[M/V] Taeyang (feat. G-Dragon) – I Need A Girl

Any takers? BIGBANG’s Taeyang and 2NE1’s Dara seem to have some serious chemistry going on in this vid. Hmm, Taeyang. That’s a dangerous bod you got on ya. Dara, I like you girl, but I don’t think you know what to do with that bod. My cousin’s a Taeyang fiend and I also got a few comments from readers wondering what imbalance in the universe has not yet allowed me to feature Tae Tae on my blog as yet. Imbalance be gone! Enjoy you guys 😉

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10 thoughts on “[M/V] Taeyang (feat. G-Dragon) – I Need A Girl

  1. I was watching the second season of 2ne1 tv and they showed the making and behind the scenes of this video.. I honestly do not think Dara likes Taeyang…LOL

  2. Who wouldn’t want to be with Taeyang? She just can’t handle all that sexiliciousness!!! Just look at that body!! Tae can come to me and I’ll handle it like a pro. I’ll be his girl if he needs one so bad. Just saying.

    • lolol, dara’s my girl…love 2ne1…but since both big bang and 2ne1 are under the same yg management family, member romances are a no-no…

      @angel – i haven’t seen 2ne1’s show yet…i watched the first part of ‘real sound with taeyang’, and i don’t know…at times they give off some interesting vibes, furtive glances, giggling, teasing, etc…it’s been noted that taeyang is very attentive to everyone around him, staff included, so maybe he’s just being his sweet self…i’m not totally convinced though, lolol…i don’t have a horse in this race and i like them both, but still…

  3. squeee!!! love love love this guy…love his eyes when he smiles…and his smile is lovely too…he’s also a sweetie with a very strong work ethic and great dance moves…kinda reminds me of someone else we know and love, eh?

    i could post a string of video links to support my reasoning, but someone has already composed a top 10 list–how convenient! …note the excerpt from big bang’s book ‘senoso’ of a comment their stylist made about taeyang…she also mentioned what a calming influence, moral support and great friend he is to GD…i wish the video quality was better, but it gets the point across:

    this short vid was included in the one above, but it’s cute enough to watch twice ^-^..

    there’s also some vids out there of taeyang and brian mcknight in concert…can’t remember where though…

    anyway, love young bae…thanks for the post!!

  4. oh, the dance version of ‘i need a girl’ is cute too, even though there’s not a whole lot of actual dancing going on… in his show, dara said taeyang told her that she was like the girl in the lyrics except for the ‘pretty body’ part, and that she need to work harder on it, lol…they are cute when teasing each other…

    • a bit…taeyang’s voice is a little higher…but their styles are definitely similar and he sees usher as his competition…minzy from 2ne1 told him that no matter what, usher’s the best, lol…

    • Actually, when he sang a snippet of NEYO’s song in on of the videos posted above, they sounded almost identical. He has a very radio friendly voice for the U.S. market, if he so chooses to go for that. Also, he has that “grown man” vibe that is very appealing as well and he looks sexy in his slim fit jeans in the I Need A Girl video. He’s the whole package definitely. (SMILES)

  5. this is old but i’m just now seeing it…i’m sure GD feels the same way:

    partial quote GD made about Taeyang in Big Bang’s book “Senoso”–

    “”When I push and yell at the other members, Taeyang-ee comforts them with his warm and tender smile, just like his name. But when I am down or too busy to pay attention, he takes the leader’s role for me. When I think about how I learn and get inspired, stimulated and comforted by him every day, I am like a sunflower looking only at the sun, growing everyday thanks to the sunlight….I never had the chance to say this to him before but, if I had to choose one friend I want at my deathbed, I would not hesitate to choose Taeyang. I just can’t thank him enough.”


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