[Bulletin] Free K-pop Concert Update: Acts Confirmed

allkpop.com reports that 2PM, DBSK, SHINee and Kim Tae Woo (among other acts) have been confirmed to play the KBS free Kpop concert on October 9, 2011 (thanks for the tip Lei)! Anyone out there going for sure?


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14 thoughts on “[Bulletin] Free K-pop Concert Update: Acts Confirmed

  1. Ima do my damnedest. My only problem is finding an inexpensive hotel while still being able to maintain my stalking duties 😛

  2. I’m deff going. It’s going to be better than the korean festival wensday. Can’t wait I heard other artists will be there like sistar. Yayyyy so glad I live 2 hours away,mabey the people that come wil like kpop more.

  3. If I can rent a car (sold mine ages ago. Parking her is a nightmare. An expensive nightmare…), I’m there. Randall’s island by public transportation isn’t fun. But I’m in NYC, so I have to try.

  4. I wanna go so bad. If I can talk me sister into goin. Cause I’m flying from Louisiana, my sister live 6 hours from NYC. We’re suppose 2 go to NYC anyways, but she’s not into k pop and very strong willed.

  5. That’s awesome! I would like to ask my sister to come with me, but she would be like “Are you kidding me”? She doesn’t like listening to K-Pop. And we’re in Virginia.

    • hey Nicole. I live in VA also and my siter and I are planning on going to the concert. i think it will be more fun and cheaper if we get a couple more people to go with. let me knoiw what you think. I can drive. if you can come we should start planning

  6. Geez! all the New Yorkers get to see the good stuff..drats! Right now, I wish I can get to NYC. My sis BF lives in Bridgeport and I think she says that it’s less than an a couple of hours from there. It would be nice if they came southward to GA.I really would like to see Se7en( my man), DBSK( oh yes. Since I’m not going to be able to attend, I certainly hope that some of you guys will be able to) Shinee. I’ve also developed a liking for b2st. I don’t know, I like Yoseob’s sometimes don’t care attitude.

  7. I wish… but they made it on a sunday! i def hav class the nxt day and theres no way i can drive to new york from ohio and make it back in time 😦 sumbody plz film the concert?

  8. I believe the next day is a holiday so most should have it off. If not I plan on taking it off. I am definitely going. Dagrrrl, whats up with taking public transportation to the Island? How bad is it?

  9. I kinda wanna go cuz dbsk will be there, and I just LOVE yunho, but I’m w/o expendable money at this time and I have to save every penny for L’ar en Ciel’s world tour next year >.<!!!! Why do they announce these things so late in the year!? Ugh I'll be mad if Rain goes and I miss out -_-

  10. Is this really happening? Because the events manager at Randall’s Island park told me there was no kpop concert scheduled for that weekend (and said it wasn’t part of the Korean festival that they’re having that weekend). Help?

    • Brooke,

      I heard that the free show may be cancelled unless they can find another venue. My kids wanted to go but now would rather go to SM Town. I think if the free show is going to happen, they are going to have to switch it to Central Park.

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