Lee Taemin: The One To Watch

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18 thoughts on “Lee Taemin: The One To Watch

  1. Bitofabelly81,

    You just made my daughter Mika’s day with this one. Taemin is her bias and she wanted all to know her “future husband”. LOL! While Taemin is not my cup of tea, since I just want to mother him and feed him (man I want to fatten him up a little), I can see why he is so loved. He definitely is a dancing machine and a cutie beyond words. I worry about him a little too. He does seem so fragile and definitely leans on his “hyungs” alot. You have to wonder when Shinee is no more, if he will be equipped to deal with either the spot light being only on him or can cope with no longer being in the limelight. Hopefully, he has a close relationship with his family that can help him evolve into a well rounded adult in the future.

    Take care 🙂

  2. taemin is cute to downright pretty, which the guys repeatedly say. but there’s something about taemin that ‘cute’ just doesn’t describe. sometimes he gets a glint in his eye that seems to say ‘if i wasn’t the maknae, i’d…’, but then he just smiles and goes on. at other times he seems to be sort of jaded, but he did start so young…in an article interview asking taemin what he was looking forward to in his 20s, key joked that watching the other SHINee guys in their 20s, taemin must feel like it’s no big change. that makes me kind of sad for him….

    • Did you see him dressed as a girl on School of Rock? He’s the only one that could pull it off convincingly. Well except for Key, but that’s probably because his Divaness was shinning thru.

  3. Taemin is also my favorite SHINee member. He is just the most adorable and sweet little guy I have ever seen. Even though Taeminnie is only six months younger than me I love him and would die if I met and got to talk to him. One thing that I noticed while watching their reality shows Yunhamnam (don’t know if I spelled that correctly) and Hello Baby is that Taemin is quite innocent and doesn’t know much about certain things. For one, he is very easy to prank, Key once pranked him when he took Taemin to a coffee shop. Although I have not known about SHINee until very recently I love all of the members because they are all unique in their own way and very supportive of each other I might add. I wanted to thank you BOAB81 for posting about the concert in NYC otherwise I would not have known at all, If I get to see my SHINee and TVXQ I will be a very happy girl (now if they could only bring Big Bang and Super Junior my K-Pop life will be complete). I also found this very funny video clip of Key imitating Taemin when they first debuted, although Taemin is my ultimate bias in SHINee, I could not help but laugh because Key’s impression was perfect while Onew, Jonghyun, and Minho were cracking up hehe.

    Key Imitating Taemin video:

  4. For some odd reason he looked really good to me in the Lucifer video, but when I see on other stuff I just want to pat his head and rub his belly, then ask him if his tummy hurts. Horrible I know. He’s my dongsaeng.

    • Haha! They were all werkin’ it during the Lucifer era, and that was the only time I’ve ever viewed Taemin as attractive “like that.” He looks so much better with longer hair imo. But he is my dongsaeng too, by five years, so we can be horrible together. D:

  5. I love taemin ❤
    I've been lurking for awhile and finally got the courage to post.
    I think once he gets older he's is definitely going to turn from cute makane to sexy grown man.
    the way he transform on stage is surreal and makes me excited about the future.
    I'm only a year older but i'm happy I am finally a noona ( love the term), esp to someone like taemin. Sorry if this seems a bit jumbled, just excited and typing as I go 🙂

  6. Taemin is a pretty boy. Kinda looks like Mir a little.


    Good question that you ask. He is rather young and by the looks of it, a little inexperienced about life( which is unexpected). Show business can be brutal and many young people fall prey to that. I’m hoping that in Taemin’s case that will be a different story.

    • ATLSis,

      I agree with you. Hopefully, he will have the support system to help him cope with all the things that he can fall prey to in show business. Even though he is the baby of the group, when you compare him to some of the other groups youngest members, he does seem inexperienced in life. My kids are definitely very, very sheltered but they seem worldly compared to him. It’s hard to believe at times that he is 18 years old. But I do wonder how much of it is him truly being inexperienced about life or is he really playing up the “baby” role in the group? When I think of him I always think of Ryeowook in Super Junior. I always told my daughter that he seemed like the sweetest, purest boy ever and then she showed me a YouTube video where the other members said that he was the 2nd biggest drinker in the group and the one who stayed out the most. Not that this bothered me because he is a young man and I would hope that all of the Idol group members are experiencing the normal aspects of life ie dating, parties, etc. So with Taemin, he is still young and was very young when he debuted with Shinee, so I will definitely give him a pass.

  7. Taemin’s so sweet and wide-eyed — I want to adopt him as my little dongsaeng!

    My friend and I are both huge Michael Jackson/SHINee fans and the other day we were talking about how much Taemin reminds us of MJ — not only with the dancing and everything, but the fact that it seems that, in a way, the people around him are stunting his growth. It doesn’t help that a significant part of Taemin’s appeal to a lot of fans is his adorableness, innocence and naivete. Aside from being the group’s lead dancer, that’s his charm. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the powers-that-be at SM will try to retain that for as long as they can instead of allowing him to grow up at a normal pace. :\ I hope he’ll eventually be given room to mature, because I can tell that’s what he really wants.

  8. Taemin is my bias in Shinee, although it’s really hard to pick just one of them for me. While he is the youngest, at times he seems more mature to me than Onew, Bling and Key. Odd that Minho and Taemin, being the two youngest, sometimes act the most mature and most driven. The guys themselves have said that Taemin is extremely bossy and pushy, when it comes to their choreography.

    Although he gets bullied and teased, that comes along with his role as maknae. The babies are expected to be teased and at the same time they are spoiled, pampered and catered to. They are usually in charge of being “cute” as their role in the group. It’s scary how cookie cutter these guy groups are, but I guess that the management companies have found a formula that works and they are going to stick with it.

    I feel like that most of these guys are tough as nails or they would not even have managed to get into a debuted group in the first place. It sounds like half of them had to tell their families to f-off and then just leave home at 15 or 16 in the hope that they would get in with some company. More than one of them talks about living on the street, stealing just to eat, having no electricity and doing things like eating one pack of ramen over two days, broth on one day, noodles on the other and if you’re really, REALLY lucky, you have an egg to add to your ramen sometimes. It’s no wonder that the guys in Infinite hoard food like it’s gold.

    Once you manage to get in you still aren’t in a group. If you get into a group, you still aren’t debuted. If you debut, you still don’t make it without working and setting yourself apart, most likely throwing some people under the bus to do it. I can’t even imagine what SM was thinking with Super Junior. I know, we’ll put 13 guys in one group, more is better right? Those guys must have been terrified that they’d never get noticed in that sea of faces and doing whatever it took to stand out. If you have to be the chunky/funny one, be the chunky/funny one and own it(ShinDong), if you have to be the mental/crazy one, do it big(Heechul). I feel like Taemin knows his role and does it well. He uses every little bit of cute and wide-eyed to his advantage, just like Key knows how to play up his inner diva, although I’m almost positive that Key’s diva-osity is no joke. I think that boy is hardcore.

    It seems like the only way that you may have some freedom is to break away from the large companies. JYJ is trying and blocks are constanly being thrown at them.

    Rain is lucky in that he managed to start his own company and I admire what he does with Mblaq. The thing that made the biggest impression on me was hearing him talk to them right before their debut and then again right after their performance. Yeah, he sounded like he was being hard on them, but he was making a point. He told them that they had practiced over and over and over and could do the routine in their sleep. Being on stage was not the time to parrot the routine and just be glitch free or to freak out and be nervous. Being on stage was the time to have fun. You work so hard so that you have the freedom to forget about concentrating on the dancing and singing and to let your personality shine through. I think his point comes through in their performances. If Joon wants to loose his mind and show-boat and rip his shirt off, more power to him. If Mir wants to let his inner freak shine and look slightly unhinged in variety shows, have at.

    Taemin is a cutie and he’s quickly growing into a man. Here’s hoping he can shake his maknae image and stay safe at the same time. It can be done. Look at Changmin. He grew up nice. Obviously his mamma fed him some good groceries.

  9. Wow! I guess it was naive of me to think I was the only one who loved Taemin so much. Well, I’m a “maknae” too. I know I had been talking “ladibug’s” ear off about how much I love this young man. Anyway, I have to admit that when I first started listening to SHINee almost 3 years ago, I fell in love with “Onew” first mainly because of his awesome voice and the way he seemed to take care of everyone in the group since he was the oldest (now I realize “Key” actually takes care of everyone) but I started to identify with Taemin and him being the youngest and getting teased…… plus I became very impressed with how he has worked to improve his singing voice while practicing his already amazing dancing skills.

    He has a beautiful voice now and not just that, over time he seems to have come to appreciate the fans more. He’s very thoughtful. I’ve seen him on video when he didn’t know he was being filmed and just the way he carries himself cause him to become my bias. I mean, I love all of the SHINee guys but much like I’m drawn to Cho Kyuhyun & Lee Donghae of Super Junior, I’m just drawn to Taemin….

    I don’t worry about his future though…..it seems K-groups tend to stay together for a long time despite life tragedies or mandatory military service happening. But I agree that Taemin seems to already have his plans for the future firmly in mind……

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