Junho Lee: Grade A Booty-Popper

Have you ever seen his booty pop?? Lawd o’ mercy!!! It’s dangerous (@ 6:13), and hints to a much more “sinister” purpose for that booty. 21-year-old 2PM dancer/vocalist/rapper/closet freak Junho Lee is all grown up since I first saw him in a video clip as a big fan of Bi who got the chance to meet him backstage and receive firsthand advice on becoming an entertainer. I can’t keep out that his looks and eyesmile have been compared to Bi’s more than a few times (and they really do look alike sometimes..it’s uncanny!). All I could think when I saw that clip was, “dang Bi’s lookin’ good…aww how cute that kid wants to be/look like big daddy Bi!” THEN, a few years later, I saw Junho dance, and I realized that he’s been blessed with more than just a likeness of someone who’s already worked hard to become famous. I seem to remember having to pick my jaw off of the floor after seeing Junho dance. Truth be told, my mouth started to water and …ok, I’m gonna stop there. You get the point.

Junho’s freak aura is also very detectable to the discerning eye, made evident by the sly smile planted on his face and quiet, observant nature of his persona. It’s the quiet ones you always gotta watch for. Do not be fooled by Junho’s baby-face looks and precious eye smile!

Something else I really like about Junho is that he is no-nonsense. He’s a hard worker and doesn’t like to play around until the work is done. I’ve said it many times before, that a man who works hard is SEXAY. So yeah, Junho’s done stepped up in my book.

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10 thoughts on “Junho Lee: Grade A Booty-Popper

  1. Lol! You know I already said he was a freak 😛 He’s actually my fav in 2PM. Funny I actually have a whole list of idols that I want to work under and be mentored by Bi. They show so much promise.

  2. It is kinda “freaky” how much he looks like Bi. As much as I think these 20/21 year olds are cute with nice bodies, I just can’t put my “full throttle” lust on them like I do with Bi. Now, if the right 21 year crossed my eye sight, then all bets might be off………..I don’t know…..(SMILES)

  3. Wow!!!! He is hot!!! You’re right, he totally looks like Bi! I was reading the article about Junho and I scroll down to see the pictures and I had to scroll back up and scan to see if I was reading right because i thought I was seeing Bi!!! ^_^

  4. I’ve always had a soft spot for JunHo (no pun intended, I swear LOL). He really had to fight for the K-idol position he deserved, and boy can he dance. It also seems to me that he took Rain’s advice from long ago, in Thailand, and absolutely ran with it. When JiHoon tells you to your face to not dare give up no matter what, you just don’t!

    Every now and then, I’ll still run across a random picture that I think is young Rain but turns out to be JunHo. LOL What a cute, talented, and hawt young man. 😀

  5. I swore the first pic was Bi, when I first opened up this page. He is my favorite in that group also. If I remember correctly when you posted the show where both 2AM and 2PM were on, he was the one who was always sneaking out. That told me right there, that I had picked correctly.

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