BKM Hotties of the Week 8-19-11

From left to right: Jay Park, Hyun Bin, BIGBANG’s TOP, Super Junior’s Choi SiWon

17 thoughts on “BKM Hotties of the Week 8-19-11

  1. Jay is very sexy not feeling the blonde though, jay reminds of me of Joon in this pic. Also, damn! T.O.P. is looking so hot but than again when has he not looked hot?

  2. Oh, yeah.. Jay is definitely sexy..no doubt about that. My poor sister’s eyes are about to budge out from her face looking at these pictures.

  3. Bialamode,

    Just what I needed on a boring, lazy sunday.. pictures of sexy men. Now that I’ve seen such hotness, I think that everything will be alright.

  4. You’re welcome ladies. When I want to know about something/someone and my curiosity gets piqued, I just go in search of. I guess it’s just how my mind works and when I do come across things I think may be interesting to others, I have no problem sharing. See…..we only children DO know how to share. (SMILES)

  5. I loved Hyun Bin in “Secret Garden” but boy did I wish he looked like this on the show. A little more meat and that hair. Can’t wait till he gets back.

  6. Jay Park is a cutie but Siwon is definitely more to my liking. Tall, model face and AMAZING body. He’s gorgeous. Whenever I see Jay Park, I always think of how sad my daughter was when he left 2 PM. The girl almost went on a hunger strike because she was so depressed that he was no longer in the group : ).

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