularly in the U.S., and becomes big box office like we KNOW he can, then he will be able to do whatever he wants in subsequent movies, EVEN kiss a Black woman. I can’t wait for that to happen! (SMILES)

        As far as Americans go, maybe some who are deeply traditional/Southern (know what I mean) may Still have a problem with interracial kissing/lovemaking, BUT Jada Pinkett Smith has had two very sexy HOT lovemaking scenes on her TV show HawthoRne. One scene with her Caucasian co-star and very recently with Marc Anthony her Latin co-star. I must say, the one with Marc Anthony made me have to stick my head in my refrigerator!

      • It didn’t look like an embrace. I’ll give you that he probably didn’t kiss her, but her grabbed her face and zeroed in on her mouth in an act. Playing like he did kiss her, in front of his Asian fans, and the audience went nuts lol. so i dunno…

      • @luvb,

        This is an interesting and intriguing topic. Because, I do think that show was in Japan and maybe it depends on Where in Asia, as to how progressive or not an Asian audience would be regarding interracial……Anything. I believe in Japan they may be a little more open to seeing interracial interaction like that, but not so sure about Korea. I’ll try to see if I can find some information about the different aspects of dating with respect to the specific country in Asia.

        On a side note: I liked the fact that she was a “sho’ nuff” Sista girl…..no mistaking her for ANY other ethnicity! (SMILES)

  21. @bialamode

    one of favorite scenes is at the beginning of the movie. When he’s coming up the staircase with those shades on, then I heard that oh so sexy voice. I was like damn. Then I was sold after handstand and the interactions with Mika. I mean Naomi… I was in complete bliss. YT started talking up alot of time. I started wondering what am I doing, but I don’t care Rain/Bi is special. It might sound crazy, but his smile makes me smile.

    I will check that link out later @ work.

    • “When he’s coming up the staircase with those shades on, then I heard that oh so sexy voice” Girrrrrrrllllll, that and the handstand sealed the deal for me also.

      I love the way Bi walks too. You know some men have a very sexy, swagger walk. Denzel comes to mind. Morris Chesnut, and oh Rick Yune to name a few.

      I like the longer hair look on Bi.

      • @ LadyOrchid

        I’m with you -the long hair just DOES IT. He needs to grow it back because it gave him such a yummy style.

    • @ surkura,,

      I have NA on dvd and when I’m “feening” for some Bi, I’ll play the Training Rain and the deleted scenes in the special features section for quick “pick me up.” The VOICE…….I can’t even begin to describe what happens to me when I hear it. Let’s just say it might involve the use of a “maxi pad”…………..WITH wings! THAT voice is DEADLY!! (SMILES)


      Denzel……Mmmm, Morris…….Mmmm (Sexy Chocolate Drops, indeed!). I’ve never noticed Rick Yune’s walk before, I’ll be sure and check him out. (SMILES)

      • It may be just me, I find his walk intriguing. I am drawn to the little things of men, not just the obvious. Some men have certain qualities that will knock your socks off. Like recently was watching a show on the Food Network called Chopped. It was their British Invasion episode. The chefs were introduced and one was named Jun Tanaka. I said “oh, he’s cute.” Then when he spoke I was like “OHH LAWWD he’s sexy CUTE.” An Asian man with a British accent…
        They have the best voices in the world and then add an accent to it….. jaw drop

        I love my black brothers, but this IS an Asian man appreciation blog LOL

        Here are a couple of videos of him

        bitofabelly81 I hope you don’t mind me posting these

      • @LadyOrchid,

        Hey lady, don’t feel bad. I’m married to a Black man, but I find something VERY attractive and mysteriously Sexy about Asian men and Asian men like Bi, in particular. I have said on this blog before, if I was still a single woman……..OH Boy, I’d probably get myself in a “world of trouble”…….(SMILES)

        I watch the Food Network too……How’d I miss this cutie?! (SMILES)

  22. @BiAlamode

    I just finished that mini documentary. WOW, I had no idea that life was like that for them. It’s really alot to take in and heartbreaking at the same time. Suicide, plastic surgery, and one idea of beauty started to make my head hurt and mad at the same time. Mad because it’s 2011 and there’s still this one ideal of beauty, one ideal body type, and no one really wants to look like themselves. Wow, thanks for that link. It really helped me understand the jokes better about plastic surgery and small eye thing, when I watch those tv shows. I wish I could tell them beauty is in the eye of the beholder and GOD created you. Dont change what was created in perfection.

    On a happy note, NA. I had the dvd, but my sister stole it. She’s not into Bi like I am but she sure loves that movie.She moved up to Virginia and the movie disappeared. Now, everytime she’s watching NA she calls and teases me, I tried to convince her to go to the Kpop festival in NY with me. She asked if Rain was performing. Naturally I told the truth and she declined. Her only defense is she doesnt understand what their say and RAIN is not going to be there so neither will she.

    @Lady Orchid

    Yes!! Those men put the s-e-x in sexy. I love it when a man can be fully dressed and turn you on. I love a man that can seduce with his voice alone. Swooning…

  23. @surkura,

    That video was sad and intriguing at the same time, but it did give me a whole new perspective for the intensity with which they love their pop idols. Also, their ideas about beauty are Age Old. I didn’t like it, but certainly wasn’t surprised.


    On a brighter note, I came across another blog that led to this video of AMBW married couple living in Seoul, S. Korea. They go into detail about their courtship, etc. I didn’t know where to put this so I thought, why not here. Their chemistry/interaction is really cute and inspiring. BOAB81, I hope you don’t mind. (SMILES)

      • They are a very cute couple. I was scrolling through the comments just to see if anyone knew the name of the beginning song. You can feel their love and happiness. And that’s what love is all about.

  24. First of all, this has got to be one of the BEST THREADS EV-VAH.

    Secondly, I love the way JiHoon walks while portraying Raizo because Raizo leads with his pelvis. (Come to think of it, in casual situations Hoon leads with his pelvis too. Huh…)

    *skips off to watch Ninja Assassin*

    • He was perfect for that role. All I could think about was jailbait, jailbait, this youngster is jailbait, so stop lusting (giggles) So cute and innocent. You like” mannnnn, I’ll break you in half…….. make you call your momma’s name.” lol

      • And notice I said momma, not mother because in situations like this, there is no time to be grammatically correct 🙂

      • @Lady Orchid,

        HA!……..I must be the most shameless “hussy” because from the minute I saw Bi in NA, I was Immediately intrigued, but when I went in “search of” and saw his concert videos on YT….that was IT for me! But when I saw his “Still Believe In Love” video, lady I didn’t care how old he was my “nature” had risen all the way up to my scalp and singed off my split ends! (SMILES)

  25. That couple was so cute and truthful. It was really refreshing of their honesty.
    @lady orchid
    He is sexy. Love the accent and extra points for being a chief. I would love to take one of his cookin courses, if u know what I mean.

    • Yep, I got it hee,hee!!! speaking of men that can cook here’s another one:


      @DynasticQueen, you know a little bit of controversy stirs us up. 🙂 And super bad-a**-ninja is on the top of the list……..”You a size 36?” “NO a 34” BWAAAAAAAA 🙂 I slow down that scene when he gets out of the car; actuall,y I slow down quite a few of his scenes. That freakin handstand is one of them.

      • I like to hit pause when he’s been taken prisoner and he’s being transported. When he begins to “heal” himself, right when he flexes the fingers…..(*PAUSE*). It’s where the fingers “rest” is what I’m interested in………..(*Just Saying*) Mmm Hmm…….Yep, That’s the spot! (SMILES)

      • @LadyOrchid, you’ve got company in the Slowing Stuff Down Department. Go on with ya bad self! 😀 Can you imagine getting ready to tell Raizo a little teeny weeny fib (about something that really isn’t his bidnez anyway, haha) but you have to stop yourself because HE CAN FEEL YOUR HEART BEAT AND SH*T and knows when you’re lying?? Gahhhhhh. :/ hahaha

      • @BiAlamode

        Oh My Gawddddddd!! Gurrrl yes.

        And I love when Raizo is checking out the inside of the hotel room and telling Mika to take her clothes off. ROFL! ‘Cause I know that right then Naomie the actress is going “Oh my Jesus!” inside. LMAO

      • @DynasticQueen,

        YES M’am!! (SMILES) You are absolutely right, he can FEEL your heartbeat, so not only does he know when you’re lying, he ALSO knows when you want a little “Honey dip” too……..heavy on the DIP! Yes, I’m shameless, I know! (SMILES)

  26. @ BiAlamode

    I like to hit pause when he’s been taken prisoner and he’s being transported. When he begins to “heal” himself, right when he flexes the fingers….. STOP PLAYING lol For a split second the mind plays tricks on ya. “Is that what I think it is…..naw, that’s just the fabric sticking up” Honey, I put that on super slow just to make sure. 🙂

    “Cause I know that right then Naomie the actress is going “Oh my Jesus!” inside” She had that look, didn’t she? You know she was enjoying hugging him while they were going to the Chinese herbal place……..”Lean on me, when you’re not strong and I’ll be your lover, I mean friend, I’ll help you carry on…..lol This is the Marvin Gaye version (wink, wink)

    • @Lady Orchid,

      When it comes to the HOTNESS that is Bi…….I “ain’t” playing! (SMILES). That may be fabric sticking up true enough, but Sumptin’ has to “help” it stick up too. You can’t make the “magic stick” go completely flat, unless you got some RuPaul “magician props!” Yes ye ole imagination goes wild at MANY different moments throughout watching NA! (SMILES)

      • I know what you mean. There a couple of pixs of Bi on the net that are fantasy worthy. He’s holding cell phones in both.

        What are going to do when he enlists?!??? 😦

      • Well, I’ve a flash drive FULL of Bi pics…….I’ll just have to whip’em out. I also have one poster courtesy of Cloud USA. It’s the black/white Nature Republic pic where he’s looking down and he’s bare bellied. Hubbie opened it when it came in the mail (*being Nosy*……SMILES). When I got home, he had it splayed out on the floor with a note next to it in big bold letters……..”ENJOY!” So that’s what I’ll be doing when he’s (Bi) in the military……enjoying my “stash”…such that it is. (SMILES)

  27. If anyone is intersted here is the Essence article by contributor Demetria L. Lucas (have to give credit..we’re not like Bi and borrow people’s stuff) I mentioned in another thread with the two Blasian couples featured.

    I hope the link works. It is a pdf file
    If it doesn’t work you can goggle it.


    Have you notice that when you have a Blasian couple shown in the media, for some reason they just “fit” well together?

    • You are very welcome ladies. Yeah, it scanned the surface. But at least it opened up dialogue for everyone. I am so tired of black men saying they only date/marry non-black women and look down on us and call us sell-outs. WTF??? I am not a sell-out. We deserve to have love and happiness too. I love men of all colors and I am not about sit and grow old waiting for someone who doesn’t want me. You know the ones who are superficial!!! They are making their non-black declarations everywhere, while defaming black women.

      For the record, I am not ditching black love and think non-black men are the answer to the problem. Bad men are bad men, it doesn’t matter the color. I am saying open your mind and heart to others. You may just find your husband, boyfriend, partner and/or best friend.

      Whew, ok. I’m off of my preach box now. This week’s new hotties are catching my attention lol

  28. @BiAlamode
    HA!……..I must be the most shameless “hussy” ha,ha, you are not the only one. You wouldn’t believe some of the things my friends and I say about Bi and Asian men in general when we get together. It’s deliciously scandalous. Bi just makes a woman loose her mind…..

    • Oh Yes!, I used to send my former co-worker a pic and/or a video of Bi every morning in her email. She routinely would tell me….”girl, you are SICK….Stop yourself!” All the while hitting the replay button (SMILES). The first time she saw Nan, the part where he slides his pants down…..Uh Huh, she was like “Umm, girl Let’s see that again, shall we!” (SMILES)

      Bi has that affect on women! Here’s the one we lost our minds over one Friday afternoon.

      • Thanks for the video, I better stock up now. My ‘Love To Kill” dvd set arrived over the weekend and I can’t wait to watch them.

      • BiAlamode you.are.dead.wrong for that video! I had to actually stop and shake my head to remember what I was actually working on. Everytime I go to get one of his concert dvds they are sold out. I am hoping that he put out one for this last concert

  29. @Lady Orchid
    Thanks so much for sharing that article. I know it only touched on the surface if the book, but it wss intriguing. I found myself agreeing to alot of what was written.
    @ all you naughty girls esp BiAlamode
    Girls yall had me slow motion and using my DVD player in ways I hadn’t thought of. Lost track of time.. My imagination running rapid. I don’t think that’s just fabric..^_^ That’s alot for sharing Nan vid because my cousin hasn’t stop watching it. She’s calling every hour asking about Bi..lol

    • @Surkura,

      *Kekekeke*…….yeah, I’m a “bad Noona” (bad, bad Noona *pops the back of my hand*)….sometimes, but that’s what makes it fun right?! (SMILES)

      You’re welcome for the video (SMILES), glad your cousin liked it.

      • Lady, yes. we’re just having fun. I wouldn’t want someone to email Boab81 again saying how “desperate” we sound. It’s not like we are actually going to stalk the man, tie him up, and do those things………………… then again……..BiAlamode, I’m riding shotgun hee,hee!!!!!! I have first dibs!!!!! 🙂

    • @Surkura,

      You mean keep this “fine specimen” of a man company……………..

      Then I gotta get to the hideout quick! (*puts pedal to the medal*). He’s lost his Jacket to you in the back and his shirt to Lady Orchid who’s riding shotgun, now he’s about to lose his bottoms.

      Me next, me next…………………………………….

      • That first pic, *sigh* he is so stinkin’ pretty and hot and all of the above. Now the 2nd picture…. I have nothing Christian to say and I will leave it at that.

      • EEE!!!!! I hate to give him up, not enough time; those dang fangirls are hot on our trail. They’re worst than wolves….
        He whispered he is enjoying the different flavors of chocolate.
        DynasticQueen, where the hell are you???!!!!! BiAlamode has him now….. We can’t tag team much longer 🙂

      • Oops, I forgot to swing by and pick up Dynastic Queen. WELL, I guess that means I get her turn too. After all, I DID get us to the hideout in record time. Those damn fangirls are stalkerazzi pros, but I was too quick!

        (*Leaning over a bare chested Bi*) “You DID ask where the chocolate was at the end of “Training Rain” (NA dvd) did you not? Well, all you had to do was ask”…………….

  30. @lei,
    “That first pic, *sigh* he is so stinkin’ pretty and hot and all of the above” I know, right??? BI will look youthful well into his later years. Like. Will Smith and Ralph Maccio (Karate Kid)

    “…. I have nothing Christian to say and I will leave it at that.” Repent, repent!! We all know how to as for forgiveness. Lol But being a heathen right now is soooo mmmuuuccchh funnnnnnn !!!!!

  31. oooh you ladies are being so naughty and I’m missing out on ALL THE FUN!! So sorry, I am slammed with work lately! about that second photo…oh dear….that booty, lord oh lord that booty…oh I’m gonna miss that booty so much when it goes into the military!!!!! wah!!!! 😦

  32. Yes the booty, I can only wish it becomes more plentiful with the military routine. I just don’t want it to go away. Even at his smallest the booty always made its appearance. I wish we could send one mass email from all of here at this site commenting on how we will miss him and his luscious booty.

  33. *zipping up cat suit*
    *putting the hair back in a rubber band*
    *taking off earrings and such*
    *making sure the fried chicken for decoy is hot and crispy*
    *locked and loaded*

    *heads to the car*

    • @Dynastic Queen,

      Yeah, Somebody will most assuredly “infiltrate” the boot camp and get photos. Hey, we’ve already seen an unknown military hottie on this site, now you KNOW Bi will be tweeting some pics when/if he can. He won’t be able to help himself. (SMILES)

  34. First, the pictures really got my imagination running wild. Thanks fir the jacket. I guess I can wait wait until finish. Ladies, we don’t have to worry about fangirls. We’re grow women. They’re girls, it’ll be a piece of cake to out smart them. They’ll go for the obvious, they always do. If a few so find us, after they get smacked with a right hand I inherited from my grandma. They will retreat..lol when its finally my turn… I know I’m not gonna be able to walk nor stand up straight. Good Lawd!!!

    • @Surkura,

      *(I know I’m not gonna be able to walk nor stand up straight. Good Lawd!!!)*

      Yes M’am, I’ve only just now recovered myself! (*wink, wink*)…….SMILES

    • “If a few so find us, after they get smacked with a right hand I inherited from my grandma. They will retreat” This coco person needs that “right hand slap” right about now. Lol Trying to ruin our shenanigans. Talk about one sour grape.

      • @LadyOrchid,

        She’s a sour as a whole bucket of Very GREEN Granny Smith apples and a bushel of sour grapes with some unsweetned plum skins all rolled up into one. Mixed with some lemon/lime juice!!

        Screw her…..I’m a grown @ss woman and I know what MY life IS and I know what I Have and I most DEFINITELY know what I LIKE! Be he a Black man or an Asian man or an Asian man with Black man swagga. I like what I like and I’m gonna KEEP ON liking what I like….so THERE Coco……………………….

        Now, back to the shenanigans……………..(SMILES)

  35. @Lady Orchid
    I wouldn’t waste my inheritance on her. She’s bitter. She probably write something else, stating how we became violent, because of her post. Besides, no one posted any comments on her blog anyways. So why entertain an empty wagon. Anyways , I like coming here talking to yall or reading comments. I came here because of my appreciationof Bi. I commented because I felt comfortable. I continue to stay because of the different postings and you guys are hilarious, at times serious, there’s the perfect mix of BI and others that makes me wanna visit.. As often as I can.

  36. @Lady Orchid
    I wouldn’t waste my inheritance on her. She’s bitter. She probably write something else, stating how we became violent, because of her post. Besides, no one posted any comments on her blog anyways. So why entertain an empty wagon. Anyways , I like coming here talking to yall or reading comments. I came here because of my appreciationof Bi. I commented because I felt comfortable. I continue to stay because of the different postings and you guys are hilarious, at times serious, there’s the perfect mix of BI and others that makes me wanna visit.. As often as I can.

  37. I am a fairly new fan of Bi Rain and I admire his life story and his rise to fame. He is definitely something special…now to the facts. His song absolutely sounds like Raphael Saadiq’s song to the T, even the shout outs in the intro are painfully similar so having that been said…how can he possibly think that people would not target him at all?? He has been in this business too long and has already faced controversy for things that were out of his hands but I don’t think that this one is going to slip as easily as the others. Indeed he is strong, he is a soldier…but if anyone actually listened to that song they would agree that oppa has some explaining to do.
    I think true fans are able to tell a person the truth, right is right and wrong is wrong. In my opinion, there is just no way possible that he didn’t think that song would NOT cause controversy, it has striking similarities and Raphael is a very popular artist, has been for a long time. Maybe credit will be given to Raphael to help clear it all up, maybe they will just keep slamming Rain and maybe some people will just leave it alone one day and find something else to slam on him…man the life of a celebrity is hard…

  38. I love Rain and I love Raphael Saadiq but damnnnnnnn; why oh why did this have to happen! However I’m not going to be in the closet about this, they do sound the same! From the style of singing and in some areas in the music! As I said before, Rain is awesome but, I will not hold back!

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